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The Cock Cage Question

I have chosen to dedicate this post to a sub who has become rather dear to me on the subject of chastity devices. This person has only recently discovered their existence and has been rather on the fence about whether or not to take the actual plunge and wear one.

The more I praise . . . → Read More: The Cock Cage Question

I Need A Personal Assistant

The Job Has Some “Special” Requirements As the powerful CEO of this company – otherwise known as the Head Bitch In Charge – I find that I am just running out of time to get everything taken care of, so I’m looking for a personal assistant.  Among other things – oh, and don’t worry, we’ll get . . . → Read More: I Need A Personal Assistant

Distant Mistress: The Keyholder Dilemma

In my time here at LDW as an erotic femdom mistress, I have had the pleasure of interacting with hundreds, each person at a different spot on their own personal journeys. Their interests are many, and it doesn’t matter whether they are into coerced feminization or cuckoldry, I’ve done it all and with the . . . → Read More: Distant Mistress: The Keyholder Dilemma

Mistress, Dominate Me!

How do you normally sit when you are talking on the phone? I’ll bet it’s upright in a relatively comfy chair, perhaps with your leg crossed, ankle-to-knee. But do you know how to sit properly when you are on the phone with me? No? Well let me help you with that…

On your knees, . . . → Read More: Mistress, Dominate Me!

Ms Alexis Was Lost in Captivity Hell

Did you miss me, my darlings? Did you? I hope you did, because I was lost deep in the dank darkness that can only be known as captivity hell. For an entire week, I was enslaved by the unwashed hands of corporate injustice. Do not fear, however, for I have returned stronger and better . . . → Read More: Ms Alexis Was Lost in Captivity Hell