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Body Worship: Taking Your Time

Body Worship Phonesex Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975A recent encounter reminded me just how much fun body worship can actually be. Not every guy is geared toward it, though many are great at it. A few I would even call artists of their craft. Those are the ones who really take their time and savor every second of the act. It’s actually very easy for both partners to get caught up in the moment and lose all self-control, but waiting has its perks for certain.

Body worship should be nice and easy

Much like with masturbation edging, worship of the female form is really about the buildup. It’s about making sure that all the little spots which might have gone unnoticed before get their due. It’s definitely about intimacy and getting up close and personal with every line, curve, and swell. It’s about playing the long game because she wants it just as bad as you do but it’s going to be that much more intense if you just keep kissing one more spot.

Touch me here, there, everywhere

Kissing is only one part of the equation. There’s plenty of room for hands too. They’re perfect for the gentle lift, cradling, and caressing. Fingers can dance along the skin and probe deeply in spots where the tongue can’t quite reach. Oh yes. When it comes to the tongue, you’ve got to bring it on. So the question is, how is your body worship game? Is there still room for improvement? I’m hoping you said yes because I’m a lot of fun to practice with.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

5 comments to Body Worship: Taking Your Time

  • Ms Alexis, body worship is very much an art. The right guy…a man good with details and has patience, For me that’s an invitation to the land of multi-orgasms. One of my favorite vacation spots.

  • daark_ness

    I couldn’t agree more. Body worship, when done right, is a delicious sensual journey for both participants. Done patiently, it will have much the same effect as edging, making her orgasm(s) much, much more explosive.

    And there is NOTHING like having your arms wrapped firmly around her thighs, holding her inescapably in place, while she shudders in orgasmic joy, your lips sealed against hers. Just sayin.

  • Clarence

    Goddess how you feel about getting your feet worship. Are your feet beautiful

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