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Being Dressed for Sex

Alexis Enchantrix Body Worship Mistress

Mmmmmmmmm….That’s all that needs to be said, right?

As a phone sex Empress, I am used to being catered to, pandered to, and oftentimes pleaded to. I grip the souls of hundreds, perhaps even thousands, in the palm of my hand, carefully shaping each one according to taste. Many times my counsel is sought on matters of fashion, mostly pertaining to panties and such, and I could not be happier to give it.

Every now and then I like to grant a title when fit for the extraordinary use of one’s talent to further the Alexian cause. Though best known for his poetic works, it would seem that chatter Bookman has another untold skill as he has quite the eye for design. An evening was spent in which he “dressed me” in several alluring outfits that would be perfect for one of my salacious encounters. On more than one occasion, he even selected personalized outfits that would appeal to specific subjects by name. Now that is what I call service!

I will apologize in advance to all you male chastity sluts out there as my descriptions may become a bit vivid. For my submissive crossdressers, of course, feel free to jump and shout. No spot on my body was left unadorned OR untouched for that matter. We perused stockings in several colors, my favorite being the ones in a deep shade of red upon my smooth, shapely legs. There was a multitude of panties that offered a very mild view of my svelte ass cheeks to things much more daring including, but not limited to a strappy bikini cut panty with finger cuffs attached to the back! I actually set aside a pair of those for Butt-Bitch (one of my latest humiliation sex whore acquisitions).

I’m sure by now you’ve gazed upon my breasts, ample creatures that they are. They were meant to be showcased and put on display! What better way to accomplish that than with a high caliber corset or cami? Fine fabrics of satin and lace, too many to choose from were lain before me. I was overwhelmed with my options and poor Bookie-Wookie was rendered speechless at the view of my stiff nipples through a chemise that was but sheath of gossamer.

At the time of this writing, he is still unconscious…an unintentional case of tease and denial to be sure.

For his endurance in surviving such an encounter with me and for his excellent taste, I am hereby awarding him the title of Consultant Royale on matters concerning fashion where seduction is concerned.

I would be willing to bet an outfit was chosen to entice you. If you’d like to know what it is, you’ll just have to ask me via an incredibly sexy phone session and I will tell you. Just remember, dominant women don’t like to be kept waiting…


Sensual Phone Mistress

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