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Sexy Audios

If you can’t get enough of my voice, and you can’t quite squeeze in a call due to schedule conflicts, then might I suggest one of my premium audio works available in the Enchantrix Audios store? These are the ones in brown wrapping paper that go UNDER my blog because they’re just too raunchy for the public at-large.  You can even listen to samples before you make a full purchase!


Alexis’ Enchantrix Audios Catalog


I am very pleased to say that in my 5+ years here at LDW I have not held back when it comes to sharing my sexy voice. Something old and something new. I have posted some of my all-time favorite, sexy audios right here for you to enjoy below:

Audio Samples:

Breast Worship Audio: Alexis’ Big Natural Breasts

Cocktease Audio: Cocktease Princess

Cuckold Audio: Office Cuckold


Feature-Length Audios:

I popped in on The Weekly Hot Spot with Ms Delia and Ms Layla at (27m : 27s) on 8/5/11

A casual guest stint on the 5/11/11 recording of Afternoon Delight with Ms Sophia:

Want to get a deep dark look at my innermost thoughts and desires? Here for your listening pleasure is the audio link to my Mistress Interview hostessed by the lovely
Ms Tia: