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A Taste of Tease and Denial

The hour is late and we are both seated in a plush round booth in one of the city’s hottest night spots. Your eyes have been affixed to me for some time now. From the moment the valet took my keys you’ve been quick to show your hand. There’s food on your plate, but the hunger in your stare has me riveted. You are completely unaware of the fact that I am plotting something sinister for tonight as I intend to introduce the first of many orgasm denial games.

One of my favorite moments is the quick exchange of knowing glances once you realize that my heel has been abandoned and its former contents are now squirming in your lap, beneath the table, and out of sight. My toes are now wiggling playfully about your cock while it strains against the fabric of your pants. The feel of your thumb pressing into the arch sends me reeling and I grip the table, hoping not to draw too much attention. Edging with a partner can be so much fun!

I already knew you were going to pull me closer. The fire within you grows steadily stronger and it doesn’t take long before my hand is now rubbing you, hard. Despite the general inquiry of our server, I remain cool and casual though my brazenness excites you further into a frenzy. I lean forward to whisper in your ear, “We both know that I can make you cum right here with all these people around if I really wanted to.  You can deny it all you like but your stiff cock has already told me everything I need to know on the subject. We’re not going anywhere until I’ve had my fun with you.”

With that you take a hard gulp at the realization that you’re in for more orgasm denial games and have been rendered completely helpless and at the mercy of my whims. Better brace yourself. It’s going to be a long evening….


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