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Sensual Phone Mistress Alexis 800-601-69752019 marks the beginning of my 9th year as an LDW Mistress, though I’ve been kinky a whole lot longer than that. A question I get asked a lot is, “when did you decide to become a Mistress?” The truth remains that it’s just something I was born to become. It has a lot to do with my personality and both the will and desire to be a leader. Just as many of you feel like natural submissives, we go together like so many puzzle pieces scattered about. Oftentimes it’s hard to tell where I end and you begin but we have a great deal of fun trying to figure it out, don’t we?

Another anniversary in the books

I believe some thanks are in order on this most grand of occasions. Thanks to all of you who have played with me consistently over the years. This is your anniversary too! Some of you have been with me since the beginning and possibly since the start of LDW! If you are one of those in the latter group and you still haven’t given me a call, tsk tsk. What are you waiting for? I’m certainly waiting on you. Some of you are still on the fence. All I can say to you is just do it! Ten minutes could actually change your entire world forever. Then you can celebrate our anniversary too *wink wink*

Kinky ways to celebrate

Since this is a time of celebration, I have an idea of how I would like to celebrate. It starts with a gaggle of sissy-dolls all primped in their finest fancy maid uniforms serving me cheesecake bites while my favorite bullstuds pump iron (y’know, to burn off the calories from the cheesecake) on my behalf. Then I’ll line up nine pathetic little-dicked-losers and take my time sitting on each one of their faces while they pleasure me orally. Since it’s my anniversary month, I’ll basically do this every night throughout January. And for all you jokers reminding me about all that cheesecake, don’t worry, I plan to burn it off with my studs in other ways.