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Cuckold Honeymoon: Caught Off Guard

Every guy who becomes a cuckold does so at different stages of his life and his relationship. The majority find themselves gaining membership in the cuckold club, long after they and their hotwives have settled down. They start looking for new outlets once wedded bliss starts to take its toll on bedroom activities. There . . . → Read More: Cuckold Honeymoon: Caught Off Guard

Body Worship: Taking Your Time

A recent encounter reminded me just how much fun body worship can actually be. Not every guy is geared toward it, though many are great at it. A few I would even call artists of their craft. Those are the ones who really take their time and savor every second of the act. It’s . . . → Read More: Body Worship: Taking Your Time

Be My Man-Whore

When you call me on the phone and declare yourself to be a loyal submissive, believe me, I take you at every word. It has a lot to do with the tone of your voice. I would say that I am amazed but it’s hard to be when I know the truth. In . . . → Read More: Be My Man-Whore