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Small Penis Humiliation: Deep Sea Disappointment

Oh, you poor thing. You are one of those beta males who has been blessed with a small penis. Forever doomed to jerk off your tiny willy at the behest of Fate herself. I’m sure she gets a good laugh out of watching you every time. Sometimes it feels like there’s no escape from . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation: Deep Sea Disappointment

Fetish for Manicured Nails

I know you. You’re the guy who has a thing for nail salons. Only you never go in. You’re always just kind of hovering nearby, or maybe you’re sitting in your car just waiting for a glimpse of those freshly manicured nails. You can’t help it. Every time you see long, pretty nails on . . . → Read More: Fetish for Manicured Nails

CFNM: Naked Male on Display

You’ve had a pretty tough week. It seems like work has been kicking your ass lately, but that isn’t going to stop you from doing your best. You just need a bit of relaxation. Now every guy is different when it comes to blowing off some steam. You’re the type who feels right at . . . → Read More: CFNM: Naked Male on Display

Sissy Bath Time Fun!

Do you really need someone to tell you how to take a bath? You can relax. My aim here is to go beyond the basics and give you some ideas on how to maximize your tub time for the biggest benefits. There are actually two kinds of baths. One is the more utilitarian scrub . . . → Read More: Sissy Bath Time Fun!

Ruined Orgasms: No Accident

Isn’t free will a beautiful thing? It allows you the power to pick and choose the things that matter most to you. It even factors into the kind of Mistress you decide to kneel before. It doesn’t matter if she’s strict or sensual, mean or sweet. Any Femdom is capable of making the ultimate . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasms: No Accident