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Cuckolding: MY Cuckold Fantasy

I’ve said it before. There are about a million ways to cuckold someone, but I only have one personal favorite. It’s not enough for you to just sit there and watch with your mouth agape while I get pounded by an overeager bullstud. If you’re going to be my cuckold, then you’d best be . . . → Read More: Cuckolding: MY Cuckold Fantasy

Facesitting: The Best Way to Relax

Work hard, play hard. That’s been my motto for a long time. There are a million ways to do it, and facesitting is at the top of this list. But there is some prep time involved. My favorite thing to do is have one of my minions prepare me a nice, hot, milky bath . . . → Read More: Facesitting: The Best Way to Relax

Small Penis Humiliation Tale

I have a story to tell you that I feel would make a really great small penis humiliation phone sex fantasy. A while ago I was dating a guy who kept bragging to me about how great sex with him was, but he wouldn’t put out. He kept telling me that it would be . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation Tale

Leg Worship: Long and Shapely

When I utter the words long and shapely, the first place your mind goes is legs. Am I right? The desire to kneel and worship a woman’s legs goes far back to ancient times. Before there was such a thing as television, there was woman. And legs were really just the beginning. But let’s . . . → Read More: Leg Worship: Long and Shapely