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Guided Masturbation: Give Up Control

I want you to just lie back, close your eyes right now and imagine how amazing it would be to be guided to a powerful orgasm by someone other than yourself. You give up the control of your cock and let another person tell you how hard to grip, how hard and fast to . . . → Read More: Guided Masturbation: Give Up Control

Phonesex Fantasies: Cockpit Control

The act of phonesex gives rise to fantasies great and small. What better time to explore alternate realities and wildest dreams? One of my personal favorite fantasies involves a dashing airline pilot and me as the flight attendant. I’m sure your mind is already working up some interesting scenarios just based on that one . . . → Read More: Phonesex Fantasies: Cockpit Control

Male Chastity: Bound to Mistress

Look at your cock. It’s magnificent isn’t it? I don’t say so because of its size or shape. I don’t say it because it’s cut or uncut in any number of possibilities or configurations. No. I am fascinated with it because it’s mine. I fully intend to make you my male chastity slave. . . . → Read More: Male Chastity: Bound to Mistress

Sissy Cum Lips Surprise

It isn’t easy being a sissy. You’ve gotta obey your Mistress, spend hours planning out your weekly wardrobe, practice your talk AND your walk. Sometimes it means working on your cocksucking talent. You think that’s tough? Try being sissy cum lips. If your first thought is, “WHAT is a sissy cum lips?” Let me . . . → Read More: Sissy Cum Lips Surprise