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Breast Worship: The Beauty of It All

When it comes to sex, I can fully admit that I am one of those women who likes it rough. But just like with most things, variety truly is the spice of life. So every now and then I can appreciate a bit of appreciation with your mouth. Verbally is good but orally is . . . → Read More: Breast Worship: The Beauty of It All

Cuckolding the Panty Slave

A good cuckold is a giving cuckold. At the heart of every cuckold slave is the desire to please his hotwife. And he does this by being obedient and mindful of her wishes and desires. It’s the ones who do not understand this who make cuckolding difficult. Those are the ones who get sent . . . → Read More: Cuckolding the Panty Slave

Spanking for Pleasure

“YOU need a spanking…”

That’s usually how the scene plays out at the beginning. You are sprawled out on the couch looking particularly smug after the grand accomplishment of taking out the garbage once this week. You practically melt under the touch of my fingertips on your chest. My velvety voice slides past your . . . → Read More: Spanking for Pleasure

Gangbang: Prisoners In Heat

You have been a really bad boy, haven’t you? I guess that’s how you ended up in this prison gangbang fantasy. I know you’re probably freaked out about being there because you’re afraid of getting beat up or something. But what you don’t realize is that you should be nervous for another reason.

Every . . . → Read More: Gangbang: Prisoners In Heat

Sissy in Chastity: Your New Adventure

Most of the sissy population has a commonly shared trait that brings smiles to all the ladies out there. It’s not their fashion sense or their general submissive natures. Though that does help! No, there’s something else that is easy to overlook, mainly because of its size. And that, my dears is the infamous . . . → Read More: Sissy in Chastity: Your New Adventure