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Sploshing for a Time

If you’re tired of the same old thing, then it may be time to shake up your routine with some sploshing fun. What is sploshing, you ask? It’s the technical term for sexytime with food. I don’t mean chowing down on a sandwich while you get your groove on in the sack. Though that . . . → Read More: Sploshing for a Time

Small Penis Humiliation: A Laughing Matter

Pencils… That’s what I think about when small penis humiliation comes to mind. That’s it, just pencils. Ok not just any pencils. I’m thinking more like those good ol’ No. 2 pencils that you would sharpen down until they are just basically a nub with an eraser on the end. Yeah, that’s your penis, . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation: A Laughing Matter

Panty Sniffing Fetish: The Hamper Hunter

Do you have a panty sniffing fetish? I know that’s probably how you ended up here on this site, isn’t it? I am always fascinated to hear about why men love sniffing panties so much. I’ve figured out that men usually only sniff the panties of women they want desperately but can’t have. That’s . . . → Read More: Panty Sniffing Fetish: The Hamper Hunter

Queening: Life’s Greatest Pleasure

Tell me… have you ever had your tongue ridden by a woman as beautiful as me? You’re in for a real treat. You see, I’m a really big fan of queening and you’re going to be underneath me a lot. I love it when a man is totally focused on pleasing me. You also . . . → Read More: Queening: Life’s Greatest Pleasure

Masturbation with Maximum Effort

My Masturbation Junkie: A small part of me wanted to save this for my news and updates but I’m just TOO excited to wait so I’ll just spill the beans. It looks like I have a new jackoff-boy! What’s so special about my mega masturbation slut? He can cum… a LOT. I know what . . . → Read More: Masturbation with Maximum Effort