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Cocktease Dinner Plans

When most people plan a night out, there’s bound to be a few dilemmas. One is what to wear. How should I dress to look my sexiest? What should be on the menu? Even tougher still, what would be the best wine pairing?

In my case, I didn’t spend my whole morning poring over . . . → Read More: Cocktease Dinner Plans

Coerced Sissy: New Beginnings

Not every sissy is born knowing what she wants or who she wants to be. The discovery of one’s inner femme is something that comes at different stages along everyone’s journey. The spark usually occurs when observing a natural female truly at one with herself. She might be rocking a pair of heels or . . . → Read More: Coerced Sissy: New Beginnings

An Account of Male Chastity

Alexis, Male Chastity Mistress Speaks I think by now everyone knows how much I adore keeping my men locked up. I have had the great privilege of being served almost all of my years at LDW by slave boy aka OwnedbyAlexis. He was my first male chastity submissive, and I doubt anyone else can . . . → Read More: An Account of Male Chastity

Erotic Spanking Just Feels Good

Most of you remember that getting put over a woman’s knee and having your ass swatted was considered a punishment for something you did wrong and they were trying to teach you a lesson. It still amazes how many of you want to be put in that same position now. Being placed over my . . . → Read More: Erotic Spanking Just Feels Good

Small Penis Humiliation Bonanza

Today is a historic day, not only for LDW/Enchantrix with our free minutes promo, butĀ for a certain subsection of kinksters out there. I know that you know exactly who you are because you’re already squirming in your seats.

You can feel the blush forming on those cheeks. It’s as if I’m looking right at . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation Bonanza