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In Need of Cuckold Part II

Wow! When I write on a topic you guys certainly listen. Not that long ago I did a blog post expressing my longing for a cuckold bitch to play with and sure enough an old friend came strolling up to me. And he came bearing gifts! So he deserves a mention for keeping Mistress’ . . . → Read More: In Need of Cuckold Part II

Crossdressing Men in Captivity

How can any man resist the allure of feminine attire? It is designed to draw attention to all the best parts of a woman. The luxurious pleasure of stockings against ones fingertips will most often bring about a spike in the excitement levels.

The highest heels enhance the shape of a curvy leg in . . . → Read More: Crossdressing Men in Captivity

Get Your Guided Masturbation On

I’m the kind of woman that enjoys being in control, clearly. Men are so much fun to play with. They just have that natural sense of excitement and adventure-seeking. And though there are all sorts of reasons you should try guided masturbation, you only need one:

“Because I said so.”

That’s right. I know . . . → Read More: Get Your Guided Masturbation On

Anal Slut Gets the Strap-on

I get asked a lot about the men in my personal life, and let me just say that it is a full one indeed. Mistress keeps a bevy of boyfriends, slaves, and sissy bitches in her back pocket, all for various reasons. One who is near and dear to me in particular enjoys special . . . → Read More: Anal Slut Gets the Strap-on

When Humiliation Turns You On

You’re so cute when you grunt. You probably didn’t think I noticed that. That adorable little sound you make whenever I walk past your desk with my nose in the air. It’s a total reflex move straight out of the caveman days. Do I think I’m better than you? You’re damn right I do. . . . → Read More: When Humiliation Turns You On