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Cum Curious No More

Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me. No need to play coy. I know all about the secret desire you’ve been harboring to suck cock. The signs are pretty obvious. I’ve seen you glancing at men’s crotches when they walk by. But it’s not just about cock is it? The act of . . . → Read More: Cum Curious No More

Legs That Long to be Worshiped

I am lying on my bed as I type this, comfortably dressed in panties and bra. But my legs are bare. They are silky smooth after my encounter with a warm bubble bath and a bit of time on my hands. Feels so good to be feminine as I slide them against one another, . . . → Read More: Legs That Long to be Worshiped

Small Penis in Pretty Panties

You will do all that you can to please your dominant Mistress. This is purely a fact. It’s a mantra that you’ve written on your heart from the day you decided to fully devote yourself to the supreme goddessness that is your Femdom ruler. You were very fortunate that she accepted you as she . . . → Read More: Small Penis in Pretty Panties

What I Know About Sissies

The amount of knowledge I possess about the sissy community could fill two giant jars of sparkly, pink jelly beans. Regardless of whether they are a crossdressing novice or a diva on the scene, I love interacting with fembois and gurls of all types. As long as they have a clear idea of what . . . → Read More: What I Know About Sissies

Breasts Were Made for Worship

I bet you took one look at the title of this post and came running. You just couldn’t resist the thought of my amazing bouncy breasts working their magic as they usually do. Blogging usually takes me an hour or two.

The reason for that is because it’s so difficult to overcome the distraction . . . → Read More: Breasts Were Made for Worship