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Tell Me a Sexy Story

Once upon a time…

There are so many tales that begin this way, and we all have a story or two to share. I enjoy storytime as much as the next person. It’s why television, movies, and books are so popular. It’s the great escape! Even if we can’t get away on that exciting vacation, . . . → Read More: Tell Me a Sexy Story

Sissy Cum Lips Rides Again

Even my photo doesn’t want to look at you

Think the name and he will appear. Sissy cum lips has come to pay his respects to the goddess on high. Always dressed in his cute little panties with the lips all over, he’s ready to please by doing whatever goddess wants, and spoiling . . . → Read More: Sissy Cum Lips Rides Again

A Femdom in Total Control

Are you at that place in your life where you might be a male submissive but you’re just not sure? There are easy ways to check for that. The easiest one of all is to ask yourself, “Do I enjoy being dominated?” That is the most critical factor when it comes to arriving at the . . . → Read More: A Femdom in Total Control

The Lonely Giantess

When it comes to giantess knowledge, there is a HUGE misconception about the way things work. Though there is such a place as Giantess Island, the assumption is that it is a big place just teeming with others like me. That part is true, but what you may not realize is that islands . . . → Read More: The Lonely Giantess

Little Dicks Make Me Giggle

If you want the attention of a beautiful woman, one surefire way to get it is to make her laugh. Not everyone has the talent for telling jokes, but some guys could definitely pass for a punchline, IF you know what I mean. What? You don’t know? You might be one of the lucky . . . → Read More: Little Dicks Make Me Giggle