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Your Tease and Denial Desires

Did somebody say cocktease? It was you. I just know it. I’m not upset because I know you meant it in the most loving way possible. You still need to be punished though, and I know just how to go about it. Get your hand on your cock and start stroking.

If you’re going . . . → Read More: Your Tease and Denial Desires

Do Cuckolds Get Jealous?

The hotwife has spoken

Yes, it’s time for yet another entry on cuckolding. I just can’t get enough! It only makes sense that a sexy femdom would go for such a woman-centric fetish. Let’s focus on that for a sec. Ultimate physical pleasure and being showered with gifts and compliments while serving as . . . → Read More: Do Cuckolds Get Jealous?

Secret CFNM Affair

Dance for me, little naked man!

You love your job. Or maybe it’s the fact that you just love having one that keeps you on your toes. Compared to most of the high-level executives that I would consider a peer, you are definitely someone that I would peg as submissive. Hmmm, pegging, perhaps . . . → Read More: Secret CFNM Affair

Can’t Stop Crossdressing

Being a sissy can be a beautiful thing. If you are fortunate enough to be a confident, self-actualized femboi, then good for you! For some it comes easily, but for others it can be the result of a long, arduous journey into the unknown. If you find yourself relating more to that statement, then . . . → Read More: Can’t Stop Crossdressing

Doing a Cuckold’s Duty

You knew what you were signing up for when you became a cuckold, right? Endless catering to your hotwife and her bullstud. I suppose there is a certain nobility in that. It takes a lot of stamina to keep two people happy, let alone just one demanding wife.

Oh, that’s right. You didn’t sign . . . → Read More: Doing a Cuckold’s Duty