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Small Penis in Naughty Places

From my experience as a humiliation femdom of the phonesex world, it seems like guys with small penis problems have several things in common. One is, they don’t last very long. Hence our need to outsource physical bliss to our BOBs (battery operated boyfriends) or our bullstuds. Second is they love to jackoff ALL . . . → Read More: Small Penis in Naughty Places

A Slave for Mistress

I was approached today by a new candidate for ultimate servitude. I bet you’re still waiting for the part of this that is news. Truth be told, that isn’t my angle here. I’m not going for any kind of wow or shock value. It’s simply a matter-of-fact. I love being a femdom Mistress, and . . . → Read More: A Slave for Mistress

Tease and Delay and OBEY!

I am the kind of Mistress that likes edging and teasing, the BEST kind of Mistress. You are the kind of guy who has opted to label himself as a submissive. That usually entails an implied level of obedience. So you can only imagine my surprise when I was recently approached by a sub . . . → Read More: Tease and Delay and OBEY!

Erotic Adventures in Shoe Shopping

With the advent of online shopping, people have managed to reduce visiting stores in-person to an antiquated notion at best. We used to do a great deal of purchasing via the great behemoth known as the department store catalog, but something has changed all that. Despite this, some of us still get our kicks . . . → Read More: Erotic Adventures in Shoe Shopping

Turned Into A Sissy

I am a huge believer in not judging a book by its cover. If I have learned anything over the course of my life, it’s that you never really know what lies beneath any exterior. More often than not, the harder one tries to represent themselves in a certain way, it usually means they . . . → Read More: Turned Into A Sissy