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My Ass Won’t Lick Itself

I have been accused of many things in my lifetime. Being subtle is not one of them. I like being direct. If it shocks people, all the better, especially if by people I’m referring to my submissive. ¬†Ass worship is one of the best bonding experiences for a Mistress and her sub. The level . . . → Read More: My Ass Won’t Lick Itself

Chronic Masturbation Therapy Sessions

Bad habits.

We ALL have them, and they run the gamut from not being able to leave that last piece of pie alone to chain dragging on those cigarettes. They feel so good though. And that is the real problem. Why is it that all the good stuff is so bad for us? Take . . . → Read More: Chronic Masturbation Therapy Sessions

Hey Cuckold, Your Wife Has Plans!

I get the chance to talk to guys from all over who wish they could get their wives on-board with their cuckold fetish. They always want tips and tricks on how to drop a few hints. It isn’t easy. I know. The concept of telling your committed partner that you get turned on by . . . → Read More: Hey Cuckold, Your Wife Has Plans!

A Small Penis Just Made for Panties

I see you, mister winky-dink. You know just who I’m talking to. Or do you? I guess the trouble with having a small penis is that you never can tell when a woman is addressing you directly or talking to the minuscule marker ¬†between your legs. In this case I was talking to you. . . . → Read More: A Small Penis Just Made for Panties

Anything You Ask, Mistress

A Mistress’ work is never done, and a submissive’s head always has room for cramming more things into it. In that way I suppose you could say that the mind of a sub is a lot like his asshole. This, of course, brings me to an important topic which needs to be addressed from . . . → Read More: Anything You Ask, Mistress