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Weekend Leg Worship

Now there’s a visual for you. My long, sexy legs providing an open invitation for your lips and tongue to come-a-calling. So many ways to have them. How shall I prepare them for you? Smooth is definitely a requirement but beyond that I’m sure you must have a preference. Let’s have some sexy fun . . . → Read More: Weekend Leg Worship

Our Most Popular Cock Stroking Game

The weather is warming up and if you needed a reason to beat your meat, (as if you needed a reason) this is just a reminder that you can always count on LDW to keep you stroking your cock. Are you a compulsive cock stroker? Then this post is especially for you. Sometimes one . . . → Read More: Our Most Popular Cock Stroking Game

The Alexis Hardness Scale for Small Penis Size

Not sure if your penis ranks well? I’ve developed a humiliating, but scientific, way to help you determine if you have a small cock or a swoon-worthy meat-sword.


How to Land a Babe Even With a Small Penis

Little dicked loser!

Yeah, I said it, and I meant it. If you’re one of the unlucky who has been selected for ownership of a small penis via life’s random drawing then I am here to tell you too bad. Because women like me will always look at guys like you in one way . . . → Read More: How to Land a Babe Even With a Small Penis

Holiday Weekend Phone Sex

Are you going away for the weekend? Perhaps you will be staying in a hotel room. If so, then you’ll want to add a little line-item to your itinerary: hot Mistress phone sex. Travel can be relaxing, but these days it usually takes more energy to be on vacation than to get away from . . . → Read More: Holiday Weekend Phone Sex