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Can Fighters Be Lovers?

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You may have read about my propensity for catfighting in previous posts and thought to yourself, “Man that is really hot! The idea of those gorgeous tits smashing up against another pair of tits makes me a little tight in the crotch region. There is just something about . . . → Read More: Can Fighters Be Lovers?

A Valentine for Mistress Alexis


It’s Valentine’s Day 2014! That means a chance to reach into my fanmail bag and see what’s stewing. Who doesn’t love a bit of flattery, especially on a day like today? Now, Mistress Alexis is no stranger to stellar phone sex reviews, but direct, personal feedback such as this always makes me a . . . → Read More: A Valentine for Mistress Alexis

How To Be Your Own Cuckold

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Stranger things have been said, it’s true. But you surely came here aroused by suspicion, among other things. I have had the great pleasure of speaking with many would-be cuckolds about the dilemma of wanting to explore the joys of being cuckolded by a partner, but aren’t certain if . . . → Read More: How To Be Your Own Cuckold