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Wet and Messy Sploshing Fun

Me and my darling subby “pengee” definitely know how to have a good time. He makes it very clear that I am the one in charge and that is the way he likes it. I think he definitely gets a charge out of humiliating himself for a beautiful woman. Some subs are quite complex . . . → Read More: Wet and Messy Sploshing Fun

When is Infidelity Sexy?

When you’re a cuckold, of course! I had to come right out of the gate and say it because it was just too exciting to keep under wraps. I pride myself on being a very open-minded phone sex Mistress. There are very few topics I won’t consider discussing within reason. However, when it comes . . . → Read More: When is Infidelity Sexy?

Stroking on Cam for Mistress

If you’re reading this post then you’re obviously surfing the web. These days it’s virtually impossible to do so without stopping to check out some form of adult entertainment. That IS why the internet was created right? Right? High-five if you stopped here before hitting up the tube sites.

The reason I bring it . . . → Read More: Stroking on Cam for Mistress

The Eroticism of Spanking

All of us deal with things in different ways, especially when it comes to having naughty thoughts. Often when we masturbate, we allow our minds to fill with all sorts of filthy, torrid images. Sometimes the scenes include ourselves and other times we take on a more voyeuristic role. It’s the feeling of being . . . → Read More: The Eroticism of Spanking

Worship My Luscious Legs

Do you ever get those cravings? You know the ones. That insatiable desire to wrap your lips around my long, luscious legs and indulge in a bit of worship? Who could blame you? They are absolutely tantalizing. I spend countless hours making sure that the skin is exquisitely smooth to the touch of both . . . → Read More: Worship My Luscious Legs