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Ms Alexis’ Catfighting Ways

Men aren’t the only ones who like to fight.

War and battle are time-old concepts that are traditionally associated with men. In great contrast, women have been painted as delicate and dainty creatures who should refrain from duking it out whenever possible. From a Mistress perspective, such a portrayal is a forgivable act when . . . → Read More: Ms Alexis’ Catfighting Ways

The Red Sweater: A MILF Story Part 1

There was a red sweater here…

but alas it got tangled in the wash.

As a salve for your¬†grievous¬†soul, I present to you something luscious in its place. Since body hugging sweaters make me think of kissable curves, let’s have some fun exploring body worship!

Start Low

If you have any hope to . . . → Read More: The Red Sweater: A MILF Story Part 1