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Sex Hair Means It’s Good

One of the most pressing questions regarding sex on peoples’ minds today is, “How do I know if it was good for my partner?” People tend to shy away from outright questioning, because they fear the response. What if in your mind it was phenomenal, but perhaps maybe you didn’t exactly rock their world . . . → Read More: Sex Hair Means It’s Good

Ms Alexis Preps for LDW Oscar Shine

The whole of the Enchantrix Empire is abuzz with talk of this year’s 2nd Annual LDW Oscars after the names of the nominees were officially released on Tuesday evening. Ms Alexis joined forces with EE user Castaway for an hour long Cock Radio broadcast. It seemed a likely union after the pair united for . . . → Read More: Ms Alexis Preps for LDW Oscar Shine

Meet the Meloncock

Why beat your meat when you can abuse your juicy fruit instead? I learned this particular philosophy about a week ago when I was contacted by the legendary John Meloncock, 2011 LDW Oscar nominee, and good-natured fruit eroticist. He is the lone producer of his very own Meloncock cam show, which I had heard . . . → Read More: Meet the Meloncock