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Stroke for Those in Need

Truly a call for charitable giving like you’ve never seen before, the girls of Hair and Heels are teaming up to give back for the holidays and you can help! How? By doing what you always do, except this time you will be stroking for a good cause. In just a few days, . . . → Read More: Stroke for Those in Need

Balls Have Feelings Too

It’s a good thing they do because otherwise I might not enjoy kneeing you in the crotch nearly as much as I would otherwise. Though many assume I am a sugary sweetheart, I walk the line between being a sensual and strict mistressĀ all the time. I don’t give you what you want, but what . . . → Read More: Balls Have Feelings Too

The Language of Legs

I positively love my legs and you should too! Comprising a little over half of our total body makeup, it’s no wonder why legs in general tend to draw such attention. So come along all my tasty leg worship lovers and let us explore the language of legs together.

Sexy shoes and hot legs . . . → Read More: The Language of Legs

You CAN be Denied

I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but somewhere along the course of our dom/sub relationship, you up and decided that you have this little thing that gives you power. No, I’m not referring to that thing. What I’m talking about is a lot less annoying and not nearly as mysterious. The phrase I’m . . . → Read More: You CAN be Denied

Enchantrix Audio Store Selections

Give me a call 800-601-7259 Must be 18+

Hello my little stroker pet. If you’ve ever heard the sound of my silky, sultry voice, then there’s a chance you wouldn’t mind having it on-demand, anytime, night or day. You can easily make that a reality by checking out my many submissions in the . . . → Read More: Enchantrix Audio Store Selections