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Being Dressed for Sex

Mmmmmmmmm….That’s all that needs to be said, right?

As a phone sex¬†Empress, I am used to being catered to, pandered to, and oftentimes pleaded to. I grip the souls of hundreds, perhaps even thousands, in the palm of my hand, carefully shaping each one according to taste. Many times my counsel is sought . . . → Read More: Being Dressed for Sex

A Taste of Tease and Denial

The hour is late and we are both seated in a plush round booth in one of the city’s hottest night spots. Your eyes have been affixed to me for some time now. From the moment the valet took my keys you’ve been quick to show your hand. There’s food on your plate, but . . . → Read More: A Taste of Tease and Denial

Undercover Cock Lover

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my cute little phone sex corner of the web! Just don’t let the window dressing fool you. Oh you’re in the right place. This is indeed the House of Alexis, my fantasy parlor where new and exhilarating works of fetish and fancy are commissioned daily. Just be forewarned . . . → Read More: Undercover Cock Lover

Mistress and the Muse

My own artistic rendering of "The Sissy Within"

There are many titles of greatness that have been thrust upon me in my time as a mistress of femdom phone sex: Goddess, Queen, Muse. The greatest of these is Muse.Such a darling sentiment to think that I should be one to inspire the . . . → Read More: Mistress and the Muse