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Mistress Alexis: The Original HBIC

There seems to be some confusion of late as to my status as an LDW phone sex mistress so I’m here to set the record straight and lay down a few rules of ettiquette when it comes to dealing with a woman like me.

H.B.I.C.: Head Bitch In Charge

That’s ME. That means I . . . → Read More: Mistress Alexis: The Original HBIC

Your Embarrassing Secret

Everyone talks about Victoria (no not Ms Victoria, though she is quite popular). You know…the one with the secret. She’s absolutely famous. No surname is needed to bring about an instant recollection of all she is and what she stands for. Well guess what. Around here, Victor has a secret.

You think I don’t . . . → Read More: Your Embarrassing Secret

The Cock Whisperers

There is a new craze that has been sweeping like wildfire around the Enchantrix Empire and if you have been fortunate enough to spend time in the community kink chatroom or at one of the dozens of live talk programs brought to you by our lovely phone sex mistresses, then you probably have an . . . → Read More: The Cock Whisperers

Let Me Tease and Deny You

I suppose that title requires a bit of revision. After all, what I truly want is your orgasm but not until we’ve completed a long, drawn out, jackoff phonesex session with me in full control. Did you know that your cock actually wants to be controlled by a kinky, superior, and intelligent phone sex . . . → Read More: Let Me Tease and Deny You

For the Love of a Good Mistress

Ms Alexis, the naughty leprechaun of LDW March Madness is here with a new blog topic! This one is fun whether you’re a chronic stroker or terrifically teased and denied. In the course of my sexy duties, I encounter a LOT of what could be considered off-the-wall or even zany practices by many of . . . → Read More: For the Love of a Good Mistress