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Football Sunday the Sissy Way

Feminization Training by Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975It may come as a bit of a shock to see the words Football Sunday and sissy in the same sentence. I mean, why would they be? What interest can a game of football possibly hold for someone with panties on the brain 24/7? As you might have surmised, I actually have an answer to that.

Tight, tight uniforms

This one might have been obvious to you, but when it comes to football, very few sissies are actually interested in the plays. It’s all about being glued to the set for a glimpse of those incredible bodies packed into deliciously tight, aerodynamically sound uniforms. Those gridiron gods aren’t just athletic wonders, they are engineering marvels. How can you not appreciate the aesthetic qualities of these men in peak condition?

Sissy sideline chants

The secondary draw, but no less important, is the all-important cheering section. No, I’m not talking about the fans in the stands. I’m talking about those cheerleaders. The only thing a true sissy will get more excited for is the moment they cut away from that view of the field for a shot of those beaming smiles and those big beautiful pom-pons! I know that some of you are practicing your own cheers right this minute! Some of you even have your own uniforms. I’m looking at YOU Kay-Lee!

Football Sunday alternative

Not everyone is into football. That means some sissy gurls get their kicks in other ways like heading down to the sex shop for a new dildo, usually after seeing those big, beefy bodies in motion. Or maybe they decided to hit the craft store on a rhinestone mission to bedazzle their latest pair of panties. It doesn’t matter how you celebrate the day as long as you have F-U-N doing it.

How do you spend your Sundays during football season? Extra points for being a sissy when you respond. Leave your comments below.


Sissy Humiliation: The Walk of Shame

We’ve all heard of the walk of shame. You know the one where you’re dressed in last night’s clothes because you unexpectedly turned a casual meetup into a raunchy sleepover? Well this blog post is not about that. No, I’m referring to the other walk of shame that comes standard with my brand of sissy humiliation. I’m talking about training a bitch to walk in high heels and everything that comes along with that.

A sissy needs to practice walking in heels

Oh they’re so cute when they’re first learning how to stand up straight and tall. That’s usually the part most sissy gurls have no trouble with. But the walking! Oh my goodness. Just the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other presents such difficulty. You’ve gotta have strong ankles if you want to rock those heels, and that means lots and lots of practice.

Sissy humiliation is just beginning

I usually like to start low with a 1 inch heel. Many of you know how tall that is because you can compare it to your sissy clitty for an accurate measure, hehe! After a few months of progress we move up to the next step. Before you know it you’ll be stomping around in 5 inch heels like you’re Kate Fucking Moss under the runway lights. And you’ll be able to do it while serving my girlfriends blintzes and bellinis for brunch. Yeah, try saying that while you practice balancing, bimbo. I’m looking forward to seeing how far you can go without falling on that face of yours.

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Cocksucking: Men Can Be Size Queens Too

Cocksucking Training Phonesex Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I just love my guys who are into cocksucking. And that’s a really good thing because there are literally thousands upon thousands of men who would love nothing more than to get down on their knees and suck a hard one. What’s interesting though is that even with a shortage of good dick to suck, many guys are still picky about what goes into their mouths. Okay, that’s actually a pretty lax way of saying it, but what I mean is that like many women, men can just as easily be size queens too.

What your cocksucking style says about you

For some it’s about submission. They feel that in order to truly be the best cock sucking slut out there, they need to put a divide between their status and the guy they’re sucking off. Basically, a guy with a smaller cock simply prefers to suck off a guy with a dick that’s bigger than his. It’s the basic theory of “alphanomics.” Bigger just equals better and large means in charge.

For others it’s about worship. They’re just in awe of that big schlong. They take one look at it and they feel compelled to drop down and wrap their lips around that huge member. I can’t say that I blame them. I get pretty worked up at the thought of a big juicy cock as well. There’s just that inherent manliness factor that speaks to us all on a primal level.

What makes you crazy for cock?

You may have been a size queen and just not known it. Hopefully this post enlightened you a little bit as to why you are drawn to those big cocks. Is there another reason you love them? Do share your thoughts in the comments below. Curious minds are always wondering, especially my own.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Teasing and Edgeplay: How Sweet the Sound

Teasing Femdom Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975I don’t mind teasing a cock now and then. Oh, who are we kidding? I LOVE being a cocktease. There is just something so powerful about taking control of a man’s cock and driving him to the point of complete and total dependence upon you for his pleasure. He knows you’re in charge too, and that’s a big plus, but it’s not the key factor that really gets me revved up during a hot edgeplay session. No, what really flips my switch, is the auditory fulfillment that comes with the variety of noises that a man makes when he’s manually stimulating himself for me.

Moan for me, baby

I know that every guy is different in the noise department. That is totally fine. No pressure. But just know that for those who are into letting go and letting those sounds of arousal creep out, that you are in for a treat because then I know I’ve got you. There’s no going back at that point. You are my proverbial prisoner and the key is wedged between my boobs with no end date on your sentence. Prepare for those balls to be so full, so tight, and you oh so needy.

Teasing your cock is such a thrill

What’s great about a tease and delay session is that you can just relax and really focus on the fun. Having a Mistress is control is like putting everything on auto-pilot. I promise that cock is safe in my hands (or between my breasts if you’re lucky!) So the next time you find yourself entangled with me and you’re thinking of ways to ramp up the call without being blunt, just give me one of those sexy moans or two. Trust me, it gets me every time.

Cuckold Honeymoon: Caught Off Guard

Cuckold Fantasy Phonesex with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975Every guy who becomes a cuckold does so at different stages of his life and his relationship. The majority find themselves gaining membership in the cuckold club, long after they and their hotwives have settled down. They start looking for new outlets once wedded bliss starts to take its toll on bedroom activities. There are a few out there who enter the fold much sooner than they anticipated. I like to affectionately refer to these guys as honeymoon cuckolds.

Every cuckold has to start somewhere

I think they’re the most adorable because they’re still so sweet and doe-eyed. They’ve jumped through all the hoops, put the ring on her finger, and next thing you know he’s already a third wheel. That’s because his hotwife honey isn’t going to settle just because she’s a newly minted Mrs. She’s going to start training her hubby to be her submissive manservant and like it.

A cuckold honeymoon is the hottest

The truth of it is that he was always submissive to begin with, otherwise she never would have bothered to snatch him up in the first place. And now that she’s got a legal contract to do as she pleases, you can bet that she’ll start by setting that honeymoon bed ablaze with her lover while he sits in the corner with his mouth hanging open. He’d better be careful though. Too much of that and she’ll find something to stuff it with real quick. Just another thing her cuckold husband might as well get used to.

Have you ever been subjected to a cuckold honeymoon or just fantasized about it? I would love to read your comments on it below!


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