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The Curious Crossdresser

Feminization MistressSo, you’re a little curious about sissy crossdressing, huh? Well, you’re totally in the right place for that. I know that you probably are eager to explore your femininity and that’s something I love to do. I will help turn you into the sissy crossdresser you have always dreamed of being.

You’re going to look so cute as a crossdressing sissy!

Maybe you’re unsure of the look you want to go for, but I have an idea in mind. What would you think about being dressed up to look like a blonde bimbo slut? I think that it would be the perfect look for you. First, you’re going to need to shave or wax your entire body. Nobody likes a hairy sissy.

Until you can grow your hair out, you’re going to need to get a blonde wig. I’ll teach you how to style your hair. Don’t worry. I think we should give you some pigtails. You’re going to look so cute when I am through with you!

Let’s have some crossdressing fun!

Next, we’re going to need to do your sissy makeup. I was thinking of maybe some blue eye shadow, false eyelashes and a bright red lip. What do you think? I think that just screams bimbo! Just picture how good it’s going to look when you get your red lips wrapped around my strap on or a nice juicy cock. It’ll be so exciting.

Now to choose what you should wear. I was thinking maybe a slutty mini-dress. I think red sounds good, don’t you? It will be short, tight, and low-cut. Underneath you’re going to be wearing a black thong and no bra. Oh, I almost forgot the most important part. A blonde bimbo sissy would never get all dressed up without wearing a pair of stiletto heels. Don’t let them scare you. You’ll learn to walk in them pretty quickly. I have faith in you.

Ready to have some sissy crossdressing adventures with me? Give me a call and let’s have some fun!


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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13 comments to The Curious Crossdresser

  • Now THIS is how you dress a bimbo slut! I love the blonde pigtails and their fake innocence coupled with the red slutty dress and red lipstick! Just balance on your toes in those stiletto heels, dirty girl. You won’t be on your feet for long!

  • I know a lot of men are curious about crossdressing. Some really DO feel like a woman inside and want to begin the feminization journey expressing an aspect of who they know themselves to be. Other men want to experience the THRILL of wearing women’s lingerie and can you blame them? WE know that lingerie is sexy and feels amazing !!!!!! Let’s put all men in panties just for the thrill of the fabrics … he doesn’t even have to be a crossdresser, he just has to like the silky sensations!

  • Petey cream puff

    Just wearing the bra/panties feels so good against my soft/waxed girlish skin😢😧also with silky slip then to wear hot body con sheath dress with heels then wearing leggings with boots is hot look as well. Women’s clothes are so much better then guy clothes as for me it’s only way I can get hard and off. It’s reason I’ve always been single/never married nor had girlfriend because I love to wear women’s clothes 😟if I ever have girl friend I’ll have to come out of closet and I’m afraid and scared what reaction will be😟😢 help with this would be most welcome.

  • Ms Alexis- I’ve often thought it, but reading your post clarifies it for me-we still enjoy playing dress-up with our dolls! The thing is, now they are grown up real dolls, and we get to do so much more with them! I love the fantasy aspect of the calls, where anything is possible, and we make it happen. Of course, it’s also fun to help a caller make the fantasy a reality! Nothing like making dreams come true!

  • Ms. Alexis:

    I agree with the other commenters! WOW! What a way to dress up a bimbo. I think it is the blue eye shadow that really caught me. YUM. Sissy BIMBO! Red lipstick screams out sissy cocksucker. I think these sluts know what it is all about the second they call for that fantasy! They need to be bimbo sluts!


  • Mistress Amber

    There’s nothing like a great makeover, Miss Alexis! And who better to transform an already-girly sub into the perfect BIMBO than a Mistress! There are many steps from beginning to end when you’re talking about a full-on female metamorphosis, but it’s so worth it to see the finished product all smooth, lotioned, done up and primped! I never get tired of blogs like this!

  • Ms Rayne

    Ms Alexis this post is so much fun! I bet your sissy bimbo will be having more fun as a blonde in your hands! I love the outfit and makeup…I think it would be safe to call that lipstick “cocksucker red” 😉 So funny how when the guys become girls they get so horny for a strap on or the real thing like Petey Creme Puff says he gets all hard and only gets off when dressed up. Petey Creme Puff…rest assured there’s a girl out there for ya. Someone would love to get you all dressed up for some naughtiness.

  • Petey cream puff

    Your right Ms Rayne! I just need to quit worrying and open up about this. It’s what I want & need. I’ve been cross dressing for 17 years and I’m not going to quit. I just need to man up! Especially when I see women at salon wearing leggings/boots. How do I talk about this with out being perverted? There is girl at same place that said to mevshevwould put makeup on me and I have picture of Sophia Vargia as that’s look I want her to give me. I’m confused who has no luck with women because I like to dress I women’s clothes 😟

  • What is the old saying .. curiosity killed the cat. But for this sissy slut. it’s more like curiosity primed up the pussy 🙂 I do adore sissies sluts too .. especially when \, like you Miss A – can turn a prim lil thing, into a strap-on sucking `ho. What a fortunate gal she is. Be a fun one to pass around.

  • Mike

    I have toyed around with panties and slips more than a few times but only have I been “made to dress” a couple of times in life. I cannot describe the experience. Each time it was some combination of “forced to coerced”. What is indescribable is the weak feeling of not being able to object. It is like some cosmic experience where a girl (physically not as strong) says this is what is going to happen. It is like the eyes go down and the will to argue or object just go away. You feel deep shame and yet no will to stop. She is totally at the helm. It is like you are willing to be ashamed or being ashamed is what is deeply real and so she connects to it and you are hers. I have only experienced it (the feeling) a few times in real life. It is incredibly powerful.


    I have pretty much had sex only as a gurl my entire life.

    I wish the internet had been around back in my teen years .

    I am happy with who I am .

    I think if more men were honest with themselves they would love to get a total makeover at least once.

    Then there are always those that say they need to be forced taking the decision out of their hands.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I have been out crossdressing for over 14 years and never did it like that but even a MILF style cross dresser would submit to your wishes

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