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Pantyhose or Stockings on a Woman’s Legs

Before there was the age old debate of Ginger versus Mary Anne, there was and has been another question that has plagued bar rooms and man caves for decades. Which is hotter on a woman’s legs; pantyhose or stockings? Let’s just cut right to the chase and accept the fact that there is no . . . → Read More: Pantyhose or Stockings on a Woman’s Legs

Sexy Silky Stockings Fetish

How do you feel about the word nylon? Does it trigger some very lusty thoughts within you? Do you immediately begin to envision a woman’s shapely well-defined legs encased in a fine layer of soft-woven threading? I just happen to be wearing a pair of my favorites as I type this, with nothing but . . . → Read More: Sexy Silky Stockings Fetish