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Facesitting: The Best Way to Relax

Work hard, play hard. That’s been my motto for a long time. There are a million ways to do it, and facesitting is at the top of this list. But there is some prep time involved. My favorite thing to do is have one of my minions prepare me a nice, hot, milky bath . . . → Read More: Facesitting: The Best Way to Relax

Queening: Life’s Greatest Pleasure

Tell me… have you ever had your tongue ridden by a woman as beautiful as me? You’re in for a real treat. You see, I’m a really big fan of queening and you’re going to be underneath me a lot. I love it when a man is totally focused on pleasing me. You also . . . → Read More: Queening: Life’s Greatest Pleasure

Queening Time: Worship This Pussy

Look at my perfect body.

Have you ever seen anything this gorgeous? You know very well that it is something you could very easily become addicted to. You feel something stirring in your pants just from the mere sight of me. Your body is craving my pussy on your face, isn’t it? . . . → Read More: Queening Time: Worship This Pussy

Every Queen Needs a Throne

Many choose to acknowledge Sunday as a day of rest. For a Mistress, the emphasis lies with being spoiled and pampered in many ways. When I’ve had my fill of teasing cocks, I love to slip into a nice, warm bath and let my cares just melt away. It’s so nice to feel so . . . → Read More: Every Queen Needs a Throne

Be My Throne for Queening

Mistress has had a tough day and she needs someplace relaxing to sit. I was thinking about your face. What kind of queen would I be without a throne? You can certainly fulfill that role as you lie down so straight like an arrow with those hands at your sides. There will be no . . . → Read More: Be My Throne for Queening