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Cuckolding: MY Cuckold Fantasy

I’ve said it before. There are about a million ways to cuckold someone, but I only have one personal favorite. It’s not enough for you to just sit there and watch with your mouth agape while I get pounded by an overeager bullstud. If you’re going to be my cuckold, then you’d best be . . . → Read More: Cuckolding: MY Cuckold Fantasy

Body Worship: Unworthy Slave to A Goddess

I know your type. You have tons of body worship phone sex fantasies, don’t you? I know that you’ve been admiring me from afar and undressing me with your eyes for a really long time now. You know that you’re not worthy of even being in my presence, so you haven’t approached me yet. . . . → Read More: Body Worship: Unworthy Slave to A Goddess

How Does Your Wife Dress You?

Well hello there…

“Are you pretty in pink today? My, my, that certainly is a lovely collar. The frills are an excellent touch.”

If these are the types of things that you hear on a regular basis, then it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the kind of hold your wife has on . . . → Read More: How Does Your Wife Dress You?

Cuckolding: You, Me, and a BBC

This is a love letter to my cuckold:

Dear pookie,

I just felt the need to take a moment from my busy day to thank you for being who you are. Words cannot express how much I adore our present relationship.

Things have evolved so much since I came into power, and I have . . . → Read More: Cuckolding: You, Me, and a BBC

Wet and Messy Sploshing Fun

Me and my darling subby “pengee” definitely know how to have a good time. He makes it very clear that I am the one in charge and that is the way he likes it. I think he definitely gets a charge out of humiliating himself for a beautiful woman. Some subs are quite complex . . . → Read More: Wet and Messy Sploshing Fun