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CBT Fetish As In CBT You Later

You saw the word CBT and sat right up, didn’t you? You filthy thing. You’re not just any guy with a fetish. You’re a special kind of nasty. You’re a pain slut pure and simple. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a chance to really put you in your place. It’s kind of funny. . . . → Read More: CBT Fetish As In CBT You Later

Corporal Punishment: Christmas Swats

The trick to Femdom control is finding out what motivates your submissive. Sometimes they make it plain as day. Others are slightly more cerebral and enjoy making you seek it out. In this case, panty boy jim came around to give me a Christmas Eve gift. He’s been submitting to me a great deal . . . → Read More: Corporal Punishment: Christmas Swats

Mistress, Dominate Me!

How do you normally sit when you are talking on the phone? I’ll bet it’s upright in a relatively comfy chair, perhaps with your leg crossed, ankle-to-knee. But do you know how to sit properly when you are on the phone with me? No? Well let me help you with that…

On your knees, . . . → Read More: Mistress, Dominate Me!

Balls Have Feelings Too

It’s a good thing they do because otherwise I might not enjoy kneeing you in the crotch nearly as much as I would otherwise. Though many assume I am a sugary sweetheart, I walk the line between being a sensual and strict mistressĀ all the time. I don’t give you what you want, but what . . . → Read More: Balls Have Feelings Too

For the Love of a Good Mistress

Ms Alexis, the naughty leprechaun of LDW March Madness is here with a new blog topic! This one is fun whether you’re a chronic stroker or terrifically teased and denied. In the course of my sexy duties, I encounter a LOT of what could be considered off-the-wall or even zany practices by many of . . . → Read More: For the Love of a Good Mistress