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Stealing Her Panties To Wear

Femdom Mistress in Panties AlexisDid you really think I wouldn’t catch you stealing her panties from the dresser? I can spot a panty thief from miles away. You have got some nerve, that’s for sure. I bet you’ve been tip-toeing into the room while she was away for months now.

It always starts with one pair doesn’t it? You pick up those silky panties and feel them against your fingertips and ohhhhh… that sensation! Is it any wonder you’re so obsessed? It’s not enough to touch. You want to wear them!

Sticking Your Hands in Her Panty Drawer

It’s just too tempting not to grab all of those prettily folded panties isn’t it? I had a submissive sissy maid that would raid the panty drawer every chance she got! And I am here to tell you to stop! Don’t be that person. My sissy got punished, while wearing panties no less, the hard way! Be careful or you could experience the same fate.

Punished for Stealing Panties

She was trussed up at the first opportunity with her arms and legs spread. I took the panties she had lifted from my drawer and stuffed them in her mouth. After that, I made sure to spank her bottom good and hard with my favorite paddle. Now she is one of those panty-wearing men that has my mark emblazoned on that ass for good! I think it’s safe to say that she learned a good lesson that day. It didn’t stop her from begging for more.

Confess Your Panty Obsession!

Now I know some of you out there are serial panty-snatchers, so ‘fess up! I want to hear your story in the comments. It will make you feel SO much better to get it off your chest.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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18 comments to Stealing Her Panties To Wear

  • jimmy.

    Wow… Its smoot. Soft. Silky and sexy. Panties.

  • peterteasetoy

    I don’t steal panties GoDDDess Alexis, but I couldn’t help but to confess to you if I did, with you looking like you do in this picture! *adjusts erection*

    • Alexis

      Oh teasetoy, we both know that you might steal a pair if it meant being the subject of a very sexy teasing interrogation. Imagine being tied up under hot lights with my boobs in your face! How long before you confess?

      • peterteasetoy

        *squirm* Wait! What? How did I get from complimenting you on how sexy and powerful you look, to being tied to a chair with you and your two sexy accomplices right in front of me GoDDDess Alexis? ….. and Miss Rita *squirm* and Miss Tabetha *squirm* helping you too!

        Oh, you know that you’ll never get anything useful out of me when you have your beautiful boobs in my face! *adjusts erection* You know that I can’t think straight when you do that!

        Let see, well I suppose I might pinch Mistresses’ panties, as then there would be more chance of seeing their pussies when they flash me! *adjusts erection*

  • Petey cream puff

    Ms Cindy & Ms Gia caught me wearing their bra/panty set with pumps/lipstick getting off:( I thought they were gone all day but they were hiding out and taking pictures of me as well as video. They were giggling at me after the shock of me wearing their lingerie. I couldn’t help it:( the fabrics were so soft against my soft, girlish , smooth skin. They put their lingerie in my drawer replacing all my under ware. 🙁
    They said I look so cute & adorable in the bra/panty set along with pumps. They told me they have pictures and if me and I have to do what they say. They then kept me in the lingerie and had me wear yoga pants with a see through long sleeve white button down shirt and we went to Victoria’s Secret to buy my own lingerie.

    I was so scared and nervous going in there with everyone seeing my bra and panty out line through the yoga pants. They took me in makeup section and sprayed perfume on me as well as put lotion and blush on my cheeks. Then it was off to dressing room where they had me strip and put me in bra/panty set with pumps. I was so embarrassed and humiliated:( with looking in mirror I was so weak and helpless. They giggled then put me in middle if them and they started kissing me. I noticed my body was getting smaller and more girlish as well as my breasts starting to grow:( they said night would ever let women put a guy in a bra/panty set and spray him in perfume/put lotion and blush in him. I tried to explain but they said I I protest they will hit speed dial. They took me out of room and showed me off to all the salesladies and customers. They took out their phone and started taking pictures of me. Then they took me to try on shades of lipstick on me by applying it on my lips and kissing my cheeks. It was to much as I soaked my panties:( they said by doing that I was weak and submissive and I had to stay this way all they time. With me soaking my panties all I could say was yes mistress as they now own me and have made me a cream puff sissy:(

  • Well hot damn Mistress Alexis! You make me want to become a pantie thief. I agree with Peter, you are so figgin’ sexy in these photos… I have this overwhelming desire to now get caught by you. Do you see what you do to pervs like me and Peter?! And just so you know, I’ll do for the spankings. And then we can double team Peter. HA! Such a good post.


    • Alexis

      You totally read my mind, Tabetha! I was imagining our poor teasetoy all tied up and squirming. Our little panty thief would be reduced to a blubbering mess for sure.

  • So funny that the two of us would pick the same topic for our blogs. 😉 I would love a chance to humiliate a naughty panty boy with you some day… I imagine that between the two of us we would be able to come up with some REALLY good punishments and consequences for that kinky knicker ‘napper. 😉

    • Alexis

      You can join Tabetha and me as we gang up on teasetoy! This panty thief interrogation party keeps getting bigger by the second!

  • Mike

    with trepidation I will fess up. I have taken a pair of panties twice. Both from women who seemed both dominant and way out of reach from me. Older too. One a neighbor. One an aunt. I treasured the panties on both occasions. They were like a “special girlfriend”. I kept them in a special spot and would take them out to spend time with her. As a not-so-endowed fellow I have wondered if it is more common – the panty involvement for little guys? or is that my imagination. I have wondered whether a small guy, less likely to have a full woman or real woman is more likely to direct his energy to what he can have? Or is that crazy?

    • Alexis

      I think that’s a very interesting question, Mike. A real woman will always direct a small man to that which he is most entitled. In this case if he is stealing panties then she will most likely make him wear them for her entertainment while she seeks out the company of a real man.

  • cucked

    I dont wear my girlfriend’s panties. but i do sniff and lick her dirty stained ones. her stained panties make me weak. i lick her panties to earn cumming privileges.

    • Alexis

      Hey cucked. Sounds like the dream life for a panty stealing cuckold. Just be careful! If she catches you I can’t imagine she’ll go easy.

  • aaabbb

    I like your quadruple D’z

  • sissy donna

    i am like cucked,i love to lick and suck a dirty pair of panties clean before i wear them. i am wearing a pair of pink panties now that i have licked clean…i love being a “hamper diver”. i would love to wear Yours Mistress Alexis!

    • Alexis

      It’s perfectly okay to be cucked as long as you’re a GOOD cuck. This means being totally obedient and treating those panties like gold, even if they have been lifted from the hamper. Make sure you put them back clean and folded like a sissy slave should.

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