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Sissy Slave Training: Picking the Panties

sissy slave training Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975In the world of BDSM, there tends to be a lot of talk about collaring. The act of choosing to collar a sub is a pretty big deal but it isn’t the only important symbol when it comes to male domination. If we stop to take a look at sissy slave training, there’s a big case to be made for choosing the panties that a slave must wear for his Mistress. A true slave actually enjoys being marked. It makes him feel special and gives him meaning and purpose. That which makes Mistress happy makes the slave bitch happy as well.

Put your panties on, sissy!

Put them on and don’t complain. That is unless you are the type of person who actually enjoys getting a rise out of his Femdom and the punishment that will undoubtedly ensue. Take note of the type of panties that she chooses for you. There could be a message that she is trying to send. For example, if she puts you in a  skimpy thong, she might be trying to humiliate you by drawing attention to your sissy clitty. Or it could simply be a means of objectifying you sexually and making you more attractive to her bull if there’s one in the picture.

Making a sissy slave out of you

Your Mistress might also put you in a pair of cutesy-wutesy ruffle-butt panties. It doesn’t get more sissy than that. She’s basically saying “this is in no way a real man, and this sissy’s itty bitty dicklette isn’t coming within five feet of my pussy.” If you look hard enough, there’s basically a message in all of the actions of your Domme. Some might be more subliminal than others but one this will always be clear: she owns your ass, so you’d better obey!

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3 comments to Sissy Slave Training: Picking the Panties

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve accepted that I am a cream puff girl with all the mistresses putting me in panties/bra/turning/lipstick kissing my cheeks/dresssing and giving me makeover/feminine arched eyebrows/lipstick on my lips along with long black wig. This is who I am and become and it’s made me a better person and much more happier.

  • owen

    In my late college years I had my first experience with this. I have never gotten it out of my head. A girl I had a big crush on from another University did this to me. Basically she made me put on panties for her. I was nota boyfriend to her. She dated lots of guys. I was her “friend”. She even changed tops and jeans in front of me s though I was not even a guy. She coerced me into the panties (and then some slips and other things). She was both gentle but firm about it. It was half like she was playing around but when I balked a little she got serious. I felt like I had to. I really had this deep feeling that I needed to make her happy no matter how demeaning for me. It is hard to explain but the feeling I had was very strong to comply. I did feel after I put them on a sense of being her “belonging”. I had already been the follower and quite submissive with her but once she did that it was like something had been established. I was not a “man” for her but I was more a “belonging”. Even though I was submissive until she did that it was sort of like we were pretending I was still a ‘man’ but after that it was like she knew and I knew I could not be a man for her.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I have crossed dressed for 13 years how would you pick my panties?

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