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Sexy Silky Stockings Fetish

Mistress Alexis Sissy PhonesexHow do you feel about the word nylon? Does it trigger some very lusty thoughts within you? Do you immediately begin to envision a woman’s shapely well-defined legs encased in a fine layer of soft-woven threading? I just happen to be wearing a pair of my favorites as I type this, with nothing but a crisp, white button-down shirt over my violet satin bra and panties. What? A girl has to accessorize.

It’s casual Sunday as far as I’m concerned…

The stockings I chose are black today. I just love the contrast of color against my skin. Black is elegant any time of day, really, so you can’t go wrong. I love that whispery scruching sound that they make when I cross and uncross my legs. It’s an audible treat that is seldom noticed in busy places like the halls of my office building or that street corner cafe.

Tomorrow will be different. Monday is the start of the corporate grind, and that means suiting up for war. In those cases, it is best to break out the pantyhose. I want to be covered from hip to toe in silken comfort as I’m tromping from floor to floor in my stilettos. Will I be wearing panties underneath? It depends on my mood. In any case, you’ll still want to worship my luscious legs.

My pantyhose come off so easily…

With pantyhose, I think they only slow things down. I’m thinking on the off-chance my new chastity slut pops in for a visit. It’s so much easier to just peel off that layer of nylon until it’s just under my asscheeks allowing for easy access to my slick, wet goods. Or he might just give them a quick rip before burying his face where it belongs, all for the purpose of my pleasure.

All-in-all it’s been a good week. I just love those legal types and they love me as well. I think it’s because I’m about the only woman outside of the actual profession that can go toe-to-toe with them even on a bad day. In the meantime, I’ll just keep enticing powerful men with those lovely legs of mine and making them my bitches where it counts.

It’s only natural…

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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8 comments to Sexy Silky Stockings Fetish

  • Think is Randall the guy that sent u the pictures of my tiny dick .can you send me a picture of your sexy feet

    • Alexis

      I indeed got the pic you sent. As for that pic of my feet, that’s a much more intimate photo. I might be convinced to share down the line once you become a devoted member of my man-stable. In the meantime you just keep fantasizing about kissing and licking my toes.

  • slave boy

    I have always preferred my Mistress in nylons a garter and panties. That visual excites me the most. It is also the reason You were able to lock me down soooo easily. I know it was my only chance of ever tasting the nectar of my Exquisite Goddess.

    slave boy

    • Alexis

      Trust me when I say that wearing them excites me just as much as you getting to see me in them. It’s good to feel sexy, soft, and feminine yet so unmistakably strong.

  • slave boy

    Goddess, I like to wrap the exposed skin of Your property in a short potion of a used nylon stocking after O/our lock down sessions. That helps protect Your delicate balls from chafing.

    • Alexis

      And that is something you had to learn with time during your journey as my chastity pet. Thankfully it has served us BOTH well in the long run and my property is doing quite well.

  • Mistress Alexis i just love the word Nylon!It really turns me on to hear it and the first thing i think about when i hear the word Nylon is the sexy pair of Pink tigh high nylons i have to go along with my Pink and Black Garter Belt,Pink Thong Panties and my brand new beautiful Pink w/ Balck Trim Ruffled Baby Doll Nightie!

    It feels so nice and smooth on me and it really turns me on to wear it all for Beautiful Goddesses like yourself! 🙂

    And i won’t stop there with getting dressed either!I also have a long Brown Haired Wig to wear to be the Beautiful Brunett i ahve alsways dreamed of being!

    Then the extra added bonus is the Red Lip Stick,Plum Berry Blush along with Purple Eye Shadow and lets not forget about the Cream clored Foundation also! 🙂

    I am turning out to be a real Gurly Gurl! 😉

    • Alexis

      I bet you just couldn’t stay away once you saw the words silky sexy nylons. I can’t blame you. There really is something about that smooth sleek material and the way they make you feel so feminine and sweet. You probably spend all day in those stockings and garters don’t you?

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