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Schedule 2017

Me and schedules are a funny thing. We have admittedly never quite hit it off, but there are times when we do meet in the middle. Due to the nature of my work, it is almost impossible to follow a timetable to the letter. For example, if I am scheduled for time away, but I find myself engaged in a 5 hour play-session, then that will alter things a bit for you, for me, and for everyone, but oh how I do try. This is a live document and it is updated frequently as needed.

All times are approximate and based on EST:

As of 1/12/18, I will most likely be found between:






Friday:    5pm to 10pm EST


I may be available outside of these scheduled hours as time and energy permit. Sometimes my arousal meter is off the charts and I cannot help that. I am but a woman in love with life and fun and the pussy wants what it wants. I shall not be denied.

 Appointment Policy: Appointments will be taken on a case-by-case basis during the times OUTSIDE of my regularly scheduled availability. During scheduled hours it is first come first served (i.e. he who pays first, plays first) in the interest of complete fairness.  There is a 30 minute minimum for scheduled calls/sessions of this type.