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Panty Boy: Your Secret Is Unsafe

One of my regular habits is sitting in my office and thinking about all the men who wear panties out there. It’s always the ones you least expect. It could be your mailman, your doctor, even your friendly neighborhood garbage man. Just know this, panty boy. If I catch you, your secret is very unsafe with me.

You’ve been wearing panties under your male clothes

How would you like to be exposed? Oh, you know what I mean. How would you feel if I were to tell your friends, family, and co-workers about your dirty little pastime? Are you sure they won’t believe me? Even if I have pictures? Because I do. And they’re the really good pics of you in all those slutty poses. So that’s the real reason you’re on the Victoria’s Secret catalog list. I’m sure you’re girlfriend would love to hear your panty boy confessions.

Panty Boy Phonesex with Ms Alexis 800-601-6975

Even a panty boy like you has options

It doesn’t have to go down that route though. There are some actions you can take to make me back down. For starters you can be my new panty slave. That means you get to strip down to those panties you love so much and do my bidding. It might mean fetching me drinks, massaging and kissing my feet, or any number of things. As a rewarrd for good behavior, I’ll let you pick-a-pair from my collection. That way you won’t have to contemplate becoming a panty thief anymore. Then you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing I’m always right there with you, no matter how hard you try and hide that dirty little secret!

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6 comments to Panty Boy: Your Secret Is Unsafe

  • Petey cream puff

    I admitted this to my masseuse. That and wearing women’s clothes/dresses/bras. She even measured and fitted in one. She knows all my secrets and can expose me anytime she wants. Though she’s married I am her cream puff who has her nails dug into me. She’s had me try on my dresses/lipsticks/always sprays me in perfunes/lotions every massage and I always smell girlish. I’ve been going to her for 2 years and this is relationship that isn’t ending anytime soon as she’s taken control on what I can spend. I’m in female lead relationship with her in charge of me.

    • Alexis

      Oh, I bet that masseuse has those nails dug in both literally and figuratively, Petra. She’s just holding on to those juicy tidbits until she has a reason to use them against you. Then you’ll really become a sissy slave.

  • princess

    Oh my! Great post! Why do i find the idea of exposure humiliating but ….Exciting! Not to mention the thrill of serving as a panty slave!!!

    • Alexis

      Hiya princess,

      I think there are many reasons why nakedness and exposure can be a turn on. I would say there’s definitely a freeing aspect about it in a society where everything is encouraged to be so hidden. Or maybe you just need to walk on the wild side!

  • Sissy Missy

    Yes, I have been a naughty little panty-boy sissy for a long time. My two-inch she-rection is just so perfect for panties, whether its boyshorts, classic nylon briefs, or delicious cheerleader styles. And for extra long (or extra aroused days in the office), there’s the wonderful Depends for Women Silhouette briefs as first brought to my attention in an incredible TV commercial by dancer Cheryl Burke. Ahhhh. Just as lovely, I admire the office women in their tight pencil skirts, where I often swoon at the sight of their panty lines, or their shorter skirts, where I can see an occasional glimpse of their panties, and wish it were me. And, a couple of office women are recreational tennis players, so it is always exciting to see them bend over in their short tennis skirts and flash their panties, of course, knowing all along that some man some where is looking. Oh yes, I am so sexually frustrated and needy, closeted and effeminate, always desperate to be sexy, gorgeous and vulnerable like the secretaries. I am totally in love with all the touching and eyeballs I see as they walk around; it is so hot to be in panties just like them. And of course, my mistress just knows the truth, the total truth about me and my panties.

    • Alexis

      The total truth, Rick-ay, is that you and your she-rection are on full tilt just reading these words right now. I know you’re wondering, “Will she expose me? Will she make me her bitch right here in front of the Internet audience?” Well, we’ll just see about that, now won’t we?

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