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Mistress, Dominate Me!

Goddess Alexis Hot Phone SexHow do you normally sit when you are talking on the phone? I’ll bet it’s upright in a relatively comfy chair, perhaps with your leg crossed, ankle-to-knee. But do you know how to sit properly when you are on the phone with me? No? Well let me help you with that…

On your knees, bitch! This is domination phone sex!

Oh, I’m sorry. Maybe that was a bit rude. That is what you get when you tangle with me though. Most days I’m as sweet as a honeypot, but when you cross me you had better watch your junk, because  when my hand meets your balls it is not going to be pretty. Balls are made for squeezing. Did you know that? I suppose I should have mentioned that ballbusting is also one of my favorite hobbies. It’s about time you developed a new interest of your own. I’m thinking ass worship would be a great fit for you.

I always thought you were a big ass-kisser!

You’ve got those damn pouty fish-lips that are always secretly whispering their love of my perfect Mistress ass. You may not always detect their behavior but they do. Just imagine those ripe, round cheeks covered in a layer of latex or vinyl. I can just hear your mouth on them now as I grab your head and shove it against my big, beautiful butt cheeks. The sounds of your pleading are like music to my ears. Just pray that I don’t sit on your face, or things could really get out of hand.

There’s a place for you in Captivity Hell…

And you, my pet, are the submissive male captive of my fantasies. That’s right! Mistresses have fantasies too, and I cannot wait to restrain you, naked, against my special bench where I will tease and torment you endlessly, leaving you sweaty, hard, and breathless. If you’re really bad, though, I might have to break out my strap-on and teach you a lesson that you will never forget. Just promise me one thing:

…you’ll scream if it feels good…

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex


8 comments to Mistress, Dominate Me!

  • jan

    Respected Mistress I very Like Biting you bite me on my hand you like the biting

  • billybravo

    As long as this does not involve epoxy resin doming of any of my special parts…I’m game for any domination you may have up your evil sleeve that will please you! I will definitely bring my knee pads and pre-practice my oxygen depravation skills before our next call so that I may be free to worship you in any way you desire. I can’t wait for the next twisted turn your devious mind will conjure up to sensually torture my desires.

    Have an awesome humpy day!


  • coffeeboy

    mmmm……Ms. Alexis i can’t imagine having the capacity to resist the vision of Your cheeks in shiny material. i’d be reduced to mindless worshipful adoration in no time at all.

  • Goddess Alexis were you reading my mind? The whole idea, and you know I am always on my knees when speaking with you. I want to be just bad enough to get your strapon by not so bad as to realize your wrath.

  • PB

    This would be a fantasy cum true…and yes, I am screaming with delight 🙂

  • shy bitch

    My balls would automatically become your property, as would i.

  • piercedjohn

    ‘balls are make for squeezing’ omg, that is so true~

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