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Have You Met Mistress Marlowe?

The Adventures of Alexis and Marlowe

I’ve been getting a lot of reports lately that there’s a new gal on the block who has been getting a LOT of attention. She’s a sultry brunette with a gorgeous frame and a voice like melted butter. In fact, many have said that she could pass for my younger sibling. Though I’m a bit more on the voluptuous side, I’d have to agree. If I had to paint a portrait of us, I would say that while I’m more Chanel and city-bound, Ms Marlowe could be pegged as the spunky adventurous one. Always looking for new adventures in her jeep, unafraid to travel the world on the hunt for the latest thrill.

As for our looks, we do share many similarities. And since I consider myself to be incredibly hot, it stands to reason that she would easily fit into that same category. So what’s your take on it? Are we luscious enough to take on together? If you’re a fan of two-Mistress calls, or are considering one, then this might be the very thing to push you over the edge. Just don’t wait too long or your cock will never forgive you.

6 comments to Have You Met Mistress Marlowe?

  • Ms. A, what a hot duo you both make. The only question is, can they handle it? Hummm boy’s. Think you can edge for these two sexy ladies for 15,20 or 30 min? I bet you can’t! You know you want to try, though! Go on, you know you need this challenge! Give it a go stroker boi!

  • Wow Ms Alexis, the both of you can definitely be sisters. Both of you very hot. Certainly hunting for cock in place of big game is her strong point. She has a body that climbs canyons, and your body I see in a spa and strutting down 5th Avenue for a new hat. A three Mistress call is in order. I can’t wait!

  • I agree with Ms. Cassandra! I didn’t notice resemblance until you mentioned it, but OMG how hot the two of you are! I’m not sure our naughty boys could take both of you at once, much less a threesome with Ms. Cassandra! That would definitely be a blog-worthy event. Let us know how it goes!

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