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Male Chastity: Why I’m a Fan

Male Chastity Phonesex MistressI’m a really big fan of male chastity. Why? That’s simple. Most men don’t know how to control their dicks and being in chastity is a good way to do that for them. I get calls for this fetish quite frequently and those calls are made for various reasons.

So many reasons to lock up your cock

One reason men call me for male chastity fantasies is that they are just curious about it. They seem to think it’s all fun and games (well, it IS for me) and once they are all locked up, they almost always immediately regret it when they find out that they are one hundred percent under my control. But there ARE the guys who are surprised to find out that they like being controlled.

In addition to the guys who are surprised that they like to be under a woman’s control, there are the ones who are already well aware of their need to be controlled. They call me knowing full well that they are going to be giving up all of their control to me and they like it. They crave it. They need it.

Come to me for male chastity…

There are men out there, though, that need male chastity and they don’t even realize it. Those men are the ones who have an addiction to masturbation. If you’re not sure you have that particular addiction, listen up. Do you find yourself masturbating as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed, even if you have a girlfriend or wife? Do you sometimes find yourself in the bathroom watching porn on your phone even though your wife is in the next room? Do you go into the bathroom and jerk off at work every day?

If you answered yes to those, then I am talking to you and you are in dire need of male chastity. Call me and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do. As you can see, the reasons why I love male chastity are plenty, but my favorite is, of course, your devotion.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

23 comments to Male Chastity: Why I’m a Fan

  • You have gotten into the head of the chronic masturbator, Ms. Alexis. Not a pretty sight, right? lol. But I know you have got a handle it on it. Yep. Chastity is the way to go. Makes a stroker boy turn the page real quick. hehe

    • Alexis

      You’re right. That’s not someplace I wanna be, lol. It’s a little too cramped in there with all those thoughts of “Gotta touch it now gotta touch it now.”

  • Ms. Alexis, what a great post, so nicely summing up the merits of male chastity. This is a perfect read for those guys who are well aware that their masturbatory habits are excessive, yet they offer those “…But I just can’t help it” or “I’ve tried, but I just can’t stop” reasons.

    Fortunately, these men who lack the control they need can find it from you, a woman who knows the value of the practical control of chastity itself AND derives genuine pleasure from being the ultimate source of control of the overall experience.

    • Alexis

      *Giggle* “They’ve tried.” Oh I bet they have. That usually means they’ve managed to last until bedtime before they pull out those cocks and start wanking. That’s exactly why they need to be under Mistress control.

  • Oh Mistress Alexis, what a FANTASTIC BLOG!!

    I also LOVE chastity, and do agree with you that so many men truly DESERVE to be locked up! There really are so many reasons to lock a man up and teach him about cock control! So many men NEED chastity and are stuck in their bad habits, completely unaware!

    You have opened eyes!

    Ms. Delia

    • Alexis

      Thank you for that most positive comment, Ms Delia. I really do my best when I can. I feel we really do a great service to the men of the world by teaching them all about male chastity and why it’s a necessity.

  • Petey cream puff

    I think chastity is hot as well!!! Love how all of you can do this to guys!!! I know Ms Violet wants to get me on chastity program. I’m tempted if there’s feminization and release involved.

    • Alexis

      You do?!!! Does Mistress Mandy have you on lockdown? If not, she should.

      • Petey cream puff

        Not yet she doesn’t have on chastity. It’s been almost year since I last called her but after 2 calls she’s taken control of my feminization with Ms Cindy & Ms Violet. Even Ms Erika as well. Since I came out of closet my massuse invited me over to her place, she said to come dressed up bring my lipsticks. Once there she ordered me in bathroom to apply which I did. They had orange shade and she said my completion had something to do with this. She gave me one of her shades and it was bit better. She said I needed a burgundy/red shade. Once I had shade on she had me model purses she gave me. The in was pink Michael kor shoulder strap which she said matched my bra/panty/women’s scarf/off white turtle neck sweater with my leggings. I had ankle boots on but she told me I need to wear knee high boots with leggings and women’s slacks with ankle boots. Once I was done modeling purses she took me in bathroom and sprayed me in Ralph Lauren midnight/passion perfumes/lotions of same kind. I told her with being dressed up with purse/lipstick/perfume/lotion I look and smell likes girl. She said this is what I wanted and I agreed/did what she said and asked of me. We are going to go out of town this Friday for shopping and she wants me to wear my leggings/knee high boots/women’s scarf/turtleneck sweater with my bra/panty/matching pink purse. She said she wants me to buy women’s slacks/halter tops/lipsticks/turtle neck sweater/perfumes/lotion and have me get makeover done to me. With her inviting me to her place she has taken control and made me her cream puff purse lipstick sissy. Now that I told her I want women to make me a women I’m in long term/life time relationship with her especially now that I’m doing 3x week 2 hour massages/monthly waxings. She can expose me anytime she wants so I’ve no choice to do what she says. I’m really her cream puff sissy! I’m so glad she’s into doing this as it what I always wanted.

  • Ms Alexis,

    All very good points! What is fascinating is the change in mindset for your chastity pet! All too often, even if living a sub lifestyle, a man’s mind drifts to his pleasure, his satisfaction. Men are weak minded when it comes to their sexual satisfaction and given the time and privacy, you know you subs cheat, and orgasm without permission!

    True commitment to your Mistress, and to your ultimate goal is getting locked up.

    Once in chastity he can think about his sexual pleasure, but is powerless to change his circumstances HIMSELF. The male mind then is retrained to concentrate only on our pleasure, in the bedroom and out. True devotion, dedication and subservience can now be achieved.

    • Alexis

      Those male urges can be strong, can’t they? That’s why I love love love those time-lock safe devices. They’re a great way to slowly wrest power from your chastity sub and get him used to his future.

      • tiny tim

        Hi Goddess Alexis,Great post. I was wondering what a time-lock safe devices is?

        • Alexis

          I’m glad you asked, tiny tim! A time-lock safe is a device in which you put an object, let’s say your cock cage keys for instance. You set a pre-determined about time like 10 minutes or 72 hours. The safe is closed and it cannot be opened again until that amount of time passes. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

  • tiny tim

    Hi Goddess Alexis, I was wondering for how long would you lock up a chronic masturbator in a chastity device for? Would it be permanently for someone that masturbates 2 or 3 times a day?

    • Alexis

      I am a huge proponent of permanent lockdown. However, I like to work my way up to it. The sub really needs to be acclimated to his new world order.

  • “Most men don’t know how to control their dicks…” lol… that is too damn true Ms Alexis, lol… I love chastity too, so I totally understand you there. I think the ones who are simply curious about male chastity are a lot of fun. Because they start out just asking questions and the next thing they know, they’re locked up and begging for release… and then they wonder how they got there, lol….right!

  • I respect that You understand HOW strong those male urges are! I wish You would tease me by wresting my power away from myself as I accept my new future.

    I am unable to change my circumstances myself.

    I wish I could learn devotion to You.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I finger my self like a girl like maybe every 2 months pulled 2 a jerk off once in 6 years. Virtually in chastity without. Lock?

    • Alexis

      I suppose you could look at it that way, but in this case, chastity is something you are mindfully choosing for yourself or something your Mistress has chosen for you.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I don’t have a Mistress.And your right i have mindfully chose it? Or my life is so dull sex wise ?no opportunities or abstinence?i suppose if some one gave me an opportunity i couldn’t resist!

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Mistress Christine my concern about chastity is medical torn flesh then infection. I do own a pink locking leather penis retraint.I got sore head of clitty going commando

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