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Doing a Cuckold’s Duty

Femdom Mistress AlexisYou knew what you were signing up for when you became a cuckold, right? Endless catering to your hotwife and her bullstud. I suppose there is a certain nobility in that. It takes a lot of stamina to keep two people happy, let alone just one demanding wife.

Oh, that’s right. You didn’t sign up to be a cuckold, did you? It all just kind of happened once your wife realized that was the only way you’d be of any value to her. You’re the man who buys her things, but he’s the man who makes her cum.

Cuckolds have hard times and limp dicks…

That may not be true of every cuckold. There may be many out there who can get it up just fine. If you have a small dick, however, then the only thing I’ll find impressive about you is how you’ve managed to be allowed to stay in the house for so long.

Cuckolds do have a common, recurring theme among them, and that is compensation. It’s no accident. If you can’t please your wife in bed, then you have to make up for it somehow.

A spoiled hotwife is a happy hotwife…

Shopping trips, spa days, and fancy dinners are just the half of it. If she’s at all like me, then you can probably count on playing the role of fluffer as well. As humiliating as it is, just focus on how wet your wife’s pussy is getting as she watches you completely degrade yourself for her amusement. You wanted to be useful, right? Then plan on being her darling cocksucker in the bedroom from here on out.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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6 comments to Doing a Cuckold’s Duty

  • aaaa

    i am your Darimg cock sucker.
    I suck ’em till they amost cum.
    then I watch em fuck You.

  • Goddess Gia

    Ms Alexis, I have had a few cuckold in my life, and i have to say that the cuckold’s that I have dealt with have been very generous, and of course the more generous he is the nice I can be! It is a fact that if you are a cuckold that can NOT satisfy your hotwife in the bedroom, you only solution is to be very generous to her and cater to her on hands and knees! Gift’s go a long way, especially if he buys you a sexy lingerie number so you can wear for your bullstud!

    • Alexis

      I could not agree more, Mistress Gia. Those cuckolds have no idea what they getting into half the time, but I’ll be damned if they don’t love it.

  • What a perfect post, Ms. Alexis – and one ALL cucks should read. Every cuckold should know from Day One that the “man” who is not providing the cock (and I mean one that can get the job done exceptionally well every time) is the “man” who is providing the money and the mouth (for fluffing, not talking). Thank you for giving those eager-to-please cucks the reminder they all need.

    • Alexis

      Thank you so much for weighing in, EmmaJane. I am always interested to know who among us Mistresses is a proponent of cuckolding, and I can certainly see which side you are on. Bravo!

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