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Cocksuckers Delight: Your New Favorite Site

Attention all cocksuckers:

If you haven’t been to the SuckPatrol site lately, you might missing out. If you already know about our awesome blog purely dedicated to the kind of kink that we all know and love, then get your ass over there. If you don’t know about The Daily Cocksucker, then you’ll want to check it out. It’s pretty much all cocksucking all the time. That’s what you wanted right?

Cocksuckers Training Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975

These are a few of my favorite posts over there (including one by me. biased much? Oh yeah):

Coerced Cock Sucking and Cum Eatingby Ms Piper – For the discriminating man who isn’ t satisfied with just licking the stick. He wants the whole dirty shebang, and hopefully down his throat!

Ms Rachel presents: Suck Cock For Me Like a Fleshlight – Think you know everything there is to know about technique? Cocksuckers everywhere can benefit from Mistress Rachel’s knowledge on the topic.

What’s Your Cocksucking Fantasy?by Ms Alexis – I think the name really says it all. So what’s your fantasy? Head on over there and share your thoughts in the comments box!

So there you have it. These are some of my all-time favorite posts, but believe me when I say there are HUNDREDS of posts for you to comb through. I know. I get excited just thinking about it too. All you need to do is take a deep breath, click each link slowly, and start stroking as your head is filled with so many naughty ideas. But don’t stroke TOO fast. Remember there are tons of articles to comb through, so pace yourself. If you find that you are losing control quicker than you  thought, then please call one of our cock control experts to straighten you out. I highly recommend the authors mentioned in this article. Happy hand-humping!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

19 comments to Cocksuckers Delight: Your New Favorite Site

  • You and the ladies mentioned really know about cock control, cocksucking, and making a bi-boy’s dreams cum true! no I want in on the fun and plan to join you ladies for some bi-boy experiences. True enough hundreds of posts to comb through, and I think I will get busy doing so and blogging so 🙂

  • I couldn’t agree with Ms. Cassandra more! All those bottom bitches will be in their pole smoking glory! We really have a lot to offer the bi-curious stroker slut, don’t we? I think the best is when we gang up on them together. Nothing like two or more Mistresses ganging up on a little bi boy toy 🙂

  • Yayyyy! Thanks for the shout-out Ms. Alexis! I agree that The Daily Cocksucker is one of the Empire’s best-kept secrets. Nasty cocksucking boys everywhere should cruise that blog and get their spank bank fix! 😉

    • Alexis

      Damn right! It’s a treasure trove of cocksucking wonder. Not to mention it’s a great place to find even more articles written by the LDW Mistress Elite.

  • Padded Bra

    What’s wrong with you people? That’s just gross!!!

  • Wow! One of MY posts is among your all-time favorites? That is extremely flattering, My dear! Thank you!

    I love cocksuckers, training them, getting My voyeuristic itch scratched while watching them, humiliating them, and encouraging them, so I can only agree with you that Suck Patrol is a definite destination in the LDW Empire! You’ve got plenty of sexy and scintillating posts there yourself!

  • OMG Ms Alexis …. cock sucking must be in the air (so to speak) I just did a blog about a guy who asks if wanting to suck cock means he’s gay … now I’m going to write him back and send him these links as well. We’ll have to rename october to COCK-tober.

    • Alexis

      Thanks Ms Olivia. I hope he found the links helpful. Of course now that Cocktober is over, I’m looking forward to Black Cock Friday this NOvember.

  • Empress Rayne

    Awesome post Ms Alexis! Hard to believe any slut with his mouth watering for cock hasn’t discovered this wealth of resources and hard-on inspiring articles. These articles are excellent selections to be highlighted…they offer great info!

    • Alexis

      Well considering how many guys are just discovering LDW every day, it helps to have a little reminder out there. I’m sure they appreciate it!

  • Roy Powell. jr

    i would rather have you beautiful women in person suck my cock and then afterward spoil you , more ways than one . i love an good ckck sucker. as wife

  • sissy donna

    i want to thank all You Mistresses that help us males to become better cocksuckers,and especially learn to love to eat cum!! mmmmm!

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    Ms Alexis, great post and thank you for sharing. I must admit, that while my primary masturbation joy started with guided masturbation (and of course then being watched), that overtime when mistress has my cock rock hard and throbbing my calls have gradually transformed to include other fantasies and role plays. Darker, kinkier, sluttier things I can’t help but want to do for mistress. I find I just can’t help myself when my mind becomes mush and mistress has me begging and pleading and gets me to utter those magic words – “I will do anything if you let me stroke….if you let cum”. And yes, I will confess, that many of my calls…who am I kidding…most of my calls these days ultimately result in the mistress getting me so horny that I will eagerly suck cock for her just so tat I can stroke my cock. And yes, I get harder when she makes me do it. I will also confess that I have enjoyed more of these types of cock sucking calls than I care to admit, not only with you Mistress Alexis, but with the lovely mistresses you point out above (Ms Piper and Ms Rachel).

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