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What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?

As a special treat, I have written up a piece for those of you who are self-professed or even closeted fans of coached cocksucking. You have probably been aware of your insatiable need and desire for cock, but have you ever taken a moment to think deeply about what your preferences as a cocksucker say about you?

I am frequently asked, “If I like to suck cock, does that make me a sissy slut?” or “I like cock but for some reason the itty-bitty dicks just don’t do it for me. What do you think that means?”

It is my hope that this coached cocksucking article will bring a bit of dick sucking enlightenment to your world! Remember, comments are always welcome and encouraged as I love to respond! Let me help to decipher those deep dick fantasies right here.


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