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Chronic Masturbation Therapy Sessions

Chronic Masturbation Phone SexBad habits.

We ALL have them, and they run the gamut from not being able to leave that last piece of pie alone to chain dragging on those cigarettes. They feel so good though. And that is the real problem. Why is it that all the good stuff is so bad for us? Take masturbation for example. The act itself isn’t bad, but a few of you out there have a problem. You’re constantly thinking about it and doing it countless times each day. Again, the problem is not in masturbation but it’s a question of control.

Can you stop the constant masturbation?

If just reading that statement made you want to ball up your fists and cry, then you, my dear, need help. Luckily for you, I make a fantastic fantasy therapist. Let me guide you deeper into your issues so that we can untangle them and sort them out together. You do want to be a better man, don’t you? I’m sure all of that jerking off is wreaking major havoc with your stamina, and therefore making you a major disappointment with the ladies. You do want to be a better man, don’t you? Orgasm edging training could be just what you need.

Calling all candidates for chronic masturbation therapy…

Step into my comfy office, won’t you? I’ll try not to be too distracting what with my breasts half on display and that wicked smile that seems to have a hard time staying put as you relay your problems to me. I can also investigate to see if your issues are compound. You may actually have small penis issues as well. Though we will only truly find out once we get a chance to speak.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Let my wickedness compel you to click here NOW.

11 comments to Chronic Masturbation Therapy Sessions

  • jim?

    Is it really true that poorly endowed men masturbate more?

    • Alexis

      I can only go by what my submissives have reported to me, but yes, that seems to be the general consensus. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. Little-dicked men aren’t exactly prime targets for sex partners so, gotta keep it busy one way or another.

  • Petra

    I’ve become chronic stroker. With mistresses keeping me in bra/panty/slip/as well with smooth,soft, hairless skin along with press on nails. The soft silky satin fabric make my cock hard but they said if I cum I have to stay dressed like this. I did make mess. Ms Delia said my cock is to small and needs to be put in chastity. Ms Melanie also agreed. Ms Audrey/MsCindy have me dressed like this all the time and said there’s no turning back as they put additives in my food to give me girlish body/c cup breasts. Ms Violet said I’ve been freely stroking for 5 years and that needs to stop and have you with them control my cock and that means chastity 🙁 I don’t want to be dressed like this and locked up:( but they will dump me throw me out and tell everyone I’m sissy girl. I can’t afford that. 🙁

    • Alexis

      Stroking will be a thing of the past for you. You will learn to masturbate like a female. Your clit will shrink down to almost nothing, and you will be the cutest sissy gurl walking!

  • Mistress Amber

    You just have one of those soothing voices, and I have no doubt that people spill all their secrets! I know I might tell a few of my deepest and darkest if I was on your therapist couch. Lol
    But chronic masturbators….talk about a serious addiction! You know they’re sneaking it whenever they can. Those dirty strokers need to come clean, though. You hear me, people? The Dr. is IN.

    • Alexis

      Mistress Amber, I think you would make a great assistant to have around during my therapy sessions. Sometimes the exercises require a third party to really make sure the patient gets the most out of it. Chronic masturbation is a serious condition, but between the two of us I think we can get many of these guys back on track.

  • Ms. Alexis, if you can indeed help these chronic masturbators, you deserve an award! I’m not sure your victims–er, clients–will be able to resist playing pocket pool while your ample breasts heave out of your blouse and you accidentally *on purpose* lean over to pick something up in front of your patient. But I suppose if anyone can cure them of their obsessive jerking, it would be you 🙂

    • Alexis

      Sometimes it isn’t about the cure at all. I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking. Of course curing any problem would be great, but sometimes just learning to manage it well can be life changing. I’m sure these chronic jerkoff sluts would find even the tiniest bit of relief quite fulfilling.

      • You do have a point there, Ms. Alexis. I’m sure your positive thinking helps your “chronic jerkoff sluts” feel a lot better. Having spoken to several myself, they often do worry that their masturbation will take over their lives. For some it already has! It is true that focusing on serving a mistress and pleasing her can get their minds off their hard ons long enough to get something done each day.

  • Mistress Alexis, Is there also help for a Demon Mistress such as Myself? I find that I hunger to touch myself five or six times a day minimum. My sexual appetites overwhelm both My slave and My husband. I find that I must go outside of My marriage and sleep with as many guys that find me attractive. I call Myself a succubus because I quite literally can’t help but to feed on a man’s seed. It does not matter if I am dominated or I am dominating him. I just ache for that sexual diversion. Do you think I need help Mistress? Love, Simone. (By the way, have I ever mentioned how much I’d love to stick my face between your legs?)

    • Alexis


      Just know that you are not alone. There are many women out there with insatiable appetites. For you I might suggest something known as cuckolding therapy. From what you describe you are already off to a great start! That is certainly one way to stave off the cravings for as long as possible. As for the comment about your face between my legs I think it would be VERY beneficial for you to book an appointment to see me in my office as soon as you can. Contact my assistant, Mistress Amber, for an appointment.

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