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CFNM: Just Maid to Obey

CFNM Phone Sex with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975Did you know that women think you’re cute? I believe the term I’m looking for is adorable. It’s the kind of cute that makes a woman just want to have her way with you, especially when that woman is used to being in a position of power. What? Are you surprised to learn this? Well, of course you are. You had no idea that you were being considered as a prime CFNM candidate all along.

Naked Male Slaves Are Always in Demand

Face it. Beautiful women deserve to be served whether they are in a position of power or not. Take your sexy maid for example. You’ve spent weeks studying her form in that tight body-hugging uniform. Thoughts of throwing her down on the coffee table and giving it a good body-buff have been filling your dreams and fantasies almost every night, but something has been missing from these thoughts.

CFNM Begins at Home

You see, you’re actually used to being in charge, so it would actually turn you on more to have that maid turn the tables on YOU. You are going to be the one made to strip down to nothing. You are going to be the one barking on his hands and knees just for the slightest glimpse of those lacy panties between her thighs. SHE is in charge now, and you’re about to learn what it means to wear the leash from now on.

You’d better hope she doesn’t leave you with blue balls.



9 comments to CFNM: Just Maid to Obey

  • Petey cream puff

    Cfnm is hot!!! Especially when I only male amongst hot mistresses!! I know wearing bra/panty/giving me makeover/arching my eyebrows/applying lipstick on my lips as well putting long black wig on me would be part of this. If I cum(which I would) I would have to stay this way all the time as you would have pictures of me and will hit send if I don’t obey.

    Ps Ms Erika/Ms Delia/Ms Olivia & Ms Fiona have put me in chastity until Halloween and said if I make it the rewards will be awesome and they will take me on shopping spree in second life. I said I would do this. They finally have control of my cock and I’m their cream puff chastity girl. I finally have my spending under control and I’ll be calling on regular basis.

    • Alexis

      So Petra, did you survive your Halloween chastity challenge?

      • Petey cream puff

        I did survive the Halloween chastity challenge. I hope they will grant me release then I’m sure they will lock me up. Have feeling ill be in chastity for long long long time. Ms Erika did blog about me on her page. Check it out.

  • Owen

    I am not sure about the nakedness but I have long had a very odd sort of need or desire. Basically the best I can describe this is that I want to do house cleaning, errands, shopping and chores for a female. There is very few if any places I can be open about this in my life. I think most people would not understand how a guy can need to work for a female like this and how that can be satisfying. I think many would think this is crazy.

    • Alexis

      Believe me, Owen, there is no shortage of what people think is crazy. If people held up magnifying glasses to each others’ lives, most would be horrified at what they discovered of “regular, everyday people.” A need is a need, and if you are fortunate enough to find a woman to spoil on a short term or ongoing basis, then run with it. It’s nobody’s business but your own. And if you’d like to play out the fantasy in a virtual sense, you know, just to take the edge off, then I am always open to doing a session with you.

  • Ms Alexis, you got it so right with this blog. It’s always the other side of the coin that deserves the greatest examination as it is the side our pets typically are most afraid of and simultaneously what turns them on the most.

    • Alexis

      There is more than one way to face your fears and in a sexual context that can be quite exhilarating. As long as you’ve got a play partner that you can trust, you can’t go wrong.

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