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CBT Fetish As In CBT You Later

CBT phonesex with Alexis 800-601-6975You saw the word CBT and sat right up, didn’t you? You filthy thing. You’re not just any guy with a fetish. You’re a special kind of nasty. You’re a pain slut pure and simple. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a chance to really put you in your place. It’s kind of funny. I want to punish you for being such a lowlife, but you want me to punish you for the exact same reason. You want to be confronted by a woman who has the balls to GRAB YOU BY THE BALLS and never let go.

There are lots of reasons why CBT sluts exist. They probably feel like scum for leering at women’s bodies all the time without them knowing it. Or maybe they feel bad for being so hard on all their female employees at work. Ever use that “locker room talk” around your buddies and felt bad about it afterward? Yeah, I’ve got the medicine for what ails you.

So shall I tie you to the wall and kick you in the balls? Or would you rather I totally manhandled you and bent you over that executive desk? Guess what happens then! Yup, you guessed it. It’s gonna be a flogger to that dick of yours. Once you’re sputtering and in tears because your junk has turned black and blue, that’s about the time I’ll decide to go for a ride. Think it’ll be all about your pleasure? Hahaha. You’ll probably never want sex again after that.

So if your behavior has been anything but good lately, just prepare to be dick-stomped because cock abuse is one of my little known specialties.

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