Anal Slut Gets the Strap-on

Alexis Phonesex Big Natural BreastsI get asked a lot about the men in my personal life, and let me just say that it is a full one indeed. Mistress keeps a bevy of boyfriends, slaves, and sissy bitches in her back pocket, all for various reasons. One who is near and dear to me in particular enjoys special privileges. I will refer to him as Vac. Why? Because he is a raving pussy addict that never loses suction like a high-end vacuum. He is also a devoted chastity pet, but every now and then I loan him out to other women.

You remember how Cinderella was promised she could go to the ball as long as she finished all her chores? Well Vac has a hefty Mistress workload, but he never complains when its time to roll up the sleeves and chow down on it. He’s no stranger to anal sex and prostate massage. One of my greatest pleasures is sliding in that Aneros while he licks me up into a frenzy.

Anal Slut gets the green light first…

Vac is soooooooooo excited. If he had a tail it would be wagging. That’s because Mistress has unlocked his cage for a playdate with someone very special. I’ve been getting him worked up and keeping him denied all week just to make sure that she will have a nice full set of balls coming her way. The only time Vac is allowed to cum is after he has serviced a beautiful, deserving woman to the fullest. Oftentimes this can mean several hours of non-stop pleasure and multiple orgasms before he is allowed to shoot his load.

In this case, it also means being humped and pumped by his special lady and her strap-on. I like to think of these moments as opportunities for subby growth, and what better way to teach humility and submission than at the hand of a strap-on Femdom?

Maximum StrapOn fun…

It drives me crazy to think of what Vac is doing with another woman but only in the best way possible. It’s kind of like what a cuckold feels when his hotwife is at play. I lie in bed or on my sofa imagining what they are doing together. Then my hands will inevitably start to touch and tease my breasts or my clitty. Is he satisfying her? oh, he must be! Vac is very attuned to the needs of a woman. The more I think about it, the more it gets me right on the edge of exploding!

All I can think about is when he will return to me, totally spent and yet still needing to please me. Overwhelmed by countless anal pleasures and yet his hungry hole still cries out for more. I doubt I will ever tire of training this one for sure.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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When Humiliation Turns You On

Femdom Mistress AlexisYou’re so cute when you grunt. You probably didn’t think I noticed that. That adorable little sound you make whenever I walk past your desk with my nose in the air. It’s a total reflex move straight out of the caveman days. Do I think I’m better than you? You’re damn right I do. I’m a high-powered member of the executive flock while you’re just a lowly desk-jockey. Not to mention I’ve got some¬†killer curves. Those pre-lunch workouts have been doing a body good.

You’re ashamed of the way I make you feel…

You’re angry. You hate that my mere presence makes you both humiliated and excited at the same time, but it’s true. It makes you want to grab me, bend me over that sad little desk and give me a good once over. But you know the truth. You could try to overpower me but even if you succeeded it wouldn’t make much difference. I wouldn’t even feel it.

You couldn’t possibly expect to get the job done with your small penis. Even in your fantasies you fail at seducing me over and over again yet somehow you still end up so impossibly hard. Today you thought you saw a glimpse of the tops of my stockings when I slid off of your partner’s desk. Curiosity can be such a motivator.

Humiliation breeds resentment and erections!

That’s why you waited until my assistant was gone and you snuck into my office. Hiding in the closet seemed like such a good plan. It gave you the perfect chance to watch me as I returned from my post-workout shower in need of fresh attire. Watching me undo each one of those buttons, revealing more of those incredible breasts. Seeing that skirt fall to the floor around my feet as I step gingerly to the left. Slowly starting to panic as I make my way toward the closet.

Whatever will you do if you happen to be caught in the act? Oh I can think of a few things, and I just might tell them to you during our next phone session.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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In Need of Cuckold

Alexis Phonesex Big Natural BreastsNow that isn’t a statement you hear every day. How many women would claim to need a cuckold? Not many that I can think of. Some of us just have cuckolds foisted upon us out of the blue and that’s just fine. My first cuckold scenario was like that.

We met while I was out on a shopping trip. He offered to pay for my things. I was flattered but I declined. He insisted. I gave in. The rest is history. I didn’t even know what type of cuckold he was at the time.

Missing my personal cuckold…

That was several years ago and life has since brought distance between us. That doesn’t mean he is not missed. I loved our little shopping trips while he was locked away in his cock cage. It was fun to try on sexy outfits, knowing that the more I pushed the more he wanted to ravage me…but couldn’t.

It’s fun having all of the power in the room. Getting my cuckold so turned on to the point of insanity. Who wouldn’t want to be adored like that? To be spoiled like that? Well I do. I’m wondering how many cuckolds out there are finding themselves in need of a Mistress to fill the void in their kinky world.

Every cuckold needs a hotwife…

You are no exception. I bet you’re getting all tingly as you read this. I’m doing the same as I write each word. My ideal cuckold would be open-minded with deep pockets. Someone who could deal with me laughing at his inadequacies while being satisfied by my big, beefy bullstud on a regular basis. If that’s you, then I think we just might be due to connect on a call. I get so wet just thinking about it.


The hotwife of your deepest fantasies, Alexis

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Prostate Milking in Chastity

Alexis Strict Mistress

Being a male chastity submissive can be a tough play. It certainly has its demanding moments. I especially feel for those subs who are owned by a Mistress who is very big on cockteasing and frequent stroking assignments. As if being locked away weren’t hard enough, just the thought of being allowed to take it out, only to put it right back in its cage again must be pure torment.

What is a chastity slave to do?

All that denial is bound to lead to suffering. Big, full balls cry out for release. Surely there is a way to achieve relief. Ahhh, but that is where prostate milking enters the picture. It’s the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too. Let’s face it. You’re not exactly in a position to argue.

If you wish to keep Mistress happy, then you’ll have to be obedient, and that means listening when she gives you advice. Trust me when I say that no matter how heavy my demands are are you, I ALWAYS have your best interests at heart. If you agree then I suggest you bend over and prepare to take it.

So many ways to milk a prostate…

The method of choice depends solely on my mood. I might just go with the old-fashioned route of using my fingers for a much more intimate feel. Sliding them seductively inside you as I probe for that special spot. How I do love to make you squirm and whimper.

Or I suppose I could go the route of a strap-on. A much better choice for my unruly slaves. Much more intense but just as satisfying. Or maybe I’ll just stick you in the corner and watch as you work that prostate massager deep inside your hole, all the while aiming to squeeze out every last bit of fluid withOUT the thrill of orgasm to go with it.

You know what? I think I’ll go with all three. That’s the fun of Mistress prerogative.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Tease and Denial the Alexis Way

Alexis Femdom Mistress

I’m going to make this real simple for those of you who have limited experience in the way of guided masturbation and teasing. There is only one surefire way to have the absolute best guided masturbation experience, and it can all be summed up in one word: obey. Yes, it can be harsh-sounding, but there’s really only one way to play it and that’s it. You be the stroker slut and let Mistress do the guiding.

Edgeplay can be SO much fun…

Masturbation is exciting when done solo. It’s all a part of the engineering genius behind it. It only gets better when Mistress has you under cock control. That seductive voice filling your ears with such deliciosity that it makes your balls ache just thinking about it. I consider myself a natural cocktease, and I’ve got the voice to go with that.

Denial isn’t always the end result. Tease and delay can be just as fulfilling. What’s important to remember is that it’s all about riding that edge for as long as possible without knowing what the outcome may be. Concentrate less on shooting like a geyser, and more on those intense waves of physical pleasure.

Tease and denial makes cocks happy…

Who knew that a little deprivation could be a good thing? Holding back from temptation helps to teach the body and mind some interesting truths about gratification. Things always appear to have more value when they are rare. This is why fewer orgasms over time tend to mean more potent and satisfying explosions. Take it from a tease and denial expert.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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