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Phonesex and Beyond: Alexis News and Updates

Finding the Phonesex Mistress: May Update

Looking for your phonesex Femdom? If that’s the case, then my Availability Page is a good place to start looking. After a mega disrupt in my ultrasphere, it took me a bit of time to stitch things back together as goddesses are often called to do. I am now back and most excited to be here. My schedule also reflects that. Woo hoo!

It’s Masturbation May!!!

In case you haven’t heard, it’s Masturbation May. We love all the slutty months of the year but I think this one is most near and dear to the Enchantrix Empire. Lots is being done to celebrate including a writing contest! Check out Princess Andi’s blog post with all the details on how you can participate as well as what you can win.

Your Masturbation May Phonesex Mistress

 Custom Audio Inquiries

A BIG THANKS is due to my loyal custom audio customers. Things are also back on track in the audio department so if you would like to submit a script for me to record, now is the time to go for it!

That wraps up the May edition of Phonesex and Beyond! Of course I will be doing my bit to make sure all the strokers have some fun assignments this month.

XOXO to all my devoted darlings.



Cuckolding the Panty Slave

Alexis Cuckolding PhonesexA good cuckold is a giving cuckold. At the heart of every cuckold slave is the desire to please his hotwife. And he does this by being obedient and mindful of her wishes and desires. It’s the ones who do not understand this who make cuckolding difficult. Those are the ones who get sent to me for training.

Your slutwife demands more from you…

You think you really know your wife? Think again. She obviously feels that you are lacking in certain areas. And I don’t mean in the usual places. I.e. your small penis, your atrocious bedroom technique with your small penis, etc. No, in this case you are probably still shocked by the idea that you are being cuckolded and have not fully embraced the truth of things.

So as punishment you are going on a panty shopping assignment. You are going to shop for the sleaziest, sexiest pair of panties you can find for your wife to wear for her lover. And don’t be cheap either. This is not the time for that. You’re going to be spending a lot of time watching your wife’s backside, so you’d better choose something super HOT.

Cuckolding is most fun when you’re humiliated…

When you’re done choosing the perfect pair of panties for your hotwife, choose a pair for yourself. This is where the cuckold humiliation really begins. Since you’re not going to be using your sad little wee wee anyway, you might as well dress it appropriately. Pick a nice femmy pair of panties. Maybe something in pink satin. And just imagine yourself in those panties on your knees in front of your new Master. You’re going to be the prettiest panty slave in the room that night. And with any luck, you’ll be the best cuckold fluffer too.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Spanking for Pleasure

YOU need a spanking…

That’s usually how the scene plays out at the beginning. You are sprawled out on the couch looking particularly smug after the grand accomplishment of taking out the garbage once this week. You practically melt under the touch of my fingertips on your chest. My velvety voice slides past your ear and you know things are about to get very interesting.

No need to take off your belt. I have one already. And as it brushes against your outstretched arm you feel a tingle.

Take off your pants, darling.

You rush to accomplish the task, so eager to expose the target that is your fleshy, round posterior. I am enjoying this. I like touching you with my palm, making you squirm in the process. Your mind is reeling with the possibility of what it is you’re being punished for. Deep down, however, you don’t care. You simply long for the deliciousness that can only come from reducing yourself to the level of submissive spanking whore.

How many whacks shall I feed that bottom? How many yelps will it take before I stop? Sometimes it’s not even about punishment but the inevitable strengthening of the bond between ourselves that can only come when you give in to me.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Gangbang: Prisoners In Heat

Alexis Gangbang Fantasy Phone SexYou have been a really bad boy, haven’t you? I guess that’s how you ended up in this prison gangbang fantasy. I know you’re probably freaked out about being there because you’re afraid of getting beat up or something. But what you don’t realize is that you should be nervous for another reason.

Every new guy that comes through those cell doors gets initiated with a dirty prison gangbang. Yeah, that’s right… you’re about to get your virgin asshole deflowered by men who haven’t seen a woman in years. I’m pretty sure they have a lot of pent up sexual energy that they will take out on you.

Your new cellmate REALLY likes you…

I can just picture how it’s going to go down. You’re going to be minding your own business, trying to eat your lunch one day and a prison guard walks up to you and tells you to come with him. You don’t want to get into trouble, so you do exactly as he says. He takes you into his office and you see that there are 3 other prisoners there. You ask what’s going on, and the guard tells you to get down on your knees. You start to protest and he tells you to shut up and do as he says.

Even the prison guard is in on this gangbang scheme…

Once you’re down on your knees, the guard pulls his hard dick out and tells you to open your mouth. You don’t want to, but you do it because you’re afraid of the consequences if you don’t submit to these coerced cocksucking demands. You know that it could be far worse than having to suck a dick. And then out of the corner of your eye, you see one of the prisoners take his dick out and then walk behind you. You feel him pull your pants down and then smack your ass and tell you he can’t wait to be balls deep in your ass.


Do you want to hear more about the prison gangbang you’re going to endure? Call me and find out what happens next!


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Sissy in Chastity: Your New Adventure

sissy Phone SexMost of the sissy population has a commonly shared trait that brings smiles to all the ladies out there. It’s not their fashion sense or their general submissive natures. Though that does help! No, there’s something else that is easy to overlook, mainly because of its size. And that, my dears is the infamous sissy clitty. And you know what I say about said clitties? Lock ’em up!

Your sissy pin-dick belongs in chastity…

That’s right. If it’s so small and worthless, then it should be locked away from even your hands. I want to be clear on one point though. Chastity is best reserved for those who are in a relationship. Whether it is romantic or purely D/s, one of chastity’s best uses is to show commitment.

It is the strengthening of the bond between two (or sometimes more!) individuals that will encourage you to remain locked up without question. If things become unbearable, then perhaps Mistress will bless you with a milking.

Of course if you also happen to fall into the chronic masturbator category and just need to save yourself from yourself, then a clitty cage might be a viable option. However, you will always benefit more from the guidance and direct supervision of an experienced Mistress.

Chastity for sissies… in Masturbation May?!

Yes sluts. That is correct. Do keep in mind that just because one is locked away, it doesn’t necessarily mean permanence. No, you could be lucky enough to be allowed an unlocking along with some teasing time with the permission of your Mistress if you behave yourself. It is important to remember that in order to be naughty, one must be very, very good.

Such a mantra is one that can and should be adopted by sissies everywhere as they go about their daily work.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex