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Phonesex Mistress: Now You See Me

Femdom Phonesex with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975I am interrupting the rampant flow of wondrous, sexy information to let you know that Mistress will be away for awhile. Like most members of the adult conspiracy, I disappear voluntarily for days on end in what is known as the ritual of vacation. Though a phonesex mistress can never get enough pampering in her daily life, sometimes we enjoy a change of venue.

What this means for my callers

While I am off enjoying my time away, know that you will be missed but thought of frequently. Think of this time as a vacation of sorts for you. Just as you have a place that you call home that will never be replaceable, it’s exciting to pack up and go on an adventure exploring distant shores. Now may be the time to do so with your phone game. Have you been considering calling another LDW Mistress? It could be fun browsing the profiles again, much like perusing a spread of tourism brochures on your desk.

This phonesex mistress has plans of her own

While you are enjoying your little window shopping adventure, I’m going to do what a cuckoldress does best. In case you were curious at all about my getaway, I’m going to fun-it, sun-it, spend, spend, spend, booze it up, and spread em like there’s no tomorrow. There’s a cavalcade of cock out there just waiting to be blessed by my goddess pussy, and I shan’t disappoint.

My time away begins tomorrow, May 31st with a planned return date of June 7th. I might extend that but we shall see when the time comes. So if you are hesitating at all about giving me a call tonight, don’t do it! This is your last chance to play with me for awhile. But until I return, miss me now and kiss me later.




Small Penis Humiliation: Dare to Compare

Small penis humiliation phonesex with Alexis 800-601-6975What can I say? Some guys definitely get off on small penis humiliation. Life has not been so kind to them in the dick department. Lucky for me, instead of hiding it away in complete and utter shame, they beg me to look at pics of their sad little willies just for funsies. Of course, I am only too happy to oblige. But sharing pictures isn’t always enough. Some guys beg me to share their shame on my blog. I tell them if I have room for a SMALL mention that I will. Well today is the day!

Objects in photo may be smaller than they appear

I call him LittleRedBic. He was quite the surprise visitor who politely asked me to join him on Skype one day during a call. At the time, I had no idea what his dick situation was. I just got excited at the prospect of a guy revealing himself to me on cam, so I went for it. He sent a series of pics for me to view and my jaw dropped immediately. Was he for real? So many different poses, all with the same result, but there was one thing that really stood out.

Small penis humiliation begins with the truth

There was a photo of his tiny prick next to a little red bic lighter

… and the lighter was BIGGER!

I couldn’t, nor would I make this up. And while I’m not opposed to teasing a small cock, it was the furthest thing from my mind as I continued to laugh and jeer at his sheer inadequacy. So, if there is a point to this post it is to say thanks for the wonderful time laughing at your small penis. My stomach is still slightly sore from cracking up. Plus, it’s just a good reminder that as a woman there are some things worth waiting for and definitely worth passing on.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Tease and Denial: The Sweet Release of Cock Control

Tease and Denial Phonesex with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975The art of the tease is best left in the hands of a professional, and speaking of hands, what are yours doing right now? I bet they’re already making their way down south as you read these words because you know how much fun a good tease and denial session can be. Life isn’t always easy, so we tend to value convenience. We want what we want and we want it right now. But sometimes you want a special treat, and special things are always worth waiting for.

Cockteasing is just another word for orgasm-building

What could be more special than a powerful, earth-shaking orgasm? I bet it’s been awhile since you’ve had one of those. This is where a beautiful tease-queen masturbatrix like me comes into play. And believe me, it’s all about play. It’s about letting your proverbial hair down and handing over the reins to someone who enjoys prolonging your frustration for a huge payoff in the end, or not in the case of tease and denial.

Your tease and denial experience

When it comes to guided masturbation, I guess you could say I like to play the long game. It doesn’t mean I’ll deny you forever, but it could definitely be awhile. The fun is in you not knowing when that time will be. So let your mind go and focus on the pleasure. Enjoy the feeling of your palm squeezing that erect cock over and over again. So strong, so powerful when it’s throbbing. And you are so sexy when you allow yourself to be weak for me.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex



Giantess Fantasy: How to Be a Better Giantess Lover

Mistress Alexis Giantess Phonesex 800-601-6975Have you already experienced the best giantess phonesex call of your life? You might be right about that, but I bet there’s still room for some improvement. Men who like to indulge in the giantess fetish are actually really cool because they get to answer questions like: What’s the tallest woman you’ve ever been with? They might say 5 foot 7 but in the back of their mind they know it’s more between the range of 37 to 50 feet. And despite their miniature stature, most tiny men want nothing more than to please their goddesses.

What a tiny man wants most

Enlightened women know that deep down that’s all any guy really wants, but when he’s only a few inches tall, let’s face it, he’s really got his work cut out for him. Just imagine this. You’re a miniscule male standing before a woman who basically gets off by riding skyscrapers for fun. Does that mean it’s impossible to make her happy? Absolutely not! It just means you’ve got to put some effort and creative thinking into it. I love being a giantess for this very reason! It’s fun to train tiny men to do my bidding.

Many ways to make a giantess smile

Here’s a list of things that giantess women actually enjoy: Foot massages (especially between the toes), body worship (think highly sensitive areas like nipples, earlobes, and other places that men her size might forget about or overlook), and being fed tasty delights. And if you’re ever stumped, just ask: “How may I please you, goddess?” Of course the trick there is to listen to what she’s telling you. Otherwise you just might find yourself stomped on and crushed like a tiny bug. Not very good for morale, huh?

I hope this mini-guide helps you on your quest to being a better giantess-lover. Be sure to share your own tips and ideas in the comments below.



Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Chronic Masturbation: Windy Day Upskirt Alert

Chronic Masturbation Phonesex with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975Spring has officially checked in. Are you loving it? I know a certain group of kinky bastards that are in love with life for sure right now. For one thing, this amazing weather brings with it some radical wardrobe changes. Ladies tend to start wearing a lot less in an effort to soak up as much sun as possible. That includes yours truly. So what’s a chronic masturbation whore to do while all of this wonderful weather-related activity is taking place? Go with the wind, I guess!

Windy days mean no skirt is safe

As if they needed any more motivation to go at it on a regular basis, the wind just loves to play peek-a-boo with a light and airy skirt. It’s one of the joys of Spring that gets the pulse racing and the pants to drop. Chronic masturbators don’t even wait to get home necessarily. They CAN’T stop jerking off, so they usually just hide in a darkened parking lot or alley and get to work whacking it while visions of panty flashes fly through their heads.

A very special chronic masturbation assignment

I’m not entirely known for handing out assignments, but I’m in a particularly good mood so this is for all you involuntary horndogs who could use a bit more structure in their “me time.” This is what I want from you. The next time you go on one of your little ogling sprees, without being a creeper about it, I want you to imagine what kind of panties each woman is wearing. Think about her personality. Does she seem sassy, sweet, intellectual. Then imagine what each of those women would look like if they were teasing you about your masturbation addiction. For every woman you stop and picture, you get to add three minutes to your total masturbation time. The best part about this assignment is that you don’t even have to wait for a windy day!

So when do you get to cum? I haven’t decided that yet. I guess we need to have a little phone chat so I can make my decision. Here’s a hint: I can’t wait.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex