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Ass Worship: A Submissive’s Duty

Mistress Ass WorshipDon’t you think that my ass is just absolutely gorgeous? I thought so too. It’s deserving of nothing less than an ass worship phone sex call in which you describe in great detail all of the things you are willing to do to please me and worship me. Or maybe it will be me telling you all of the things that you’re going to do to me. You honestly don’t have a choice.

Ass worship is a submissive’s delight…

This is where your ass worship duty begins. You will kneel at my feet with your head bowed down and you’ll beg me for the chance to even look up and have a glance at my perfect ass. I don’t know what makes you think you even deserve to feast your eyes on such perfection. But with enough begging, I will allow you to look. First, you’ll view my ass from your knees, but then I want you to lie down. I am going to squat right over your face, and my ass will be right there, just out of reach. But you wouldn’t dare try to touch it. I know that you know better than that.

How to go about the business of ass worship…

I know that you’re dying to get your tongue on my ass, so after making you beg me for it, I will lower my panty-clad ass down and tell you that you may stick out your tongue and lick it through my panties. You didn’t think you were going to get to lick my bare ass that easily, did you? But don’t worry, once I think you have suffered enough, I am going to pull my panties to the side, wrap my thighs around your face and lower my asshole down onto your tongue. You may not touch me with anything other than your tongue, so don’t even think it.

Ready to hear more details about how everything would go down? Call me for ass worship phone sex and I’ll describe it in excruciatingly painful detail. You will be aching for release.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Cuckold Humiliation – Small Penis Rejection

Cuckold Phone SexSo, I have a question for you. Are you a cuckold with a tiny little penis? If you’ve ended up here, the answer to that is almost 100% sure to be “Yes!” If I saw it, I might even say “Oh, that’s cute.” But I don’t mean cute in a good way. I mean it in an “oh, it’s cute that you think that would ever come close to pleasing a woman” way. That, my little shrimp dick, is why you’re the perfect guy for all of the kinky cuckold phone sex fantasies I have.

My very own cuckold fantasies….

One of my biggest cuckold fantasies doesn’t really involve your participation at all. You will be there, of course. At first, you will only be allowed to listen from another room. Don’t worry, you know I’m loud and you’ll be able to hear just fine. You’re going to be subjected to every moan and scream he elicits from me.

It’s going to make you feel really pathetic, knowing that you could never do that to me. But no matter how low it makes you feel, your tiny little dick is still going to be so very hard. You’re going to be ashamed that you’re excited by hearing the woman you love being made love to by another man.

Watch your hotwife get fucked…

Then, once I decide that it’s appropriate, you will be allowed into the bedroom with my lover and me. You will get to watch him as he slides inside your hotwife, stretching me in ways that you would never be able to. And then I’m going to start laughing at you… telling you that you’re in no way worthy of touching me like this man is. And all you can do is agree, because that’s the only acceptable response.

Do you have some cuckold stories of your own that you’d like to tell me? Or do you just want to hear my fantasies? No matter which it is, call me for cuckold phone sex and I’ll be sure to make you feel like the tiny loser you are.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Small Penis Humiliation – Are You Man Enough?

Small Penis Humiliation MistressSmall Penis Humiliation PhoneSex Was Made for You

Have you ever wondered if you’re really even a man because your penis is so damn small? I guess that’s debatable, but one thing I know for sure is that you are the perfect candidate for small penis humiliation phone sex.

I know that with a penis that small, you’ve definitely never had it inside a woman. I mean, there’s honestly no way it would even go in. The best you might ever do is rub it on the outside of her pussy, but where in the world are you going to find a woman who would let you do that? I guess there might be one who would take pity on you and let you try it, but she’s probably going to be laughing at you the entire time.

Laughing at Your Small Penis

And speaking of being laughed at – when WAS your small penis laughed at by a woman for the first time? It was undoubtedly the first time you ever took your clothes off in front of a girl, wasn’t it? Even at a younger age, she knew that you weren’t as big as you should have been. Normal guys, even at that age, have decent sized penises.

Did she let you try to have sex with her even though she knew she wasn’t going to feel anything at all? I wonder – did she laugh the entire time? Even if she was laughing, that did not stop you from trying to find a way to get your penis inside her, did it? How long did it take before you finally gave up?

SPH Phone Sex Fun

I think that you should pick up your phone and give me a call for small penis humiliation phone sex. I want to hear about all of the times you’ve been humiliated because you just don’t stack up to what other men are packing. I’ll be waiting for you!

If you’re reading this and you’re a member of the tiny cock committee, just how turned on ARE you by a woman in control? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Foot and Leg Worship – Feeding Your Desires

Foot and Leg Worship MistressIt always makes me happy when someone gives me a call for foot and leg worship phone sex. I love hearing all of the ways a man wants to worship me.Have you ever seen a sexier pair of legs? I didn’t think so. They are long, toned and ready to be worshiped. And at the end of those long legs is a pair of the most gorgeous feet you have ever seen in your life.

If you are enticed by foot worship…

Let’s start with those sexy feet. What is it that you are willing to do to them in order to please me? Oh, that’s right… you will do anything that I tell you to do. I think that a nice at home pedicure will be an amazing start. Before anything else, you are to kneel at my feet.

You’ll lift each one to your mouth and you’ll clean them with your tongue. You’ll lick in between my toes, the soles of my feet. When I’m satisfied, then we can move on. You will bring a tub of hot, soapy water to me for me to soak my feet in. Once they are nice and soft, you will groom them and get them looking even more gorgeous than they already do.

If you prefer leg worship…

After that, you will move on to my legs. A Goddess like me deserves to be worshiped during a foot and leg worship phone sex call. From the bottom of my feet to the top of my thighs, you will make sure that you cover every single inch until I am satisfied. You don’t dare stop too soon. It won’t be pretty if you do.

You will kiss your way up and down each leg, making sure that I know how adored they are. When I decide that you’ve done enough of that, you will massage each leg with warm scented oils. You will do the back side, and then I’ll roll over so that you can do the front until I am very relaxed…

Just the other day I was engrossed in the activity of rubbing down my silky-smooth legs fresh from the bath and I could almost feel a genuine pair of lips kissing their way up my feet and legs in adoration.

***When is the last time you really took the time to worship a gorgeous set of legs? Be sure to leave a comment below.***