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Phonesex and Beyond: Alexis News and Updates

Finding the Phonesex Mistress: October Update

Looking for your phonesex Femdom? If that’s the case, then my Availability Page is a good place to start looking.

New Audio Store Release!!!

Awwww, did I get you excited? I should be more careful when slinging the word release around. In any cause, you oughtta know that Part 2 of my “Chastity Makes Mistress Happy” series is now ready and available for purchase in the Enchantrix Audios store.

Spooky Halloween Radio Special

Rumor has it that the ladies of LDW are planning a Cock Radio haunt that’s sure to be a treat. So spread those goody bags wide open and prepare for some fun on our new platform over at Spreaker. Mistress Hannah will be hosting on October 26th at 9pm EST. Visit the Cock Radio Blog for details on how to tune in.

Sexytexting – New Platform

Though many of the Mistresses have already migrated over long ago, when it came to sexytexting sessions, I was always hopelessly devoted to yahoo instant messenger. Unfortunately, they have launched a new version that is utterly hopeless. Therefore, as of Monday, 8/15/16, I will be using Skype as my primary messenger from now on.

The procedure for booking sessions will remain the same. Please send an e-mail to check availability prior to purchasing a sexytexting session. If you yourself would like to use yahoo messenger for your session, please include that in your e-mail and I will do my best to accommodate.

Breast Worship Mistress


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CFNM Halloween Party

Alexis CFNM training MistressYou can quit cleaning your glasses now. You’re not imagining things. Halloween is definitely among the favorite holidays here at the Enchantrix Empire. You can put a spin on it for just about every kink out there, but CFNM? Yeah, that’s different.

There are some perks to being a CFNM lover on Halloween for sure. You save tons of time picking out a costume for one. And you can guarantee you won’t blow a ton of money on it either.  What you will do, however, is totally up to the party guests that night.

This Halloween night is ladies’ night…

Dressing up is so much fun. You can already picture it, can’t you? You’ve managed to score an invite to your co-worker’s big shindig, only you didn’t know the guest list was all female. There was a notecard inside your envelope that read: No Costume Required, so you took it at face value and showed up in your sweats. No biggie. You do aim to please.

Once inside, you feel like such a big shot. Everyone seems to be leering at you over their punch cups. So many masks. It kind of makes you feel out of place. Then the hostess appears at the top of the staircase in a rather extravagant showgirl costume. She descends the stair while maintaining her gaze upon you the entire time. Your nerves begin to show but you can’t help it. When she’s finally in range, she leans forward and whispers something in your ear.

Like CFNM, reading comprehension takes some getting used to…

So you misunderstood the note. Oopsie, you were required NOT to wear a costume. It’s a good thing those sweats were easy to pull off as those ladies closed in on you to strip you down. Everything was a blur after that. The dancing they made you do, the playful spanking. Oh! And let’s not forget what you did to that jack o’ lantern! Tsk tsk. I guess being a naked male slave just brings out the worst in people.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Shemale Phonesex Kink

Shemale phonesex with Mistress AlexisYou might try to deny it, but I know that there are lots of shemale phone sex lovers out there. And it isn’t just about the phone sex. There are all kinds of men who love trannies on the down low… stepping out on their wives and girlfriends for a taste of that hot tranny dick. You just happen to be calling a phone sex line to talk about it.

You just have to tell someone about it, don’t you? That’s part of the thrill of it for you… talking to someone about it. You can’t tell your friends and family. They would never understand. But that’s what I’m here for. I want to give you an outlet for your love of shemale cock.

Step out of your comfort zone…

I am told time and time again that one of the biggest reasons men love trannies is because they are that perfect mix of femininity and masculinity. After all, there is nothing more masculine than a big throbbing dick.

A guy told me once that the first time he was on his back with his legs in the air and he was looking up at that gorgeous face and tits while being fucked by a gorgeous shemale that it was the most erotic experience of his entire life. He said that after that, he was ruined for any other kind of sex.

A shemale loves to be in control as much as I do…

Another kind of guy who loves tranny dick? Oh, you know the type… losers with tiny little dicks that love women but know they will never be able to please a biological woman. So they have accepted that their lot in life is to suck tranny cock because that’s the only way they will ever be good enough to sexually satisfy a woman.

I’ll be waiting for you to give me a call and tell me what kind of tranny lover you are. I want to hear about all of those desires and how you quench your thirst.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Erotic Audio: Cockteased in Chastity Part 2

It’s here! The second part of my Chastity Makes Mistress Happy erotic audio series is now available for purchase in the Enchantrix Audios store. Mean Mistress Alexis is back at it, showing her sub who is truly in control when it comes to that cock.

If you’re into being cockteased and demeaned while being locked in your chastity dick prison, then by all means add this saucy little audio to your premium collection. Click the pic to visit the sales page or visit the link below to get a little taste of what’s in store.

Mistress Alexis Erotic Audio

Click Here for Sample

Sissy Humiliation: Office Slut Antics

Sissy Humiliation Mistress AlexisAnother shocking ex-po-zay by request! This time I share all the torrid details of my current favorite sissy humiliation office slut, Missy! Sissy Missy’s got it bad! Like me, she spends way too much time in her office building. Oftentimes she will be there after hours when it is nice and dark and quiet. Sometimes she has only the gentle hum of the floor buffer to keep her company while she dreams of the day’s events.

Thats not the only thing humming at the office…

Okay, that isn’t totally true. And if sissy missy knows anything, it’s that I know the total truth. After all, that’s why I’m here, darlings. So being alone in the office is just one part of the story. The thing is, missy has a real thing for the ladies.

And what I mean is that whenever she she a hot-bodied woman who is totally in control of her environs, she absolutely LOSES it! And if she should happen to catch said woman in the act of being naughty with one of her boy-toys, just forget it!

Sissy missy gets so worked up. And I know what you’re thinking. She wants to bang the hell out of those broads, right? Wrong! She wants to BE them! Now most sissies would settle for getting wrapped up in their imaginations and rubbing one out in the hallway. But no, that will never be enough for this dirty office crossdresser. She actually goes so far as to buy the outfits her co-workers are wearing so she can sit at their desks while they’re away and pretend to be them in all their hotness.

An office slut with so much to say…

You can just hear the excitement in her voice. The session always starts with a pre-call picture party showing off the day’s sissy outfit of choice. She may look like a woman, but she knows she’ll never truly be a woman, no matter how hard she rams that dildo up her sissy pussy! And I for one, love it!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex