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Tease and Denial: Cocktease Masturbation Mindfuck

Tease and Denial Phonesex with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975You are so deluded if you think that I’m not going to tell your girlfriend that you’ve been trying to fuck me. She is my best friend and she doesn’t deserve to be with someone like you. If you promise to not cheat on her with anyone else, maybe we can make some sort of deal. No, you’re not going to get to put your dick in me, but maybe we could play some sort of tease and denial masturbation game. I figure since you obviously are drawn to a cocktease like me, then I will use that to my advantage.

Teasing you while you stroke for me

I don’t like making any kind of deal with you, but I’ll do anything to make sure my best friend’s heart is safe. So what I’m willing to do is let you masturbate in front of me. Don’t look so smug – it’s not going to be THAT simple. See, you’re not really going to get to actually masturbate in my presence. You will use your cell phone to video chat with me while you jerk off. This will be done in the men’s room… at your job. Get ready to be totally teased and frustrated.

Getting you worked up with tease and denial

I’ll be telling you what to do, of course. You will not be using headphones, so if someone walks into the restroom while I’m telling you what to do or how pathetic you are for trying to cheat on your girlfriend with her best friend, well, I guess they will just hear me. You just have to keep on stroking while you endure my tease and denial games. Yes, I do realize you could get in trouble for that, but oh well. You should have thought about that before you propositioned me. Getting in deep with a pricktease princess isn’t nearly as fun as you thought it would be.


Are you ready for our masturbation game now? Just pick up your phone and call me to see what kind of compromising situation I’ll put you in.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Spoiling a Mistress: Updated Wish List

Mistress Alexis Small Penis Humiliation Mistress Phonesex 800-601-6975I can’t speak for every woman, but when it comes to THIS Mistress, no one will ever say I don’t know my own mind. That also extends to the bounds of my wish list. That’s right. My wish list has been updated. Let the rejoicing begin! For awhile I had opted only to request Amazon gift cards and suddenly the gifting stopped.

As most of my callers are gentlemen, they tend to view such tokens as tacky and tasteless. However, they do have their benefits; one of which being that they are instantly transferred to me. They also allow me to save for larger purchases that one person might consider to be cost-prohibitive.  Not ALL my slaves are made of money, and I respect that. To those who are, you may carry on as usual.

I was reading an awesome article recently over at the mighty Mistress Fiona’s blog regarding pampering your Mistress that raised an interesting question. Should an independent-minded Domme automatically oppose the idea of accepting gifts from her submissives? Does it, in fact, lower her stature and undermine her strength and power? If you’d like to contribute to the discussion, by all means visit her site. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve gone the extra mile to say thank you to your favorite Domme, then might I suggest a quick perusal at the aforementioned list. And remember, the gift of a Mistress review costs nothing and means everything to me. That’s it for this little tidbit. Until next time, my sweet…



Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Bondage and Captivity: Being Taken for a Ride

Bondage and Captivity Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975I can be a bit of a bitch and it’s a given that I love when a man calls me for a bondage phone sex session. I bet it might surprise you that there are times when nothing turns me on more than being bound, gagged, and used for the sexual gratification of another person. Being that I’m almost always the one in control, it can be so satisfying to give up control and let someone else take the lead for a while.

My love of bondage is nothing new

My love of bondage started when I was in college. Things were naturally quite experimental there. My boyfriend at the time started playing with the notion of tying me up. It started with my love of being pinned down as he fucked me. I wanted him to take it a step further, and I think he could sense that. We started small, with him using one of my shoelaces to tie me to one of the slats at the head of my bed.

I was skeptical at first since I like having the upper hand, but I found the whole thing exhilarating and I begged him to take me. The next time we ramped things up a bit and he just tied my hands behind my back while I was on my knees. Then he pushed my face down and fucked me. I was really shocked that I liked it so much. It made my heart race.

Things naturally escalated from there. The next time he put me in bondage, in addition to tying my hands behind my back, he blindfolded me and tugged on my hair. It was SO hot I could barely speak. He was in complete control of what happened to me and it was very erotic.

Thrilled to be tied up in captivity

The best part? I literally had no idea what was going to happen and when it was going to happen and that thrilled me beyond belief. He could tease me when he wanted to, touch me when he wanted to, and put his dick inside me whenever he wanted to and it was all out of my control. Did reading that get you all hot and bothered? Well just imagine ME being at the helm of YOUR bondage and captivity.

Do you have a bondage phone sex fantasy you’d like to discuss? Call me so we can talk about all of our desires.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex


Male Chastity: Long Term Devotion

Mistress Alexis Male Chastity Phonesex 800-601-6975I know your type. You’re the perfect candidate for male chastity training. Don’t think so? Let me help you understand more clearly. You masturbate chronically, don’t you? You just can’t help yourself. You think of even one thing that’s remotely sexy and you have your pants unzipped and your hand wrapped around your dick. It’s really no wonder you can never please any woman you’re with – you are never horny because you jerk off all the time. What you need is a long-term chastity Mistress to whip you into shape.

Locked in chastity for Mistress

I’m willing to bet that you’ve just always whipped that dick out anytime you want. That stops with me. The first thing you’re going to do now that I am your long term chastity Mistress is go online and buy a chastity device. If you want advice on which one to get, I will be more than willing to discuss your options with you.

You’re now my male chastity slave

When you call me, you will put your chastity device on and lock it. You will NOT unlock it unless I give you permission to do so. During our calls, I will likely let you take it off and stroke your cock but just to the point of orgasm. This form of chastity training will help you to last longer and appreciate orgasms more fully. Then you’re going to put it back on until our next call. You will probably beg me to let you cum, but lucky for you I have heard that before from so many other men and it doesn’t faze me.

I don’t care how many times you tell me how badly you need to cum. It’s not going to happen until I think you have learned to hold out for long enough to be able to please a woman. You have to train your dick to be able to not cum until your lover is pleased.

Are you ready to admit that you need a long term chastity Mistress to train you? Call me now and tell me you’re ready to submit to me.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Phonesex Fantasies: Naughty Farmgirl Seduction

Phonesex Fantasies with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975My phonesex fantasies series continues with a look at the fun and sexy farmgirl. Before, we explored mile high antics with an awesome cockpit sex fantasy. Now we’re getting down to ground level. So why is the farmgirl image so alluring? Well first let’s start with that body.

Often sun-kissed and farm fed, the typical farmgirl ain’t no slouch. She does her fair share to keep things running smoothly, and that often means a lean frame with plenty of tone in all the right places.

Checkin’ out the farmgirl next door

Not every farmgirl is playful, but the naughty farmgirl is. If nature’s going to get in your face on a daily basis, then you’ve got to have a wicked sense of humor. Besides, she knows more than anybody that all work and no play makes for a mean sourpuss one day, and she’s not about that. She knows those sweet looks of hers are what makes cockteasing ranch-hands so much fun, and she’s not about to give that up.

Maybe you’re the type who’s more excited by the down and dirty. Your dream girl might be covered in mud after working the rain-soaked earth. Maybe she got into a tussle with her bitchy rival from up the road. They were most likely fighting over which one you would take to the barn dance. Or maybe you were both covered in mud after some serious horseplay.

Kicking your farmgirl phonesex fantasies into high gear

Who hasn’t imagined a roll in the hay at some point? If you watch her long enough, you’re bound to picture her beneath you, legs in the air on a soft bed of straw. The farmgirl of your phonesex fantasies not a pushover though. She just might take control when you least expect it and have you hogtied and helpless before you figure out what just happened.

What’s your farmgirl fantasy? I bet it’s insanely hot. Give me a call and maybe we can some roleplay on the ranch.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex