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Body Worship: Taking Your Time

Body Worship Phonesex Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975A recent encounter reminded me just how much fun body worship can actually be. Not every guy is geared toward it, though many are great at it. A few I would even call artists of their craft. Those are the ones who really take their time and savor every second of the act. It’s actually very easy for both partners to get caught up in the moment and lose all self-control, but waiting has its perks for certain.

Body worship should be nice and easy

Much like with masturbation edging, worship of the female form is really about the buildup. It’s about making sure that all the little spots which might have gone unnoticed before get their due. It’s definitely about intimacy and getting up close and personal with every line, curve, and swell. It’s about playing the long game because she wants it just as bad as you do but it’s going to be that much more intense if you just keep kissing one more spot.

Touch me here, there, everywhere

Kissing is only one part of the equation. There’s plenty of room for hands too. They’re perfect for the gentle lift, cradling, and caressing. Fingers can dance along the skin and probe deeply in spots where the tongue can’t quite reach. Oh yes. When it comes to the tongue, you’ve got to bring it on. So the question is, how is your body worship game? Is there still room for improvement? I’m hoping you said yes because I’m a lot of fun to practice with.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Be My Man-Whore

Phonesex Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975
When you call me on the phone and declare yourself to be a loyal submissive, believe me, I take you at every word. It has a lot to do with the tone of your voice. I would say that I am amazed but it’s hard to be when I know the truth. In order to be a willingly submissive man-whore, it actually takes a LOT of confidence. In order to be within two feet of my presence and not spontaneously combust in the dick department, that says a lot about you too.

If you’re more on the shy side, that is okay too. It’s still impressive when a guy can stand up and be counted when it comes to his kinks. Just be sure you can lie down and take it as well. “Take what?” you ask. Oh, I was thinking of something fun like my strap-on or a good queening with your face as my throne. Surely, you wouldn’t be opposed to either of those things?

If so, the old adage of try it, you might like it comes to mind. It’s one of the world’s oldest phrases for a reason. So, is it time to get in touch with your inner man-whore? I bet we could find hundreds of ways to let him out.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Sissy Cum Lips Pays a Visit

sissy slave training Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975There’s a name I haven’t bragged about in awhile. That’s a NAME you say? It sure is, and it belongs to none other than one of my favorite sissy humiliation sluts. Every once in a blue moon, he will grace me with his presence. Usually, he’ll be dressed in his uniform which consists of a pair of panties with red lips imprinted all over them. That’s his signal to me that he’s in it for the fun. And of course Mister Cock and Mister Hairbrush were also in attendance. Sometimes a humiliated sissy just needs a good beating before the real fun begins, and sissy cum lips is more than willing.

Training my humiliation whore

What I love most about this sissy with a small penis is that he understands just how little he means to me in the grand scheme of things. He knows he can’t hold a candle to any of my bulls. His job is to kick ass at work so he can properly spoil me and give me what I deserve. And what I give him in return is priceless. He basically gets ignored, assuming I’m not laughing my ass off at just how pathetic he is.

They don’t call him sissy cum lips for nothing

So basically, between myself and my two helpers, Mister Cock and Mister Hairbrush, the four of us had an incredible time. Those panties were soaked! Sissy cum lips was left a pitiful panting mess, and I was left feeling very deliciously compensated. Thank you for being such an obedient slut and cleaning it all up. I’m sure the next time you call will be even more fun. We’ll find out just how much we can stuff in that not-so-little hole of yours. Then it’s back to the brag board with you, sissy slut!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Phonesex Mistress: Now You See Me

Femdom Phonesex with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975I am interrupting the rampant flow of wondrous, sexy information to let you know that Mistress will be away for awhile. Like most members of the adult conspiracy, I disappear voluntarily for days on end in what is known as the ritual of vacation. Though a phonesex mistress can never get enough pampering in her daily life, sometimes we enjoy a change of venue.

What this means for my callers

While I am off enjoying my time away, know that you will be missed but thought of frequently. Think of this time as a vacation of sorts for you. Just as you have a place that you call home that will never be replaceable, it’s exciting to pack up and go on an adventure exploring distant shores. Now may be the time to do so with your phone game. Have you been considering calling another LDW Mistress? It could be fun browsing the profiles again, much like perusing a spread of tourism brochures on your desk.

This phonesex mistress has plans of her own

While you are enjoying your little window shopping adventure, I’m going to do what a cuckoldress does best. In case you were curious at all about my getaway, I’m going to fun-it, sun-it, spend, spend, spend, booze it up, and spread em like there’s no tomorrow. There’s a cavalcade of cock out there just waiting to be blessed by my goddess pussy, and I shan’t disappoint.

My time away begins tomorrow, May 31st with a planned return date of June 7th. I might extend that but we shall see when the time comes. So if you are hesitating at all about giving me a call tonight, don’t do it! This is your last chance to play with me for awhile. But until I return, miss me now and kiss me later.




Small Penis Humiliation: Dare to Compare

Small penis humiliation phonesex with Alexis 800-601-6975What can I say? Some guys definitely get off on small penis humiliation. Life has not been so kind to them in the dick department. Lucky for me, instead of hiding it away in complete and utter shame, they beg me to look at pics of their sad little willies just for funsies. Of course, I am only too happy to oblige. But sharing pictures isn’t always enough. Some guys beg me to share their shame on my blog. I tell them if I have room for a SMALL mention that I will. Well today is the day!

Objects in photo may be smaller than they appear

I call him LittleRedBic. He was quite the surprise visitor who politely asked me to join him on Skype one day during a call. At the time, I had no idea what his dick situation was. I just got excited at the prospect of a guy revealing himself to me on cam, so I went for it. He sent a series of pics for me to view and my jaw dropped immediately. Was he for real? So many different poses, all with the same result, but there was one thing that really stood out.

Small penis humiliation begins with the truth

There was a photo of his tiny prick next to a little red bic lighter

… and the lighter was BIGGER!

I couldn’t, nor would I make this up. And while I’m not opposed to teasing a small cock, it was the furthest thing from my mind as I continued to laugh and jeer at his sheer inadequacy. So, if there is a point to this post it is to say thanks for the wonderful time laughing at your small penis. My stomach is still slightly sore from cracking up. Plus, it’s just a good reminder that as a woman there are some things worth waiting for and definitely worth passing on.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex