Sucking Cock for Your Mistress

Alexis Femdom MistressGetting you all worked up is so fun for me. Oh, you wanted it to be about you? Hahaha, that’s so funny to hear, but come to think of it, I might have a way for you to earn a release. You see, I don’t hand out male orgasms for just any ole thing. You need to do something worthy to get them. There are a few things that turn Mistress Alexis on and I have one idea very much in the front of my wicked mind. After all, you did say you’ll do anything to please me and I’m wondering just how much of a slut you’ll be for me.

*ding dong*

Oh goodie! In walks my friend (and soon to be yours too) Tyrone. You already notice that bulge in the front of his pants and I can see your eyes starting to grow in fear and excitement all at the same time. Yes, my dear, he’s here for you. I want to see if you’ll suck a big fat juicy cock you wish you had in order to please me. You won’t? Well this is going to be really fun now. *laugh* After slapping you in the face a few times and getting you on your knees, T opens his pants and you can see quite the mandingo tool fall out. You wish you could have such a prime cock, don’t you? Start sucking.

Maybe you’re still unsure about cocksucking…

You’re trying to fight, but you know you want it. It looks like you’ve got those first time cocksucking jitters. How much do you want to please me? How badly do you want to cum for me? Mmmmmm that’s right, open up for me. I think you’ve done this before. Taking this thick cock deep in your throat like a champ, getting it all wet and juicy as it slides in and out of your whore mouth. Getting me all excited to see my slut please his Mistress so much because I know you’ll do anything for me.

Mistress will train you to be the ultimate cocksucker…


You’re becoming the cock sucking slut I’ve always wanted. So cute, you’re gagging. Perhaps you’re not the cock sucker I thought you were. Now you’re getting into it. You are such a slut for me, I’m actually impressed. Who knew what a good slut you could be for me? Makes me start to wonder what else you’ll do for Mistress. Keep sucking, I want to sit back and watch as I ponder which of us is entitled to get that release. Oh, don’t worry, I think about it long and hard for you. Speaking of hard, get back to sucking that cock for Mistress, bitch.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Guided Masturbation with Mistress Alexis

Phone Sex Mistress AlexisMy my aren’t you excited to see me. I know you just want to grip it and rip it, but I want to savor the flavor so to speak. I want you to take what you call a cock and put in your hand and just squeeze it like you would my luscious tits. Mmmmm, thinking about how big they are and how you will worship them. You see, if I had let you stroke to the beat of your own drum you would have already made a mess of yourself and not truly enjoyed it. Besides, edging with a partner is MUCH more fun.

Handing over control of your cock is the right thing to do…

You see, your cock is just a plaything for my amusement. I dictate and decide what you do with it, so it’s only natural we have some fun with it while you’re at it. Having a masturbatrix such as myself will only heighten an experience one can only dream of. Hearing my voice as I instructed you as I alternative your techniques whether it be one hand or two, slow or fast, your mind will be total mush when I’m done with you. Don’t be scared, trust me, it will be an exquisite experience. Don’t believe me?

Well picture this, I take my top off and lean close in. You feel the warmth of my breath on your neck as I start to whisper about how much I want you to follow my lead. You’re hanging on every word as I nibble your earlobe as my soft breasts slide across your chin. So excited for what comes next as I look down and see your cock start to drip as I shove your face between my tits and dig my fingernails a bit into your back. Watching you attempt to have self-control while I straddle your lap. Mistress is getting turn as you’re already starting to beg. You know how much I do enjoy a good begging.

Are you stroking your cock already?

Guiding you to through your stroking session is one of my biggest pleasures and brings such joy to me. Speaking of guided masturbation, you’d better not be since I only told you to squeeze your cock. Sure I put an image in your head that definitely turned you on, but I don’t recall saying stroke for me slut. Did you pass that simple little test? You should call in and get your reward so you can stroke the sound of my drum.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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How to Submit to a Mean Mistress Properly

Femdom Phonesex MistressAll of you stroker sluts out there always want to serve a Mistress such as myself, but can you really?

Do you have the intestinal fortitude it takes to submit to a woman like me? You see, my lovelies, it’s not just the simple part of listening to instructions and following along. Us demanding femdoms actually do like a man with some mental capability; Well, I mean how much thought can you mental-midgets really have? These are the three main things you must follow:

The rules of engagement, BDSM-style…

First, you must possess patience. Believe it or not, a Mistress isn’t here to serve you. Funny huh? You are here to serve me! So you must be patient and understand I have grand plans for you, even if your feeble mind can’t fathom it. You must believe we Mistresses have your best interests at heart because you really don’t know what you want. I think we can clearly agree on that. A Mistress will take you to a euphoric state of mind the likes of which you hadn’t imagined because we thought of it first. So be patient, I promise good things come to those who wait. You might not cum, but good things will.
Second, you must be honest & communicate. Remember, you called me, so what’s the point of being deceptive? Clearly communicate your wants and desires. Believe it or not, with all the superior powers we have, mind reading isn’t one of them. Tell me what you want with our time. I want give you the most amazing session possible but without insight from you, it ain’t gonna happen. Trust me, I’ve heard it all. Nothing you say will embarrass me or yourself. Remember that it is YOUR fantasy, I want to help you fulfill it. Don’t believe me? Read my femdom phone sex reviews to find out more.

The best way to cross a dominatrix in action…

Third, and most important, don’t top from the bottom. I’m in control, not you. This means after we’ve set the scene, don’t try and change it. If you do then you will be losing some respect from me and not to mention the smallest of hopes of having an orgasm just went right out the window. I can guarantee this. Once we start play time, you’d better listen and speak when spoken to, the end. I can’t stress this enough. If you want to control someone, call your other girlfriend.

There are many more I could list off, but I’d much rather incorporate it into your training. We Mistresses are delicate flowers and complex creatures. Well, compared the men who serve us anyway. Give us the damn respect we so deserve, and maybe, just maybe you’ll get whatever it is you are seeking in the end.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Where the Cuckolds Play

AlexisFemdomPhoneMistressI see them standing there watching me so intensively. Sometimes they look away in a hurry, pretending not to suck in their guts or adjust their glasses. Oh, but I know that they’re there. I also know something that they don’t know. Each one of those men is a card-carrying member of the cuckold club, and I am a prime scout.

A cuckold huntress never misses her mark…

A true cuckoldress is never overt in her methods. She is sneaky. This is because the cuckold has to believe that it was his idea to be captured in the first place. I might accidentally drop my pen in front of him, not just so he’ll pick it up for me, but so he can also get a great view of my big, beautiful tits on the way up. I like to call them my “closers” for a reason, as they always get the deal sealed.

A hotwife in the making…

From there it all seems casual enough. Nights out on the town, hurried dinner dates. Then I take him back to my place and give him a taste of my delectable honeypot. This plants the idea into his mind that he can go for more. He’ll go for it alright, and then he’ll pay.

There will be more dates and many gifts and he will foot the bill for it all. The only thing is he just won’t be there for any of it, except where it counts. My cuckold will play witness to all the hot sex with my bullstud that he can handle because he knows that if he doesn’t, he may never get the chance to put his own sad little dick in my platinum pussy.

But shhhhhhh…that’s my little secret.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Purple is My Favorite Color

Cocktease Phone SexBut blue is a close second because blue is the color of your balls when you’ve looked at me; when you’ve heard me laugh; and when you’ve been left oh-so-frustrated. Leaving you hard and achy is one of my talents. I won’t apologize for it. It’s just one of those things that comes with the territory.

You always knew I was a cocktease

I have never once tried to hide it. Look at the way I tower above my high heels. I’m the most dangerous woman alive because I am fully aware of my power over others, and it comes with a wink and a smile. So what are you gonna do about it?

I know. You’re going to sneak off to the nearest restroom stall and jerk off while you fantasize about all the ways you could run your tongue along my body. You’ll play the sounds of me moaning in your ear telling you what to do and how to stroke it for me.

Your cock is under my control…

Face it. You love being owned. That’s really what’s going on here, isn’t it? You love the thought of a sexually aggressive woman taking charge of your cock and using that knowledge to gain the upper hand.

In the end, the only thing standing between you and a powerful orgasm is the spark between the mind-body connection. You’ve found that in me so don’t fight it. Give in to those urges. They’re too damn strong to ignore.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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