Do Cuckolds Get Jealous?

Alexis Strict Mistress

The hotwife has spoken

Yes, it’s time for yet another entry on cuckolding. I just can’t get enough! It only makes sense that a sexy femdom would go for such a woman-centric fetish. Let’s focus on that for a sec. Ultimate physical pleasure and being showered with gifts and compliments while serving as the center of my cuckold’s universe? Yes, please! Is envy still present in the grand scheme of things? Yes, but cuckold jealousy works a bit differently.

What to do with an envious cuckold…

If your cucky-subby is jealous, do absolutely nothing. That is the whole point. The difference between his feelings and that of a non-cuck, is the way those feelings are transferred or converted into a form of humiliation that speaks to arousal. Whether he has a small cock or not, the smaller he feels as a person in that moment, the better.

When he’s standing there slack-jawed in complete awe of me and my lover’s big dick, I love to give my cuckold bitch the eye from across the room. I don’t want him to doubt for a moment that I am enjoying the satisfaction that can only come from a big, fat piece of man-meat. It’s so much fun to fan the flames of envy within him.

Jealousy and helpfulness go hand-in-hand…

I find that the most helpful cuckolds are the ones who actually feel a bit threatened. Since they know they can’t please me with their small packages, they find other ways to appeal to my sensibilities. One example would be undressing me for my lover. In extreme cases (or just because I tell him to) he’ll get down on his knees and serve as my fluffer. As long as he’s doing his cuckold duty, I am happy. And as long as I’m taking that eight and a half inch schlong, I am very satisfied.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Secret CFNM Affair

CFNM Phone Sex

Dance for me, little naked man!

You love your job. Or maybe it’s the fact that you just love having one that keeps you on your toes. Compared to most of the high-level executives that I would consider a peer, you are definitely someone that I would peg as submissive. Hmmm, pegging, perhaps a bit of wordplay there.

No, it must be the way I dress, or the way I look so formidable seated behind my tempered-glass desk. You don’t realize it, but I’ve noticed you out of the corner of my eye, daring to sneak a peek at those curves and always hoping for just a glimpse of those panties beneath my skirt.

How to deal with a CFNM spy…

Since you live to kiss my ass, literally and figuratively, I knew you would jump at the chance to sit in on one of my illustrious board meetings. You had always heard that they were the stepping stone to being groomed for a better position. Since the majority of employees in the building are male,  how odd that you would arrive to find only women seated behind the big, polished table.

You saw the look in their eyes, didn’t you? Hungry, practically licking their chops at the sight of you as if you had stumbled into a den of wolves in mid-winter. Once I closed the blinds and placed you at the center of attention, it all began with the removal of your jacket before my CFNM play plans kicked into full-gear.

Naughty naked male fun…

It’s amazing what a little coercion can do in the right situation. You went from being a shy, timid little steward to a shy, timid nude male dance machine before our very eyes. At least your cock was hard. All the women had such fun cooing and touching your little member. And I think you had fun finding out what color panties everyone had on that day.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Can’t Stop Crossdressing

Feminization MistressBeing a sissy can be a beautiful thing. If you are fortunate enough to be a confident, self-actualized femboi, then good for you! For some it comes easily, but for others it can be the result of a long, arduous journey into the unknown. If you find yourself relating more to that statement, then you have even more of a reason to smile.

Everyone should be able to pursue their own happiness, and that includes feminization. So if you’ve managed to resist the urge to purge, then I encourage you to sally forth and do what you do best.

Make the most of crossdressing time…

Did the title of this post mislead you? I bet you were expecting to hear a dissertation directed at those who just can’t stop crossdressing no matter how hard they try. On the contrary, as a feminization Mistress, I want you to fully explore the joys of being femme. My hope is that you will push a little bit further each day until you’ve learned something new and wonderful about yourself and your girlie side.

Help for sissies out there…

If your plans aren’t going exactly as you hoped, you might just need a bit of motivation. A professional Mistress can help with that. If you want to be good at anything, you just need practice. The input of an expert would also be immensely helpful to you as you practice your sissy walk, your sissy talk, and even your wardrobe planning. Sissy training is great for anyone who is serious about upping their game. Care to play?

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Doing a Cuckold’s Duty

Femdom Mistress AlexisYou knew what you were signing up for when you became a cuckold, right? Endless catering to your hotwife and her bullstud. I suppose there is a certain nobility in that. It takes a lot of stamina to keep two people happy, let alone just one demanding wife.

Oh, that’s right. You didn’t sign up to be a cuckold, did you? It all just kind of happened once your wife realized that was the only way you’d be of any value to her. You’re the man who buys her things, but he’s the man who makes her cum.

Cuckolds have hard times and limp dicks…

That may not be true of every cuckold. There may be many out there who can get it up just fine. If you have a small dick, however, then the only thing I’ll find impressive about you is how you’ve managed to be allowed to stay in the house for so long.

Cuckolds do have a common, recurring theme among them, and that is compensation. It’s no accident. If you can’t please your wife in bed, then you have to make up for it somehow.

A spoiled hotwife is a happy hotwife…

Shopping trips, spa days, and fancy dinners are just the half of it. If she’s at all like me, then you can probably count on playing the role of fluffer as well. As humiliating as it is, just focus on how wet your wife’s pussy is getting as she watches you completely degrade yourself for her amusement. You wanted to be useful, right? Then plan on being her darling cocksucker in the bedroom from here on out.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Always Time for Small Penis Humiliation

AlexisFemdomPhoneMistressI am a woman on the move who considers herself very lucky if and when she has a moment to herself. The corporate grind is not for the faint of heart. It requires a great deal of discipline. Though I doubt anyone would have trouble using my name and discipline in the same sentence.

To be mildly successful in any arena, you’ll have to put in hard work, but you’ll also have to reward yourself with the occasional diversion. Size does matter, and you’re about to find out just how much.

Enter: The Little Dicked Loser

I like guys with small penis problems. Let’s face it. They’re easy targets. Always shy looking down even when they are fully-dressed, as if one could see the cause of their embarrassment right through their clothing. When a woman like myself seeks a good time it usually starts with a glass of wine and a good small penis teasing session.

You can bet I get all dressed up. I put on my sexiest heels and my tightest dress, and I go on the prowl for my prey. How do I know where my target lies? Simple. It’s all about posture and attitude. I look for the ones who shrink away when I enter the room, weed out the sissies (I like to save them for another night) and then quickly let the flirting games begin.

The Small Penis Prize

Once I’ve chatted up the winner of the evening, I invite him back to my place. They never say no. Would you?!!! It doesn’t take them long at all to get all hot-and-bothered. I don’t waste my time¬†looking for a bulge. It won’t be there. The general plight of the small cock. What will be there, however, is my endless laughter once he takes it out, and the look on his face when my boyfriend shows up, and he realizes he’s only going to watch me while I’m gettin’ it on.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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