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Phonesex and Beyond: Alexis News and Updates

Finding the Phonesex Mistress: August Update

Looking for your phonesex Femdom? If that’s the case, then my Availability Page is a good place to start looking. For those who were not aware, I was actually out of the office from August 6th – 12th. Those who submitted a request to be notified when I became available more than likely did not get the auto-responder from my e-mail notifying them of that. So if that is the case, Mistress was in no way ignoring you.

My inbox was…

Sexytexting – New Platform

Though many of the Mistresses have already migrated over long ago, when it came to sexytexting sessions, I was always hopelessly devoted to yahoo instant messenger. Unfortunately, they have launched a new version that is utterly hopeless. Therefore, as of Monday, 8/15/16, I will be using Skype as my primary messenger from now on.

The procedure for booking sessions will remain the same. Please send an e-mail to check availability prior to purchasing a sexytexting session. If you yourself would like to use yahoo messenger for your session, please include that in your e-mail and I will do my best to accommodate.

Breast Worship Mistress


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Masturbation: What Kind Do YOU Like?

Alexis Masturbation MistressWhen you’re new to cockteasing and masturbation, you might be a bit intimidated and rightly so. Words and phrases like tease and DENIAL get thrown around a lot, and that might confuse and scare a lot of people, so let me lay it out for you. Basically it’s like this:

Your basic guide to phonesex masturbation…

If you enjoy the thought of a beautiful woman telling you how and when to stroke, and for how long without too much thought about the endgame, then what you probably want is guided masturbation.

If you are the sort of guy who enjoys the fun of stroking but gets harder at the idea of a woman REALLY being in control. And I mean to the point of you begging over and over for the thing you want most only to be told no with the possibility of a yes, then orgasm control is more your thing.

If hearing the word no makes your balls churn like nobody’s business, then you are a tease and denial lover. You already know what the outcome will be. And you don’t care. You just want her to wield the power of pussy over you like it’s going out of style. And that is a beautiful thing.

Touching yourself has never been more fun…

So while there may be many nuances to these three basic terms, it’s certainly a start in the right direction. So with this new knowledge I command thee to go forth and stroke it like you mean it!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Big Breasted Woman: An Apology

I spend a lot of time going on about my large breasts. As you can imagine, they are a rather big part of my life (pun totally intended). We’ve spent the better part of our years together so I am indeed quite partial to them. I would even go so far as to say that we’re friends. And one thing that friends love to do is go shopping together.

Late again… blame it on the tits

I had fully intended to be available right around 6pm eastern today, but as many of you know I am a California girl. This means that if I so much as step outside my door, I’m going to run into traffic. And just how do my big breasts play into this? Well, 36DDD’s are not easy to accommodate.

They are fun to fondle and kiss all over, but I can’t just walk into any old store and throw a few bras on the counter. NO. I gotta take a road trip to one of my favorite specialty boutiques. Once I’m there I get lost in all the possibilities. You put me in front of a mirror and I will hoist, grab, and squeeze my tits together until I am satisfied that the top picks will stay that way for a long time.

My sincerest apologies…

I have to visualize myself riding my boytoy’s cock, jump up and down, anything to give my new bra a real road test. Naturally this sort of thing would put any gal off-schedule. So to you, my darlings, I apologize for my tardiness. But if it makes you feel any better, these breasts look incredible right now.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Cuckold Phone Sex: It’s What I Like

Cuckold Phonesex MistressIt never ceases to amaze me how many men out there love the humiliation of cuckold phone sex. I mean, given the amount of calls I get from guys who tell me they have tiny dicks, I guess it really shouldn’t shock me in any way.

Tiny dicks are absolutely way more common than huge dicks. But it really is good to know that pretty much all of you small-dicked cuckolds have accepted the fact that your dicks are useless. You know your places and let me tell you, that makes me really happy.

Just watch the show, cuckold slut…

I know that not every cuckold phone sex caller is going to be a fan of sucking that BBC to get it ready for my perfect pussy, but you still could be very useful to me. I do love humiliating losers like you who have teeny dicks, so we could start there. Having you watch me get my pussy fucked by a real man while you helplessly watch turns me on more than you will ever know.

I will make you lean over and get a really close look at how much my pussy is stretched wide open. It almost seems like he really is going to split me in two with his cock, but trust me, I can take it. I’ve been screwing black cock for years.

There’s more to like than sucking big black cock…

Another thing I like to do with you losers who don’t like to suck black cock is turn you into my clean-up slaves. You can get right down between my legs and lap at that swollen, freshly fucked pussy. It’s going to need a little bit of TLC after the pounding it took and you are really fortunate to be the one chosen to clean it up! So get on your hands and knees and thank me.


Are you ready for our humiliating cuckold phone sex session? Me too! I’m always ready, so grab that phone and call me.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

High Heels Hooray!

High Heels Fetish MistressLegs were made to be worshiped. High heels just make it easier. You go weak when you see them. Pumps are essentially to a woman’s feet what a crown does for the head. It transforms an ordinary woman into a divine being, and you can’t help but basically cower in her presence. You would give anything to worship at her feet.

High heels do more than look good…

They SOUND good. Remember what I said about sexy shoes being the crown of the foot? Well the sounds of heels hitting the pavement, or the hardwood, or any other delightfully resistant surfaces you can think of, are like trumpets blaring, announcing the arrival of royalty itself. Whether it’s a “click” or a “clomp”, those soundwaves are like music to your ears because you can’t wait to see what’s coming around the corner.

A confident woman walks with rhythm and balance. It turns on that masculine hunter’s instinct at once, and makes a man crazy. Just ask me how I know this. From the alpha male on down, no cock is safe once I show up. You think you could handle me in real-life? You can barely handle my picture. Think again!

The right shoe can make a woman all-powerful…

How else do you explain your inability to fight back when she’s got you on the floor, pinned beneath her heel? Your hands may be gripping that ankle, but all you can do is squirm and plead. You don’t want your freedom. You want to massage those delicate yet powerful calves.

You want to get on your knees and kiss every inch of those feet after yanking off her sexy stilletos. Have you ever seen a woman cum just from you licking her beautiful feet. Something tells me you are about to.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex