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Giantess Fantasy: The Panty Prisoner

Alexis Giantess MistressUh oh, now you’ve gone and done it. What started out as an innocent expedition into the lair of the giantess has turned out to be a rather dangerous event. You probably expected to be stunned by breathtaking views of giant furniture, to catch a wild breeze as you hung from the curtains. Maybe you even planned to feast on the towering fruits in her magnificent kitchen. What you didn’t count on was the mistress of the house being at home.

The giantess hunter loses the upper hand

How could you have made such a miscalculation? You’re a master of tracking and exploration. How could you have been caught unawares, and by a giant woman no less? Double uh oh. She doesn’t seem too friendly. You find yourself in such awe of not only her beauty, but her ability to move with such stealth at her size. She seizes the opportunity to snatch you up.

Your feet are dangling as you hover in mid-air, supported only by the grip of her might fingers. “This could be the end,” you think to yourself. Her eyes narrow at first as she analyzes your tiny being then widen at the discovery of your adorableness. Her mouth emits a high-pitch squeak that’s murder on your ears at this proximity, but you brace yourself and hang on for the ride.

Giant women are playful and cunning

The giantess scurries to her bedroom with you held tight to her chest. You hardly have a moment to process the act of her letting you fall to your doom. Only it’s not as bad as you think. Instead of smacking against the hard floor you end up pressed against something quite soft and elastic in nature. Despite your efforts to climb out, you feel the hand of the island giantess pushing you down deeper until you are wedged between two large, firm yet pillowy entities.

Could this be your new panty prison? Will you be kept here forever? Only the Giantess knows…

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Ass Worship: It’s About Time

Ass Worship Mistress Alexis
If you are one of my faithful readers, then you will have noticed there has been a lot of ass on my blog lately. I’ve covered pounding it, swatting it, shoving things inside of it, but there is also a very tender side of things when it comes to the backside. So today’s focus is on the wonders of ass worship, and how you can make sure your Mistress or partner enjoys themself to the fullest.

Take your time, do it right

My first piece of advice: take your time. If you have decided to engage in the activity that is ass worship, then try to remember the key word in that phrase. Worship is about fully immersing yourself in the act of showing reverence to someone or something.

Whether you are new to oral servitude or this is your first time indulging, try to enjoy simply “admiring the landscape.” Take a moment to appreciate the fact that this is not something that simply everyone gets to lay their eyes upon. Look at the beautiful curves and trace along your sightline with the tips of your fingers.

Ass worship deserves your full attention

Be gentle when you pry those asscheeks apart. Though you may be totally revved up and ready to dig in. Try practicing the art of purposeful restraint. It will make every moment count in the long run.

When you do start to use that tongue, remember that it’s a three-dimensional object that can be altered in many ways. Try using just the point to get a desired reaction from your subject of worship. Then go for a broad stroke. If you’re really talented and can make a taco-shape, then count on really spicing things up. As long as you remember whose pleasure you’re there for, you’ll be just fine.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Spanking That Ass: Tears for Jeers

Spanking MistressHow do you feel about getting a spanking? Every man needs a good whipping now and then to keep him centered. The male mind is a place where wicked thoughts manifest themselves regularly. That is why women were put upon this Earth, to spank your bottom! (and laugh while doing it!)

Spanking you makes ME feel good…

So why are you being spanked? Do I really need a reason? As stated before, I already know that at any given point of the day your thoughts are focused on something naughty and indecent. You’ve already fantasized about fifteen things you’d like to do to my tits in the past five minutes. So drop those pants and bend over!

Tried and true spank methods…

I’m going to opt for a good old-fashioned bare-bottom over-the-knee spanking because I like the connection my hand makes with your flesh. I can literally feel you jump and squirm in my lap and I know the message is getting through. It may be a form of impact play, but my demeanor is all business. And your bottom will have the ripe, red marks to prove it!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Small Penis Party: You’re Invited!

Small Penis Humiliation Phone SexYou’ve got it all worked out. Your daily routine goes something like this. You put in your hours, beat the grind, and at the end of the day you’ve got one thing on your mind. So you lock the office door, whip out your small penis, and get to work jacking off.

Watching you stroke your tiny nub!

What you don’t know is you’ve got an audience. The female execs have been getting together for our weekly small penis humiliation party in the conference room. Yup, we’ve been keeping tabs on you via webcam, and you didn’t even know it!

All those dirty websites you’ve been visiting? Yup. We’ve been paying close attention. My, my, you do have a dirty mind. But don’t worry. You’re not in trouble. Me and the girls just want to talk to you about it in person.

Your small penis won’t last through the party

So this time you’re invited to the party as the guest of honor where we have every intention of teasing your small cock. And no, we’re not expecting you to last long. That’s where the male stripper comes in. I’m sure he’ll keep us busy long after you’ve fled the scene. He’s big and long and no doubt will keep us entertained all night long, which is more than I can say for your puny pecker. Now that’s what I call a party favor!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Strap-on Fun: Submit or Quit

Strap-On MistressToday is the first day of the rest of your life as a submissive. Today is the day you learn what it means to submit and be truly owned by your Mistress. My strap-on is oiled up and ready to play. And by the look of things, you are as well. Do not fear, my sweet, I’ll be gentle. That is, unless you get out of line.

Oddly enough, pegging is NOT for pussies…

Anal training is a long, arduous process that has its benefits and rewards. Pleasing me is at the top of the list. Then there is the satisfaction that comes with knowing you toughed it out. You endured every stretch, every graduation in size from one butt plug to the next. And now you will know the joy of having your prostate pounded by a member of the superior sex.

You wanted my strap-on all along…

Mind-blowing. That is the only way to describe the sensation that you are about to experience. To be pinned down with the weight of my body holding you steady while you moan and whimper is the ultimate experience. It’s enough to make you want to serve me forever. Good thing I had that planned all along.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex