Male Chastity Prove Your Devotion

Femdom MistressHello chastity-pet,

Have you been a good boy this week? I always look forward to your reports on life behind bars in your male chastity device. The world must look so different through your eyes. After all, you willingly sacrifice so much to please your Mistress on a regular basis. While most men get to blow their loads daily, you have chosen to travel a disciplined, more noble path. I just want you to know how much it pleases me to watch your evolution and know that I had a hand in it.

Stroking instructions for male chastity…

Though there is great fun in keeping my men locked up, every chastity-slave is different. Some experience time out of their cages on a regular basis. Others are locked down nice and tight every day with zero hope of their cocks ever seeing the light of day. Constant lockdown is the dream of many chastity-slaves in the way an Olympic gold medal is the motivation for many athletes. It is not for the faint of heart, and it requires intense training and sheer devotion if one is to accomplish this lifestyle feat.

It’s not unusual to allow removal of the cage for occasional edgeplay and fulfillment of stroking instructions. In a way it is a reminder that the male’s sexual spirit is still very much alive, despite the lack of use of one’s cock. The ability to “stroke it and put it away” is a personal testament to how far one has come on his journey of self-discipline.

Ways to stay devoted to your Mistress…

The definite way to stay devoted to your Mistress is to look at her pictures. Gazing at her photos on a regular basis will give you the opportunity to acknowledge her strength and power. These are both things you will need if you are to progress on your journey.  Another way is to reach out to her and share your thoughts via e-mail. She will want to know of your progress as well as your shortcomings so that she can aid you in getting back on track. The key to chastity is remembering that Mistress is truly in control. Hold onto this principle and it will make things that much easier to handle.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Do You Deserve to be Spanked?

Femdom Corporal PunishmentSometimes my submissives will approach me and ask me to discipline them straight off. There’s no suspense to it, no build-up of anticipation. They crawl right up to me with that hairbrush in their mouth or that rattan cane and they ask me to spank them. This is completely fine as I enjoy spanking my submissives, but I have to ask. Do you deserve to be spanked? Have you earned what you are asking for? Surely, you must think so, or else you wouldn’t approach Mistress in the first place.

I will redden your asscheeks…

Don’t beg for it if you don’t mean it. Of course before we begin there will have to be some prep-work involved. A good spanking can be simple or plotted out well in advance. It can be a bare-bottom-over-the-knee spanking or I can have you tied down to my fuck-bench, unable to evade those good hard impact strikes. In this case, I’m thinking bondage will only add to the experience, so I will lay you flat on my modified massage table.

It has a lovely hole where your cock will poke through as I spank you incessantly. You can scream all you like once you place your face through the cushioned ring at the head of the table but nothing truly starts until you deliver your kinky confessional. Your wrists will be buckled down and a nice spreader bar will be placed between your ankles.

Corporal punishment can be scary…

It is Cocktober after all, and I am certainly not opposed to dishing up a little scare in my domination regimen. The real question remains to be answered. What is more scary? Is it the pain itself that comes with a hardcore spanking, or the control you will relinquish in order to get that spanking fetish satisfied?

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Alexis, Mistress of the Dark

Mistress Alexis Bending OverCocktober: A month unlike any other. Some evil dark lord has been colluding with wicked spirits in an attempt to do some serious soul collecting. Translation: The boss has dumped a huge workload on my division, and it’s going to take awhile to sort it all out. Many of you know this from checking out my schedule page, but I thought it best to make the official announcement right here. So in the spirit of the season, Ms Alexis’ virtual dungeon has temporarily transformed into a house of horrors.

Mind the tarantula. He bites.

Reclaiming my throne as the queen of late night…

When I first arrived at LDW, many of you recall I was a regular on the graveyard shift. I was happy there. The night has always been kind to me, and I feel at one with it. However, once I discovered I could balance my corporate work with femdom phone sex, well that just changed everything. It opened me up to a whole new world of exciting people and new fetish discoveries. And it is there that I have stayed for quite some time.

Now, because of this long-term project, I will be available for calls sporadically through the day, and much more during late nights. The moral of the story is: if you’re one of those chaps who has been kicking himself because our schedules don’t coincide, take heart because you may just get your shot.

My breasts look even better in the dark…

I’m no Elvira, but I do believe I could hold my own against her in a wrestling match. Oooo, there’s a thought for your spank-bank! I have tricks and I have treats. If you’re good, I might just give you a sweet. If you’re bad, you’ll probably walk away with a ruined orgasm. Think I’m not bold enough to do it? TRY ME. In the meantime, enjoy the Alexis Spooktacular that is my new schedule if you dare. *cackle*

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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You Need Cock Control In Your Life

Alexis Strict MistressEvery male of the hetero-persuasion comes standard with the need for cock control. Okay, I take that back. Now that I think about it, EVERY male is born with this need and unrelenting desire. The male mind thrives on action, and adventure. It has a constant hunger for stimulation. You might say that the cock also has a need for stimulation. While this is true, we must remember that the mind is where that tingle truly begins.

It often starts with catching a visual. Maybe some sexy bombshell in a bathing suit is jogging along the beach or involved in a very intense game of volleyball with her girlfriends. All that skin! Oh my! Next thing you know you’re sporting a major boner. Why? Because in that moment it’s all new, fun, and exciting.

Guided masturbation kills boredom…

I’m sure you know by now what the enemy of an erection is. It’s boredom. Too much seriousness is the opposite of fun, and sex is all about the fun. Am I right, darlings? You know what’s boring? Knowing you can have something any time you like. Think back to the days when you were young and holidays usually equated with candy. It was such a thrill wasn’t it? Hunting candy was probably the center of your life.

Now that you’re all grown up, it’s no big deal. You have a job. You can get sweet, sweet candy any time you like. It may still be tasty but it’s nothing like it was back then. The same thing can happen with jerking off. You just have to find a way to get that thrill back, and guided masturbation means cock control to the rescue.

A masturbatrix will keep that cock under control…

This is definitely an area best left to the pros. You can call any Mistress, but you’d better make sure she’s kinky, crazy, and fun. Kinda like me. Make sure she has a voice like caramel and the desire to tell you NO once in awhile. Because that IS the essence of cock control.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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My Kinky Confessional

Mistress Alexis Cocktease PhonesexI’m always asking my callers to divulge their kinky secrets. It never dawned on me that I seldom ever share mine. So what better place to do that than right here on my erotic adult blog? If it gives you some inspiration then all the better. So what is it that I feel like talking about today?

I’m thinking we should focus on tease and denial play. “But Mistress,” you say, ” I thought this blog post was supposed to be about you.” If we want to be frank, it’s always about me all the time, but in this case especially, we’re gonna talk about the tease.

Tease and denial isn’t just for cocks…

The entire point of tease and denial, sometimes known as tease and delay depending on what the endgame is, is to get those juices flowing and the heat of that pressure cooker going strong. Sometimes it’s fun to take a break from my creative cockteasing only to have the tables turned on me.

I’ve been tied up and manipulated a few times if you know what I mean. I’m talking about that digital stimulation. It feels good to let a man’s fingers do the walking all over my clitty, especially when he has the power to bring me right up to the point of no return only to be left begging for more.

I must confess. I like to switch…

That’s right. Men aren’t the only ones who love a tease. The field has many sides and I like to play all of them. I’m into males and females and I don’t always have to be the one in control. It can be fun to let my hair down and enjoy the fun of subspace on occasion. Why be a bad girl if you can’t break the rules once in awhile? As long as we’re having a blast in the sack, I will always be open to the possibilities.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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