Ruined Orgasm – The Ultimate CockTease

Ruined Orgasm MistressWith all that stroking and jerking, sometimes the cock just needs a break from the familiar. A ruined orgasm could be just what you need to break up the monotony in your masturbation routine. That probably doesn’t sound very appealing, and you’re right. It’s not about you though, is it?

Mistress’ pleasure always comes first, and the best part of a ruined orgasm is in the not knowing. If I tell you when to expect it, that will take all the fun out of me controlling your cock. It’s the THREAT of a ruined orgasm by a cocktease that really heightens your excitement.

Now Why Would I Ruin Your Orgasm?

There are lots of reasons why a femdom Mistress would want to ruin your orgasm. Maybe you were naughty and didn’t follow your submissive chore list. Maybe you decided to wash your car with one of the fancy guest towels. Or maybe it was my personal favorite, because I FEEL like it!

Ruined Orgasm as a Punishment

Just the thought has you squirming. I find that a ruined orgasm punishment is incredibly effective in combating negative behavior. It all starts with edging though. The more I edge your cock, the more tight and full those balls become.

That is the sweet spot because more fluid equals more pressure. And more pressure equals more backflow. And more backflow equals more screaming for Mistress when you feel like you can’t hold back. Oh, but you must! Because cheating on this ruined orgasm will only buy you five more.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Kinky Phonesex Mistress of the Week is Celebrating

Kinky Phonesex Mistress

Mistress of the Week, June 22 – 28

Alexis, your kinky phonesex Mistress has good cause to celebrate, as I have been chosen to be your LDW Mistress of the week! I always knew my naughty mind would come in handy, but this just goes to affirm that I’ve been on the right track.

When it comes to being kinky, I hardly have the monopoly on that. It doesn’t stop me from getting your cock all worked up though. And who wouldn’t want to be all twisted up for me?

Mistress of the week free phonesex treat…

You have proven to me time and time again how much you love our kinky phone sex calls. So as part of my Mistress of the Week festivities, one lucky guy will be selected to receive a free 10 minute call!

To be entered, all you have to do is give me a call for some phonesex fun (ok it doesn’t HAVE to be sexual, hehe), and leave a note on the rate my call page afterward. The winner will be randomly selected from my reviewers.

Even if you don’t care about getting the free call, do leave your insights anyway! I love reading all of your wonderful comments and knowing that I made an impact on your world.

The gift of erotic audio from kinky phonesex Mistress Alexis…

Everyone loves getting a gift! So as a thank you for celebrating my special week, I am rewarding ANYONE who does a session with me via phone or text with a free erotic audio. This 5-minute guided masturbation audio should definitely keep you on the edge of your seat, if not edging wildly out of control. It’s the least I can do for those who go out of their way to show me some love on a regular basis.

If you haven’t done a call with me before, what’s holding you back? I’d love it if you’d share in the comments below. Be sure to look for my responses to all your questions/comments!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Stealing Her Panties To Wear

Femdom Mistress in Panties AlexisDid you really think I wouldn’t catch you stealing her panties from the dresser? I can spot a panty thief from miles away. You have got some nerve, that’s for sure. I bet you’ve been tip-toeing into the room while she was away for months now.

It always starts with one pair doesn’t it? You pick up those silky panties and feel them against your fingertips and ohhhhh… that sensation! Is it any wonder you’re so obsessed? It’s not enough to touch. You want to wear them!

Sticking Your Hands in Her Panty Drawer

It’s just too tempting not to grab all of those prettily folded panties isn’t it? I had a submissive sissy maid that would raid the panty drawer every chance she got! And I am here to tell you to stop! Don’t be that person. My sissy got punished, while wearing panties no less, the hard way! Be careful or you could experience the same fate.

Punished for Stealing Panties

She was trussed up at the first opportunity with her arms and legs spread. I took the panties she had lifted from my drawer and stuffed them in her mouth. After that, I made sure to spank her bottom good and hard with my favorite paddle. Now she is one of those panty-wearing men that has my mark emblazoned on that ass for good! I think it’s safe to say that she learned a good lesson that day. It didn’t stop her from begging for more.

Confess Your Panty Obsession!

Now I know some of you out there are serial panty-snatchers, so ‘fess up! I want to hear your story in the comments. It will make you feel SO much better to get it off your chest.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Shrinking Men Down to Size

Shrinking Mistress AlexisI am in the mood to weave one of my shrinking spells! All I need is an unsuspecting member of the male population. Luckily, that won’t be hard to find. You men are so cute when you’re out and about because that is when you most desire to show off for a beautiful lady. The only drawback is that the lady just might have one thing on her mind…and that’s shrinking you down.

You’ve stepped right into my shrinking trap…

Oh, you’ve gone and done it now. Saying, “Well hello there.” just might have been the biggest mistake you made today. You are definitely shrinking down material. I can tell from those broad shoulders and the way you tower over me, but that is all going to change.

It’s a hot day so naturally I’m going to offer you a sip of my water. Little do you know it’s really a shrinking potion, but shrinking you will be a delayed effect. That will give us plenty of time to walk back to my apartment with your hand on my ass as you smile confident that you have me all figured out after ten minutes.

Welcome home, tiny man…

I can just picture this going into my shrinking Mistress diary. It was a day to remember. The tiny clothes were already laid out for you when we walked through the door and you remarked upon how cute they were. Little did you know they were for you. At least you’ll be stylish for a tiny little man. I can’t wait to show you off to my girlfriends and make you perform for their amusement. *wicked laugh*


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Adult Radio Marathon Plus Free Phone Sex

Adult Radio Fan Ms AlexisThe Mistresses of LDW are always coming up with new ways to surprise you. If you haven’t figured it out, here’s your chance! Several ladies are manning the mic of our own adult radio station. That means you’ll have the chance to tune in and hear the sultry voices of our sexy sirens tomorrow, June 6th starting at 10am EST.

Who on our roster will be the featured cock jocks? That’s all just a part of the fun. You’ll have to check it out if you want to be in the know. Did I mention beautiful women LOVE it when you show up at their parties? *wink*

Be a part of the adult chat experience…

When you’re listening to cock radio, you’re not just a bystander being fed a bunch of information. No way! You can actually be a part of things. Come to our Community Kink adult chat room during scheduled broadcast hours and say hello to the Mistress on the air, along with your fellow Cock Radio listeners. Share your thoughts on a multitude of sexy topics and actually hear the Mistress respond live in real-time!

A day of cock radio and free phone sex…

My suggested plan to tackle the day? Check out the Cock Radio blog and click on the built-in player, then let ‘er rip and enjoy the show. Listen to some awesome tunes, a ton of wisecracks, and just TRY to not lose yourself to the call of the cock jock. To celebrate our awesomeness today because we can, place a call with LDW and enjoy 10 minutes of free phone sex on us! This treat blasts off from 12:01am to 11:59pm so jump on it! One thing that will always be said about the LDW Sexyverse: We treat our guests right!

Have YOU ever tuned into cock radio before? Would to hear what you thought about it in the comments below.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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