Small Penis in Naughty Places

small penis humiliation Phone SexFrom my experience as a humiliation femdom of the phonesex world, it seems like guys with small penis problems have several things in common. One is, they don’t last very long. Hence our need to outsource physical bliss to our BOBs (battery operated boyfriends) or our bullstuds. Second is they love to jackoff ALL THE TIME which often marks them as chronic masturbators. And third, they love to drum up excitement where they can, so they become thrillseekers.

You can’t stop touching your small penis…

I know it must be humiliating to have a little dick. A man’s cock is the essence of his manhood, and if you can’t swang it, slang it, and drill for oil then what good is it? You’re one of those sneaky-petes who slink off to the bathroom at work to get a little jerkoff action going. Yeah I’ve got you pegged. It’s exciting to know that you’re doing something forbidden, you humiliation slut, as footsteps shuffle about in the nearby vicinity. Heaven forbid a couple of voices start engaging in mundane conversation while you’re at it. If they only knew!!!

Masturbation is all about naughty location…

Ok, so there’s work. Ever done it in the stall at a restaurant? What about a church? As I write this I’ve got one of my bitches on the case, and he is NOT allowed to stop jerking it until he is instructed to do so. I bet he’s just hoping I will finish this blog so that I will grant him release. But wait, who said anything about cumming? lol Awww, can’t make your little dick cum until Mistress gives you permission? Small penis problems.

…Alexis is pure evil…

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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A Slave for Mistress

Phone Sex Mistress AlexisI was approached today by a new candidate for ultimate servitude. I bet you’re still waiting for the part of this that is news. Truth be told, that isn’t my angle here. I’m not going for any kind of wow or shock value. It’s simply a matter-of-fact. I love being a femdom Mistress, and my slaves adore me. Why? Because of my versatility. I can be soft and sensual, or I can be an absolute bully of a strict Mistress. Am I aggressive? You bet your sweet ass I am because it’s all a natural part of who I am.

Women in charge and loving it…

You might say that men are the weaker sex. I most certainly have my reasons, but among them my favorite is the fact that you live to please me. By doing so you admit that I am a superior being who deserves such treatment. I am built to be revered by design. Look at my curvy hips and my luscious lips. Look at my full breasts and my gorgeous legs. It’s not a choice. You cannot help but to fall down in surrender to me.

This behavior pleases me and in turn encourages me to give you what you seek. I don’t know. Sounds like a small price to pay for hours and hours of insurmountable physical bliss. You’ve done worse things for less gratification, and don’t try to tell me otherwise because we both know it’s total B.S.

Worship your Mistress and love it…

So what have we learned from this post today? It’s that just as with anything in life you have to GIVE to GET. You want the full, undivided attention of a Goddess? Show her you want to please her. Prove that her time is valuable to you. And when in doubt, it never hurts to send her a gift. For some reason prezzies always get me in the mood for facesitting. Then hours of pussy worship can ensue as I enjoy tinkering with my  shiny new trinket.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Tease and Delay and OBEY!

Mistress Alexis Femdom PhonesexI am the kind of Mistress that likes edging and teasing, the BEST kind of Mistress. You are the kind of guy who has opted to label himself as a submissive. That usually entails an implied level of obedience. So you can only imagine my surprise when I was recently approached by a sub who informed me that he was given a direct order to cum…but he wasn’t done stroking.

(insert sound of breaking glass here)

Wait…what? Who dares to challenge the D/s dynamic in this manner? A hush has come over the Empire.

Stroking instructions vs polite requests…

I admit, my shock was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction. I’ve just been unquestionably in control for so long that it took me by surprise. When I give an order or direct stroking  and edging instructions, I have a reasonable expectation that they will be carried out. If anything that situation has taught me that opportunity can lie in wait in the most unexpected of places, and that punishment for wrongdoing can still be incredibly sexy. Sometimes it’s not always as straightforward as breaking out the riding crop and flaying some ass. Lessons can be taught in other ways as well.

The punishment for stroking fits the crime…

I didn’t want to give this naughty sub immediate access to me as that was what he wanted, so I decided to be sneaky and hand him off to Mistress Amber. She served as my proxy for some major tease and denial action. No way was I going to let him cum. In the end, Mistress Amber left him denied. I was so hoping he would have called back, however, because I had a surprise twist waiting where we would have double-team teased him. Oh well. There’s always next time, hehe.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Erotic Adventures in Shoe Shopping

Foot Worship Phone SexWith the advent of online shopping, people have managed to reduce visiting stores in-person to an antiquated notion at best. We used to do a great deal of purchasing via the great behemoth known as the department store catalog, but something has changed all that. Despite this, some of us still get our kicks from stepping into a large building filled to the brim with merchandise and having our pick. In this case, sexy heels will be the center of my post today.

Sexy shoes and stockings make legs look great…

When you have been truly blessed with a body like mine, it’s no wonder I enjoy going out and showing it off. I take the time to look good, choosing just the right blouse and the perfect skirt. I make sure to show just the right amount of cleavage. Not too trashy but just enough. Then I add the silkiest pair of stockings in my arsenal and it’s off to buy some hot new stilettos.

I love being attended by a salesperson of the male persuasion. That way I know my delicate feet will be handled with the utmost care. It is amusing to watch his attempts to stay professional as his thumb grazes my heel, and he realizes the treasure that he holds oh so close to him. I can see the longing in his eyes. He wants to do more than just touch it.

Buying new shoes can be a truly sexy experience…

The shoes that he brings me to try on are all delightful. I can see him fidgeting happily from the corner of my eye as I walk about in them. Some feature open toes, others sexy slingbacks that cuddle the curve above my heel. They are all quality and all very expensive. He offers me an initial discount but I know he can do better.

That’s when we have a very private conference in a shady little corner of the back room. This is where I allow him to really express his desire to worship my feet. He kisses. He fondles. He caresses. He even suckles my toes through that thin layer of nylon barring him from true heaven. He gives me what I want in the end, and we are both thoroughly satisfied.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Turned Into A Sissy

Feminization MistressI am a huge believer in not judging a book by its cover. If I have learned anything over the course of my life, it’s that you never really know what lies beneath any exterior. More often than not, the harder one tries to represent themselves in a certain way, it usually means they have something to hide. Take those super macho jocks, for example. Would you be surprised to learn that many of  them have a secret panty fetish? I’m not talking about lusting after feminine lingerie on the ladies either. I’m referring to slipping into those silkies themselves for a good prance around the bedroom.

Give in to your uncontrollable sissy urges…

Did you feel a tingle as you were reading this? I bet it hit pretty close to home. You didn’t think anyone out there knew your little secret. Oh, but I do. It can be scary to admit that you want to dress up in garments typically associated with the female gender. Lucky for you, as a Mistress, I can give you that push to follow your dreams, guilt-free.

Do you have moments where you feel powerless to stop crossdressing? Good. That just means you’re a prime candidate for some serious femdom control in your life. You obviously need a real woman to mold you and shape you into her image. Thank goodness for bodyshapers or you might be a lost cause!

Feminized male under new ownership…

Better get comfortable, sissy because gone are the days of sweaty gym socks and belching contests. No more of that posturing to prove your male worth. From here on out, the only proving you have to do is to me. Prove that you are thankful to Mistress for guiding you down your true path as a feminized sissy bitch. Now put on those stocking and heels and strut like you mean it.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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