Your Kinky Secrets Are Safe With Me

Mistress Alexis Femdom PhonesexMany of my submissives lately have expressed a concern in one way or another as to whether or not their kinky secrets will be well-kept by me. I can absolutely understand the gravity of the situation. In fact, it’s one of the noblest parts of being a Mistress. I want all of my subs or anyone even thinking of being my sub to know that their delicate info is safe with me. Our sessions go far beyond dirty talk. Over time a bond is formed and that is something I have the deepest and most utter respect for.

Your kinks are your business and my pleasure…

When you’ve spent a great deal of time choosing the right phone sex Mistress, I want that person to be me. I am not here to judge. It doesn’t matter if you’re into sniffing stinky armpits or chewing posterboard or just good old-fashioned vanilla sex. I love that I am an open-minded woman who is secure in her love of all things sexual and an all-around good time. I hope that love of life comes across in our conversations because it’s there and you should feel totally comfortable opening up to me.

A Mistress and sub have no secrets from one another…

Giving good phone is only a piece of the picture. If you are a kinky individual then pull up a chair because you are in good company! You can spend your time repressing those things which you have been told are weird, but let’s get one thing straight. When you are on MY time, you settle in for one wild ride and love every second of it. I want to have a great time together and keep looking forward to that next shot of Alexis-magic!


Coerced Bi Strap-On Fun

Strap On Phone SexAre you one of those guys that is intimidated by the idea of a female boss? Do you really think it diminishes your manhood in any way to be subservient to a female in authority? Well if you are, then I have news for you. Women in leadership roles is fast becoming the norm, so if I were you, I would shape up and learn to deal with it. It honestly takes so much work and energy to launch a personal protest against such matters. Wouldn’t you rather take the easy road and let things happen naturally? Don’t be afraid of your strap-on fantasies!

A woman with a strap-on…what’s the harm?

Still in denial, huh? That’s okay. Acceptance of the new status quo can take time. Just try to look at what a blessing a situation like this truly is. Some of us are just naturally stubborn and we need a bit of convincing. With a person of authority giving you the push you need, you can indulge guilt-free. By telling yourself “she made me do it”, you can be free to indulge in your dirty coerced-bi strap-on fantasies all you like without worry of the truth behind them. You can ease into the idea like slipping into a nice, warm bath instead of the shock of an ice-cold shower.

Coerced cocksucking strap-on style…

“Come here, my little cockslut.” That’s probably what your boss will say to you once you’re stripped naked and crawling on the floor of her office. You thought she was going to ask you to hump her brains out. All those times with her flirting with you in the elevator or during meetings. That is what all women want right? To be taken by a macho guy who knows how to give it to them good. Cute, but no. SOME women like to turn the tables, especially on macho guys like you. Everything will be alright. Just do whatever your strap-on femdomme boss says and you’ll be on her good side in no time.

Who knows? You might even get promoted to ass-slut.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Prepare to be Cuckolded

Phone Sex Mistress AlexisCuckolding can be quite the adventure. There are so many angles from which to view it, and all of them can be quite arousing. Today we focus on the amount of preparation that goes into pleasing your wife and her lover. The true cuckold takes the most pleasure from knowing how fulfilled his wife is. Therefore, it is her right and his duty to make certain that everything goes according to plan, and at the level of her expectations.

Are you hard for your wife’s pleasure?

No matter how many times you experience it, the act of getting ready for a special evening of erotic bliss in the land of cuckolding can be quite overwhelming. Your hotwife may have you go as far as to select the special outfit that she is to wear for her bullstud. Nothing sets the tone quite like luxurious lingerie. Imagine a sexy satin teddy falling away from her luscious curves as she is undressed by her lover.

Now you’ve done it! You’ve gone and given yourself a hard-on. That’s ok. This is the time to enjoy those sensations of arousal. Let them overtake you as you make sure everything is perfect for your hotwife and her stud. If it’s an extra special occasion like your wedding anniversary, you can put out some chilled champagne for the two of them to enjoy as you sit in the corner and play with your little penis.

What cuckold fantasies consist of…

Make sure to take the time to place some condoms in the crystal candy dish on her nightstand. That is of course assuming they are needed. If your get-togethers involve regular visits by a qualified bullstud, then your wife may have eliminated that component altogether. Nothing like watching a man unload a hot, juicy creampie for you to clean-up, is there? It’s the kind of thing that cuckold fantasies are truly made of.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Keeping that Cock Locked and Hungry

Alexis Chastity MistressSo you think you’ve got what it takes to be locked for me in chastity. That’s a start. Have you taken a hard look at what male chastity┬áis really about? It means proving your devotion to Mistress on a regular basis. You’re probably thinking that isn’t such a big deal since you are so dedicated to this ideal of what every woman should strive to be. That’s just one of the things that comes standard with a submissive male. When your cock is locked down for me, be prepared for ultimate transparency.

Male chastity slaves don’t have secrets…

Giving up ownership of one’s cock is a big deal in and of itself. I totally get that. It takes an immense amount of self-discipline to give up direct access to the most exciting part of your body. In the end, I believe that it’s totally worth it. They say that chastity makes the heart grow fonder and they would be right.

It’s all a part of developing that sacred bond between a Dominant and a submissive. Once my chastity slaves are locked down, I expect honesty and transparency. Without those two facets, things would fall apart pretty quickly. I expect to know his moods, how badly he honestly desires to stroke and cum, and whether he is being faithful to his Mistress and his promise by keeping Her property caged for the proper amount of time designated.

What makes a truly successful chastity relationship…

In order for things to work, balance must be maintained. Both Mistress and sub must benefit or else interest will be lost. What are some ways Mistress can benefit? Buying presents from her wishlist is a good idea. You can also show your adoration by means of most delectable oral servitude. And for the sub? A little edging or jerkoff instructions never hurt anyone. Though I think you’ll be amazed at how quickly the time flies once you’ve been locked down at her whim for awhile.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Growing Up Giantess

Mistress Alexis Femdom PhonesexThere are a lot of guys out there who are giantess-lovers, and who could blame you? Isn’t the only thing better than something you love, MORE of something you love?

If you’re into large breasts, for example, then you could probably see the appeal of big, bouncy breasts that you could trampoline off of, especially if it gives your giantess gal pal a giggle. Not all women start out with giantess genes though. Some have totally normal-sized lives until something happens and they start to grow, totally out of control before your very eyes.

Growing potions can strike without warning…

If you’re ever on a date with a woman and she seems to be really aggressive and domineering, be careful because she just might have something extra up her sleeve. Her plans could be as vast as taking over the world, or it may be as simple as having you under her complete control.

Growing potions are NOT cheap, so don’t expect her to whip one out at every given opportunity. The woman bent on massive growth is calculating. Everything has to be in perfect alignment before she makes her move.

Trapped and helpless by a Giant Woman…

Once she has you in her clutches, you might as well give in because you can’t compete with a woman who is up to fifty times your size!!! The male ego is famous for being bigger than the bite which feeds it, but in this case you are wholly outmatched.

You can cry, “Please don’t grow, Mistress!” all you want. My advice is to get used to the idea of being made to worship your new giant goddess full-time because that is your new reality.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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