Watching You Stroke on Cam

I’m sure you’ve spent quite a good amount of time stroking it while you watch some dirty videos online over the years. Why do you enjoy watching? “Well that’s a really stupid question,” you respond. You enjoy it because it’s fun! It’s an intense visual experience, and it feels good to touch your cock while watching others get down and dirty on-screen. I’m willing to bet it’s an instantaneous reaction. I should know. It’s one that I share.

Why not put on a show for others?

You get hot watching porn. We’ve established that fact. There’s something about the power the performers have over you to put you in a different mental state for a little while. Your pulse races. It’s downright euphoric. So wouldn’t it stand to reason that this very same power resides within you? Wouldn’t you like the chance to induce such feelings in a member of the female sex?

Just imagine it. You’re sitting there stroking your cock while under the watchful eye of your masturbation Mistress. The sound of her voice fills your ear, giving you instructions. Just further proof that she’s into what you are doing and what IT is doing TO her.

Stroking your cock for my pleasure…

I hear men complain all the time about how women have all the toys and they don’t. You should consider yourself lucky. Your masturbation toy is built-in! The awesome thing is I wanna see you use it. So get that webcam ready and flick it on so I can see just how well you can follow my sexy input during a guided masturbation session. See? Pleasing a woman isn’t really that hard after all.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Three Ways You Can Suck My Dick

Alexis Strict Mistress

You’re so vain. I bet you think this blog is about you.

You’re about as dumb as a sub can get.

That’s the last thing you’ll hear from my mouth before you’ll be opening yours. Those who know me know that I am often heard to say , if I had a dick, you could suck it. Well lucky for me I have a vast array of dildos at my disposal in varying sizes and lengths depending on the task-at-hand. In this case, I am going for pure, raw, humiliation.

Small dick with a chip on your shoulder…

It’s so easy to stick a dick in your face and tell you to suck, but that isn’t really enough, is it? ┬áNoooooo, we need to get down to the source, the reason you’re in this position in the first place. Stand next to me and look at the massive dildo in my hands. Now look at your small cock. Hahaha, hardly a comparison!

Why are your cheeks turning beet red? There’s no need to be embarrassed about the truth. Let’s put it this way. Your cock may be the size of a chickpea, but at least it’s bigger than your brain. Now let’s begin your first lesson in coerced cocksucking. I’m about to show you what a femdom is, I have a feeling this is going to take awhile.

Threee ways to fuck your pathetic mouth…

On your knees – When I say drop to all-twos you had better do it. Keep that back straight and honor your keeper.

On your back – Splayed out on a table with your wrists in restraints while you are positively helpless? Mmmmm, that’s the way I really like it. A great option for the truly naughty with something to earn.

Tied to a chair – I rather like this position. That way I can really lean on that nutsack with the sole my boot when you start to get lazy. What? Too harsh? I guess that’s just what happens when you tangle with a viper like me.

Now be a dear and clean up your mess. I don’t want ANYONE thinking for a minute that I’ve gone soft on you. And if you like lists then you will love 10 reasons why men are the weaker sex.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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My Amazing Bouncy Breasts

Alexis Femdom GoddessMy breasts get a LOT of attention. Yeah, like that really needed to be said. You can just look at them and imagine all the possible guys salivating over their creamy roundness. Yes, they are huge, and they are all-natural.

One of my subs spends all day and night thinking about them. You could say that he has a total breast obsession to the point where he imagines them as a FFF cup-size! Hahaha, no they’re not that big, but he can keep dreaming. Who am I to stand in the way of his breasty dreams?

Why do my breasts have such power over you?

You’ve wanted them from the start, haven’t you? There’s just something about the visual appeal of a massive pair of breasts that immediately sends you into tit worship mode, and you have to have them. Heaven help you if I’m wearing a low-cut top, sporting lots of cleavage. Your imagination just goes wild then, doesn’t it?

It starts with visualizing the gorgeous meaty globe in its entirety. Then it moves on to wondering about that nipple. What color is it? How large is that sexy protrusion? How would it feel in your mouth? The possibilities are endless.

More bounce to the ounce…

It’s no secret that I work out quite a bit. I made a promise to myself that I would look amazing in my slingshot swimsuit, and I have stuck to that. Makes all those muscle worship fiends cry in their cheerios every morning. That means long hours in the gym, including plenty of treadmill time. And don’t think for a minute that I don’t enjoy teasing all the guys.

The way that ass grinds and those tits bounce and shake is just the kind of inspiration that makes them go for just one more rep, one more dip, and another lunge. I assume it’s because they think it will impress me, but I know they’re just trying to distract themselves enough to prevent a hard-on, lol!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Your Kinky Secrets Are Safe With Me

Mistress Alexis Femdom PhonesexMany of my submissives lately have expressed a concern in one way or another as to whether or not their kinky secrets will be well-kept by me. I can absolutely understand the gravity of the situation. In fact, it’s one of the noblest parts of being a Mistress. I want all of my subs or anyone even thinking of being my sub to know that their delicate info is safe with me. Our sessions go far beyond dirty talk. Over time a bond is formed and that is something I have the deepest and most utter respect for.

Your kinks are your business and my pleasure…

When you’ve spent a great deal of time choosing the right phone sex Mistress, I want that person to be me. I am not here to judge. It doesn’t matter if you’re into sniffing stinky armpits or chewing posterboard or just good old-fashioned vanilla sex. I love that I am an open-minded woman who is secure in her love of all things sexual and an all-around good time. I hope that love of life comes across in our conversations because it’s there and you should feel totally comfortable opening up to me.

A Mistress and sub have no secrets from one another…

Giving good phone is only a piece of the picture. If you are a kinky individual then pull up a chair because you are in good company! You can spend your time repressing those things which you have been told are weird, but let’s get one thing straight. When you are on MY time, you settle in for one wild ride and love every second of it. I want to have a great time together and keep looking forward to that next shot of Alexis-magic!


Coerced Bi Strap-On Fun

Strap On Phone SexAre you one of those guys that is intimidated by the idea of a female boss? Do you really think it diminishes your manhood in any way to be subservient to a female in authority? Well if you are, then I have news for you. Women in leadership roles is fast becoming the norm, so if I were you, I would shape up and learn to deal with it. It honestly takes so much work and energy to launch a personal protest against such matters. Wouldn’t you rather take the easy road and let things happen naturally? Don’t be afraid of your strap-on fantasies!

A woman with a strap-on…what’s the harm?

Still in denial, huh? That’s okay. Acceptance of the new status quo can take time. Just try to look at what a blessing a situation like this truly is. Some of us are just naturally stubborn and we need a bit of convincing. With a person of authority giving you the push you need, you can indulge guilt-free. By telling yourself “she made me do it”, you can be free to indulge in your dirty coerced-bi strap-on fantasies all you like without worry of the truth behind them. You can ease into the idea like slipping into a nice, warm bath instead of the shock of an ice-cold shower.

Coerced cocksucking strap-on style…

“Come here, my little cockslut.” That’s probably what your boss will say to you once you’re stripped naked and crawling on the floor of her office. You thought she was going to ask you to hump her brains out. All those times with her flirting with you in the elevator or during meetings. That is what all women want right? To be taken by a macho guy who knows how to give it to them good. Cute, but no. SOME women like to turn the tables, especially on macho guys like you. Everything will be alright. Just do whatever your strap-on femdomme boss says and you’ll be on her good side in no time.

Who knows? You might even get promoted to ass-slut.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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