Phonesex and Beyond: Alexis News and Updates

Schedule Change!

The Holidays are rapidly descending upon us. And since I’m feeling insanely merry and exceptionally bright, I’m going to be changing my schedule. I’m planning to be more available through the end of this year than I have been in the last 10 months BUT here’s the caveat. In order to do that, I won’t be able to stick to a strict, regimental schedule. You can check my Availability Page for details on that.

Shameless Birthday Promotion:

The Queen will be celebrating another year of erotic bliss with you all on December 4th! Thank you for giving me so many reasons to smile throughout the year. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Though gifting is not required, for those who ARE curious about my interests in general, check out my Amazon Wish List. Much like my schedule it is constantly being updated. Special thanks to my chastity pet, ownedbyalexis, who holds the honour of most prezzies bestowed for 2015.

LDW Phonesex Rollback!

Our latest LDW Promotion in celebration of our anniversary month is Rewind Weekend. Pricing for all calls will revert back to $2.50/min now through 11:59pm EST on Sunday, November 29th! Add some additional bliss to your holiday weekend.





The Panty Auction is Coming!!!

Hear ye, hear ye! Arise and be counted among the brave souls who will step forth and cast their lots for the chance to take home some of my most personal possessions. “Is this the panty auction of which you speak?” Nay, this is no mere auction, but a Tournament of Champions, for surely my most loyal and devoted followers will make a grand showing of affection for their queen. Who will arise victorious from the fray? Will it be one of my visibly devoted, or shall a dark mount emerge from the shadows to claim his prize?

The tournament shall begin:

On the day of December 2nd at Midnight EST and will close at 11:59pm on the eve of December 8th

Alexis Chastity Mistress

Bidding will take place right here on this site. Look for the OFFICIAL AUCTION LISTING coming soon! 

I am sorting through my things as you read this, carefully curating a variety of items that will no doubt leave the winner VERY satisfied with his claim. Whether you choose to nuzzle them or wear them, that remains up to you! I shall provide updates once I have made my selection.


Anal Sex Is ON the Table: Take 2

Femdom Mistress Anal SexIn a previous post on anal sex play, I talked about my love of being probed between the cheeks. It all started with a single finger. Then it evolved into a love of anal penetration with a full hard cock. Later in that article, I moved the focus of discussion to my partner’s ass and how men can really only benefit from regular anal stimulation (hint: it won’t make you gay any more than paying your light bill will).

So I want to continue down that path. A cock is really basically a guy’s best friend. It brings you SO much pleasure and demystifies the secrets of the universe. At least it feels that way once you are allowed to let it pop after a long stretch of being pent up. So if someone told you that there is actually ANOTHER spot on your body that could actually bring you even more pleasure, wouldn’t you get excited? I sure as hell would!

Anal sex and teasing prostate touch…

When done with a partner, anal sex and masturbation are a lot of fun. With a second person comes the vulnerability factor. It can be quite freeing to allow a trusted party to explore your body, especially the bits you don’t get to see. I mean think about it, guys finger women all the time. The thought of slipping your fingers into a juicy, warm wet hole has its own allure. And you do it to give the woman pleasure, right? So…? Let us return the favor!

 Prostate massage makes everything better…

If you’re more comfortable testing the waters on your own, there are so many toys that make exploration easy. The most popular toy is the Aneros. It’s an odd looking item but it will make you feel so good as you rock and squirm and even jerk off with it inside of you. And if you need a little more motivation, trust me when I say it’s super hot to know that a guy is comfortable enough with his own body to experiment, to seek and own his pleasure.

Put your orgasms into overdrive and take me along for the ride on an anal masturbation session.


The Curious Crossdresser

Feminization MistressSo, you’re a little curious about sissy crossdressing, huh? Well, you’re totally in the right place for that. I know that you probably are eager to explore your femininity and that’s something I love to do. I will help turn you into the sissy crossdresser you have always dreamed of being.

You’re going to look so cute as a crossdressing sissy!

Maybe you’re unsure of the look you want to go for, but I have an idea in mind. What would you think about being dressed up to look like a blonde bimbo slut? I think that it would be the perfect look for you. First, you’re going to need to shave or wax your entire body. Nobody likes a hairy sissy.

Until you can grow your hair out, you’re going to need to get a blonde wig. I’ll teach you how to style your hair. Don’t worry. I think we should give you some pigtails. You’re going to look so cute when I am through with you!

Let’s have some crossdressing fun!

Next, we’re going to need to do your sissy makeup. I was thinking of maybe some blue eye shadow, false eyelashes and a bright red lip. What do you think? I think that just screams bimbo! Just picture how good it’s going to look when you get your red lips wrapped around my strap on or a nice juicy cock. It’ll be so exciting.

Now to choose what you should wear. I was thinking maybe a slutty mini-dress. I think red sounds good, don’t you? It will be short, tight, and low-cut. Underneath you’re going to be wearing a black thong and no bra. Oh, I almost forgot the most important part. A blonde bimbo sissy would never get all dressed up without wearing a pair of stiletto heels. Don’t let them scare you. You’ll learn to walk in them pretty quickly. I have faith in you.

Ready to have some sissy crossdressing adventures with me? Give me a call and let’s have some fun!


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Let my wickedness compel you to click here NOW.


Rewind Weekend – Price Drop on All Calls!!!

It’s a Rewind Weekend! Continuing our month-long LDW Anniversary Celebration, we will be rewinding prices on all sessions this weekend and offering a discounted rate on all calls.

Call on Saturday, November 7th and Sunday, November 8th, give the dispatcher the Promo Code “Rewind” and your call will be billed at the rate of 2.50 per minute (minimum 10 minutes), or $125 for the one hour block rate. These Rewind rates apply to all of the calls you do from 12:01AM EST on Saturday November 7th through Sunday November 8th at 11:59PM EST.


Phone Sex LDW