Time for a Sunday Queening!

Today is such a relaxing day. It’s the kind of day that really makes me want to kick up my heels and get comfortable. I tire of the sofa, and I’m bored with the bed. What is a femdom Mistress to do? I know! I can call upon my submissive to be my throne today. His eyes just light up when I do that because it makes him feel needed and special. That’s just a small part of it though.

My sub delights in being human furniture…

I believe he enjoys a good queening session because he enjoys nuzzling his nose against my naughty bits and taking in my scent. It’s a kind of bonding exercise between us, and it fits. Because of this, my submissive knows he will never be out of a job. It’s the perfect way to establish the fact that I am in complete control, and he is beneath me in the most loving way possible. Oral servitude is one of the highest forms of praise there is!

Alexis Humiliation Phonesex


How long will you last as my queening chair?

A lot can be said for human furniture. The wear and tear on it is unlike anything else. You can spank it, flog it, cover it in all that hot, sticky moisture that seems to leak endlessly from between my thighs, and it just keeps right on going. Some days I enjoy having several of my submissives in the great room, all posed and ready for their queen to be seated. They just look so cute with their tongues wagging. Can you blame them? I did just emerge fresh from the bath, you know.

It’s going to be a wonderful Sunday queening…

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Hurry! Free Phone Sex Bonus Offer

Try not to lose control!

Try not to lose control!

It’s Sunday. What do you have going on right now? I’m sure you can stop whatever it is you are doing to spend some time with your favorite femdom phone sex goddess. If you need bigger incentive besides my gorgeous tits, then how about some free phone sex?

Free phone sex offer valid today and tomorrow only…

So here is how it works:

Purchase a  20 minute call or longer between 5pm est on Sunday (today) and 5am EST on Monday and receive a 10 minute credit! The credit can either be applied to today’s call, or used for a future call. You MUST mention the special when you call in order to receive it. 

**Note** Limit one special offer per person

That didn’t hurt a bit, now did it? If I were you, I’d be racing to the phone with cock in hand. Twenty minutes is a nice chunk of time. We could engage in a nice guided masturbation session, or you could tell me all about your kinky cuckold fantasies.

Kinky phone sex: what’s your excuse?

Do you need a really good reason to reach out and touch someone? How about these? 36DDD tits, a 5ft 7in frame that just won’t quit, an ass from here to tomorrow, and a sexy voice that could melt mountains. The thing with the polar ice caps? Yeah, that’s me.

I suppose you could get back to mowing the lawn, but you’d better pick up the phone and call me right after. You know, when you’re all hot and sweaty and your testosterone is totally out of control, and you’re not sure why but you just really need someplace warm and wet to rest your dick for awhile.

…Call Me…

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Mistress Alexis Nails Sexy Interview

Alexis Domineering Phone MistressI want to start off this post by saying how much freaking fun I had bearing all for Ms Tia on The Mistress Interviews. Not only is she fondly referred to as “The Ass of Cock Control”, and for good reason, but damned if the woman isn’t a class act all the way. This is actually my second time playing guest on the inside look show, and I have to say it only gets better with age.

What does a Mistress wear to an interview?

Since I am pretty sure we neglected to go over this topic on the air, I just thought I’d share a bit of ear candy before you officially listen in. I decided to wear a very provocative black miniskirt. It only made sense since the channel is called Provocatalk! And I also had on a wispy pink top, but underneath I was wearing a gorgeous black lacy bralette and thong set that I had picked up from Journelle. Thanks as always to my cuckold slut Joe for the e-gift card.

I can’t even begin to describe how naughty I felt with that thong rubbing gently against all the right places. In a situation like that, keeping a straight face can be tough for most women. But for me, a woman who is totally in control of her surroundings? Consider it a walk in the park. It didn’t exactly help that I was recounting those steamy memories at the time, but in the end it was so worth it.

My sexy voice…can you take the heat?

I certainly hope so because I really want you to listen to what I have to say. If you weren’t a fan before, maybe this will be the one that convinces you. Click here to listen to my interview. I’ll EVEN grant you permission to stroke while you do. You won’t be disappointed.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Sexy Silky Stockings Fetish

Mistress Alexis Sissy PhonesexHow do you feel about the word nylon? Does it trigger some very lusty thoughts within you? Do you immediately begin to envision a woman’s shapely well-defined legs encased in a fine layer of soft-woven threading? I just happen to be wearing a pair of my favorites as I type this, with nothing but a crisp, white button-down shirt over my violet satin bra and panties. What? A girl has to accessorize.

It’s casual Sunday as far as I’m concerned…

The stockings I chose are black today. I just love the contrast of color against my skin. Black is elegant any time of day, really, so you can’t go wrong. I love that whispery scruching sound that they make when I cross and uncross my legs. It’s an audible treat that is seldom noticed in busy places like the halls of my office building or that street corner cafe.

Tomorrow will be different. Monday is the start of the corporate grind, and that means suiting up for war. In those cases, it is best to break out the pantyhose. I want to be covered from hip to toe in silken comfort as I’m tromping from floor to floor in my stilettos. Will I be wearing panties underneath? It depends on my mood. In any case, you’ll still want to worship my luscious legs.

My pantyhose come off so easily…

With pantyhose, I think they only slow things down. I’m thinking on the off-chance my new chastity slut pops in for a visit. It’s so much easier to just peel off that layer of nylon until it’s just under my asscheeks allowing for easy access to my slick, wet goods. Or he might just give them a quick rip before burying his face where it belongs, all for the purpose of my pleasure.

All-in-all it’s been a good week. I just love those legal types and they love me as well. I think it’s because I’m about the only woman outside of the actual profession that can go toe-to-toe with them even on a bad day. In the meantime, I’ll just keep enticing powerful men with those lovely legs of mine and making them my bitches where it counts.

It’s only natural…

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Naughty in the Office

Ms Alexis Femdom Phone SexI get asked a lot of different questions on a wide range of topics, and I am happy to answer them all. But I’ve also noticed certain questions popping up over and over again. This tells me that if a certain question is being asked by various people I interact with, then there is a good chance that others out there are genuinely curious as well.

Maybe they are just too shy to ask, or their minds may be preoccupied with other things like waiting patiently to stroke their cocks for me. My big, beautiful breasts do have a tendency to serve as a major distraction.  In any case, I have decided to take the liberty of addressing the inquiry most encountered in my daily life by callers.

Being a femdom Mistress isn’t my only calling…

The question most callers ask is, “What do you do besides being a Mistress?” That just happens to be my favorite question actually because it gives me a chance to touch on the subjects that are near and dear to my heart. While there are many women who choose to be a Mistress as their full-time occupation, I have opted to remain highly active in the corporate sector.

I do operate in an office and actually enjoy being a bit of a slut behind closed doors. Knowing that there’s the slight chance of someone hearing me is actually a major turn-on. What? Don’t act surprised. Most of my callers engage in tease and denial/orgasm control activities in THEIR offices. You think I’m so different?Alexis Great Ass

About midday is when I start to slip off my heels beneath the desk and spread my legs. My fingers do a very good job of seeking out the lightly soaked, delicate panties that cover my soft lips. It doesn’t take much, just a light application of pressure against that button and …ohhhhhhh.

It’s hard to masturbate quietly in my office…

Sometimes the temptation to be naughty in the office can just be too hard to resist. Work is hard. Sometimes we all need a bit of distraction in order to bounce back even tougher the next time. What’s even sexier is two professionals helping each other dip into the ever-deepening well of their fantasies only to come out on the other side totally relaxed and euphoric.

Why share this now? No idea really. Maybe I was just in the mood for a bit of erotic confession. Perhaps if I am so bold as to share with you, then you will feel even more encouraged to tell me some of your dirty at-work secrets. And just in case you’re wondering, I do know the package delivery guy on more than just a first name basis. *wink*


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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