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Male Chastity: Training the Virgin Male Chastity Slave

Male Chastity Training with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975I often sit and take the time to reflect on how male chastity affects men. The key word there being men. What truly makes a man? Is it simply reaching some pre-determined age threshold? Is it his actions and his character? Is it the size of his penis that defines him? All of these characteristics must be taken into account when reviewing one’s worthiness of that most coveted title. Above all though, it is discipline which ultimately makes a man worthy of himself AND my attention.

Male chastity and self-discipline are married

If you’re going to be a good chastity slave, then self-control is at the forefront of necessity. Of course it is a journey. There are many times you will be tempted and other times you will falter and give in to those base urges. As long as you can recognize each of these markers, then your Mistress will most likely be willing to forgive or at  the very least allow you to make it up to her in some way.

Self-control is difficult for humans in general, but what about the male virgin? Is it easier for him because he has never indulged in the pleasures of the female flesh, or is it more difficult because his need for gratification is more frequent and stronger with age?

Is the male virgin better suited to chastity training?

I do harbor a special fondness for my virgin long-term male chastity slaves. They’re so much more open and willing to learn. And when it comes to teaching  them just how to please a woman in other ways, they apply themselves rather vigorously to the coursework, and I tend to respond rather loudly in return. So if you are reading this and count yourself among the among the virgin secret society, then perhaps it is time for you to give in to the higher calling of seeking a Mistress to serve. If your nether parts are going unclaimed, then devoting them to one such as myself could be just the thing to elevate your status.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Panty Sniffing Fetish: The Nose Knows

Panty sniffing fetish phonesex with Ms Alexis 800-601-6975We all have different gifts and abilities. Some of us are born with extraordinary talents. In your case, you’ve got an incredible gift of smell that goes beyond being able to tell when dinner’s ready. You’ve got a super-sense that allows you to detect the presence of a woman within fifty feet just by the scent of her panties. It’s pretty amazing, and sometimes you even feel the need to brag about your panty sniffing abilities, but a gentleman always keeps it to himself.

Good thing you’re not a gentleman

The scenario plays out in a similar fashion each time. You’re minding your own business at your desk just working away until the faint scent of cotton floats past your nostrils. It’s almost as if she’s right there in front of you with her legs spread, begging you to take a taste. Ten seconds later, the culprit walks past your door, completely unaware of what just took place.

Panty sniffing for clues

You’re getting good though. Over time you’ve learned which scents belong to which ladies at the office. It’s become more and more of a game to you. You’ve even started to learn when they’re excited or aroused just by breathing in. But now you’ve been issued a challenge. A single pair of panties tucked away in your drawer. Somebody knows, and something tells you that she’s the smothering type.

Let the hunt begin…

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Happy New Year: Important Announcement!

Hello my loves,

Happy impending 2018 to you all. I’m sure that many of you are off celebrating. As you should be! If you’re reading this, then you’ve managed to overcome a LOT in the past couple of years. Hopefully this new year will be a game-changer. And on the subject of change:

We have a new address specifically for wish list gifting! Please address all gifts as follows:

LDW Group ATTN: ‘Name of Recipient’ 
18 Maple Ave #282
Barrington, RI 02806


Important note:

(Please do NOT use Mistress, Goddess, Empress, etc. on these, just the name of the lady you are trying to impress)

Intelligent Phonesex Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975

If you have recently sent a gift, don’t worry. You will not be affected. However, please use the address posted for all future mailings. That was simple enough right? We do love to keep things simple when we can. It leaves much more energy for the things that really matter. Enough about procedural duty. See you in 2018!



Guided Masturbation in the New Year

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975Now you know that every time the New Year’s celebrations start to roll around, that’s when everything is supposed to start change too. A new year means a new you, right? Before you start groaning, just how much thought have you given to actual change? The reason most people grumble about it is because they try and do too much. That doesn’t have to be the case though. Try starting with just one thing, and that can be your outlook on guided masturbation.

What Guided Stroking is not

Guided masturbation is not for men who ‘need someone to tell them how to masturbate.’ It’s for those who love the fun of stroking their cock for a very interested party, and who get off on the idea of said party working your dick-dials for a bit. Have you ever been in a situation where someone is trying to teach you to do something new and you start to get all nervous because you feel like they’re watching your every move really closely. That feeling is anxiety, but that same set of feelings has a flip-side that becomes erotic excitement.

It’s a simple way of explaining that feeling of not knowing what the other person is going to say or do next but in a good way. Kind of like a carnival ride, once you’re locked in and things start moving, you know you’re going to have fun, but you are no longer in control. And that is the basis of what a good guided masturbation and edging session can do for you.

Guided masturbation leads to REALLY good things

If you still don’t believe me, then try some new stroking positions. You’d be amazed at how a little change in the way you use your body during a masturbation session can be eye-opening. Suddenly, you’ll start to wonder what else is out there that you’re missing out on. At that point there’s only one logical next step. Pick up the phone and ask for me. I’ll get you where you need to be. Then it’s next stop, toe-curling orgasm time.

High Heels Fetish: Date with an Amazon II

Femdom in High Heels Ms Alexis 800-601-6975It looks like my tale of high heels and hotness got you curious enough to come back. That’s good because there is certainly more to tell. I mentioned having my pick of any man in the place. It was a tough choice but in the end I spotted the perfect catch. Oh, it’s probably not what you think. Sure there were lots of guys there one might describe as tall, dark, and handsome. That wasn’t my aim this round. No, this time I wanted someone who would be especially attuned to the draw of my sexy legs and feet.

Honing in on a foot worship master

I could just rely on my gut instinct but where’s the fun in that? No. I had a little test in mind. As I was walking past the bar, I locked eyes with mister foot fetish. It only lasted about a half a second before his eyes darted straight to those heels. He must have been looking hard too because he instinctively started to move in for a dive once he saw me start to take a tumble. It was all planned but he didn’t know it. He swooped in just in time to help me balance. Then it was just a matter of chatting him up and inviting him to my table.

I could just feel the envy pouring through the glass from inside the restaurant. They all wanted to know what he had that they didn’t. Their teeth began to grind as I began to play a light game of footsie with my new date. By the close of the meal, he was practically jumping at the chance to get me someplace more private.

Putting my high heels in the air

We made it back to the car where my sweet cuckie was waiting behind the wheel, giddy as ever. I made him remain face-forward, eyes locked on the rearview mirror. That’s when he got treated to a show. My new boy-toy gently removed my high heels, caressed my arches, and kissed every square inch of my feet. His strong hands felt heavenly. And his tongue felt even better. Most men would be surprised to know that there are spots on a woman’s body that can be even more sensitive than the clit, and have an even greater impact if you stroke it just right. And when a man gives my feet the right touch, I’m liable to let him do anything he wants. *RAWR*

So did he get to do anything he wanted? I might kiss and tell but only if you give me a call. *wink*

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex