Be My Throne for Queening

Mistress Alexis in Sexy High HeelsMistress has had a tough day and she needs someplace relaxing to sit. I was thinking about your face. What kind of queen would I be without a throne? You can certainly fulfill that role as you lie down so straight like an arrow with those hands at your sides. There will be no touching of the goddess, only licking and teasing my delectable wet pussy for hours on end.

Why human furniture is beyond compare…

Unlike a regular chair, the warmth of the human frame is such a comfort and not in that someone has been recently sitting in my seat kind of feeling. It is attentive whereas a stuffed chair is inanimate. Sometimes it even makes sounds which can be amusing. Ever listen to a sofa beg for more of you? I didn’t think so. And if you want your queening slut to match the decor, you can dress him up. I’m a huge fan of paisley.

The perfect accessory for a queening chair…

A submissive male is the perfect and very necessary addition to a queening chair. Frankly, it can be quite difficult to operate one without it. Having a separate seat provides a Mistress with more balance and comfort than she could obtain on her own by sitting directly on the submissive’s face. However, sometimes the organic experience is just the way to go. It’s certainly easier to rock back and forth on his tilted head while I hold tight to that weft of hair in my grip. I’m not sure that I could ever do without my hungry facesitting slut.



Sexy, Strong Femdom Mistress

Alexis Strict MistressThat’s right! I exist, and I am nothing to fool around with. I can be your worst nightmare or your greatest fantasy depending how you play it. In the end, all that matters is your understanding that this erotic femdom Mistress is  in full control. Awwww, does the thought of me pushing you around make you nervous? Or does the idea of a woman built like an amazon queen overpowering you cause that dick to twitch like nothing else?

My beautiful body is just the start…

Let me spell it out for you: tall, firm, toned, sexy, pushing you around. This could either make you feel vulnerable or incite your primal side. There are just times when I like it rough and tumble, and I love a man who is up for the challenge. Careful though. I cheat. I might start stroking your dick while I’ve got you pinned with my legs. Now that’s what I call fighting below the belt.

Submit to the woman on top…

If you have any doubts, I can be very persuasive. Just let me grab my rope and tie you to my sawhorse. Mmmmm, that’s better. I enjoy having a nice view of your cock and balls dangling for me to play with and tease and leak as you whimper and beg. Was I wrong in my selection? Perhaps this was a job for the mighty humbler, where I should have left you crawling on the floor and servicing my gorgeous ass and pussy.



How I Long to Be a Mistress Wife

Femdom Mistress Sissy TrainingAt some point every woman contemplates marriage. That doesn’t automatically mean that we all arrive at the same conclusion. Some want the princess fantasy. Others decide that marriage really isn’t the right path for them at all. And some fall somewhere in the middle. Ultimately, I want my day in the spotlight. I want the big princess wedding with all the trappings, but here’s the thing:

My future husband will be wearing the dress…

You read that correctly. I think it’s safe to say that we live in an age where alternative lifestyles are coming to the forefront more and more as people choose happiness over caving to the demands of naysayers. Such an act certainly requires a great deal of character and assertiveness, both traits of which I have in spades. And since my subby hubby doesn’t have a backbone, he can use mine like a good old fashioned sissy housewife.

That said, let me reiterate my vision of the perfect wedding. I’m thinking five-hundred guests minimum, mostly people I love and work with (Mistresses included!). We’ll have oodles of fresh flowers everywhere and I’ll be dressed in a black and white leather corset with a matching bowtie, thong panties, fishnets, and thigh-high pvc boots since it’s a formal occasion. The bride will naturally be all dressed in a white, floor-length gown with an antique lace overlay and white satin pumps.

What would be a better accessory than a pearl-encrusted sissy purse?

You’d better be pretty when you marry me!

My sissy husband will be a vision of perfection on our special day. He can expect a complete and total makeover from head to toe. His skin will be smooth as silk, makeup flawless, and graceful in his stride up the aisle. That will be pretty impressive considering the butt plug that will be crammed up his sissy pussy in preparation for the wedding night. All in all it will be a beautiful day as friends and loved ones gather to watch me collar my very own sissy husband forever.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Mistress Math or Does Your Cock Measure Up?

Small Cock Phone SexIf 1+1 = 2, and 2 + 2 = 4, then what does your tiny cock equal?

I’m pretty sure that it’s zero, as in no sex, and you don’t have to be a calculus major to figure that out. Trust me. Professor Alexis has been at this a long time, and I can tell you from experience that no woman has any use for your small cock other than as a means to inducing a good belly laugh to cap off the night after a date with a real man. I wonder if you even know what to do with your small penis. I want you to think about that for a moment. Are you really so inexperienced that you basically need me to tell you how to jerk off? I guess you could say I have more experience with dick than you do.

Are you little dicked and dateless tonight?

You want a guaranteed good time? Then you’ll want to strap-in for some good ol’ small cock phone sex. Why? You mean you’ve got something better to do tonight other than a date with your hand? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Besides, your small penis doesn’t want to go to the bar with you. It’s ashamed to be seen with you, and hey, so is your ugly mug.

I get excited by laughing at small cocks…

The next time you get tripped up on an arousal equation, just remember the Order of Operations. I think it’s known more commonly as P.E.M.D.A.S. or Please Excuse My Dumb-Ass Subby. I swear I’m really not nearly as mean as you think I am. I’m just a Mistress who enjoys a bit of small penis humiliation. So what? Just look at it this way. Laughing at your inadequacies just happens to be my kink so roll with it. It may be the only time you get to make a beautiful woman wet.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Sucking Cock for Your Mistress

Alexis Femdom MistressGetting you all worked up is so fun for me. Oh, you wanted it to be about you? Hahaha, that’s so funny to hear, but come to think of it, I might have a way for you to earn a release. You see, I don’t hand out male orgasms for just any ole thing. You need to do something worthy to get them. There are a few things that turn Mistress Alexis on and I have one idea very much in the front of my wicked mind. After all, you did say you’ll do anything to please me and I’m wondering just how much of a slut you’ll be for me.

*ding dong*

Oh goodie! In walks my friend (and soon to be yours too) Tyrone. You already notice that bulge in the front of his pants and I can see your eyes starting to grow in fear and excitement all at the same time. Yes, my dear, he’s here for you. I want to see if you’ll suck a big fat juicy cock you wish you had in order to please me. You won’t? Well this is going to be really fun now. *laugh* After slapping you in the face a few times and getting you on your knees, T opens his pants and you can see quite the mandingo tool fall out. You wish you could have such a prime cock, don’t you? Start sucking.

Maybe you’re still unsure about cocksucking…

You’re trying to fight, but you know you want it. It looks like you’ve got those first time cocksucking jitters. How much do you want to please me? How badly do you want to cum for me? Mmmmmm that’s right, open up for me. I think you’ve done this before. Taking this thick cock deep in your throat like a champ, getting it all wet and juicy as it slides in and out of your whore mouth. Getting me all excited to see my slut please his Mistress so much because I know you’ll do anything for me.

Mistress will train you to be the ultimate cocksucker…


You’re becoming the cock sucking slut I’ve always wanted. So cute, you’re gagging. Perhaps you’re not the cock sucker I thought you were. Now you’re getting into it. You are such a slut for me, I’m actually impressed. Who knew what a good slut you could be for me? Makes me start to wonder what else you’ll do for Mistress. Keep sucking, I want to sit back and watch as I ponder which of us is entitled to get that release. Oh, don’t worry, I think about it long and hard for you. Speaking of hard, get back to sucking that cock for Mistress, bitch.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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