The Misunderstood Giantess

AlexisFemdomPhoneMistressNot all giant women are created equal. From the stories you hear, you’d think we were all bent on destruction and taking over the world. I’d be willing to bet that those who are painted in such a light are actually quite gentle at-heart, just misunderstood. In almost every story where a Giantess makes an appearance, there are untold levels of destruction everywhere. She is usually portrayed marching down city streets, knocking over tall buildings and chasing tiny people around as they scream and shout in terror.

A Giantess will not thrive in every environment…

I’m here to dispel the myth that Giantesses are naturally hostile and filled with rage. It has a lot to do with her surroundings. First off, most Giantess women start off as natives to an island habitat. As you know, islands are pretty wide-open spaces. That means plenty of room to maneuver about with little worry about doing much damage. So if you were to put said giant woman in a place like New York City, of course chaos would ensue! All of a sudden there are tall buildings and cars lining the streets where before there was only sand and a sparse smattering of palm trees. That doesn’t make her mean, just a tad clumsy.

Some women grow bigger than they planned…

Not every Giantess is an island-transplant. No, some actually start out as perfectly normal-sized women that you might meet at work or on the street. Then for any number of reasons they just start to grow really, really big. It could be because of some magic potion or secret concoction. I’d be upset too in that situation. All of a sudden you wear a size 557 heel. And where do you find THAT store on 5th Avenue?

There are some perks, however. There’s no better way to get revenge on an ex-lover than by growing really huge and hunting him down. Once he is her slave for life, only then can she be truly at peace. You can’t begin to imagine the things he might be made to do. Or can you? Do share your thoughts in the comments below. I promise not to tell my Giantess friends where to find you, hahaha!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Crazy for CFNM Play

May I have your attention, please?

Are you naked, embarrassed, and exposed? Are you somehow excited while all of this is occurring? It takes a very special kind of man to keep his cock standing tall and proud in a situation where, clearly, the clothed goddess in front of him has all the leverage? If she is a big-boobed sweetheart like me then that is even better. Did I mention your nudity is taking place in a not so expected place? And I should also note that we are not so alone.

CFNM happens in the oddest of places…

We’re not in your bedroom, silly. We’re in the lecture hall of a university, work-colleagues actually. I am a teacher of human sexuality and you are very much helping out a friend in need.  Lucky for you this course is just dominated by curious female students, happily watching as you get naked for us.. Naturally they will have questions and a need to observe. They may also want to get up close and touch.

The naked professor would have been a much better movie premise…

What am I wearing in your CFNM fantasy? Am I prim, proper, and polished?  Am I wearing a suit and a pair of sexy heels? Or am I more of the long skirt and sandals type? A real laid-back, earthy chick. The kind of woman who wouldn’t at all shy away from fondling your naughty bits in public if it meant proving a point. And in my class I always have a point, even if it is caught between my sleazy fingers while the gaggle of women giggle in their seats.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Nude Beach Adventures

Mistress Alexis Body WorshipDespite the picture, this is not just another one of my basic leg worship stories. It all started out as a pretty good day, despite the fact that it is indeed the hottest day of the year in So Cal. I had a few errands to run, some of which were actually for myself. Most of you don’t know this, but for whatever reason, whenever I try to do something nice for others, it always manages to bite me in the ass. But I do it anyway because I’m that kind of gal! Wouldn’t you know it? I managed to lock my keys in the car on today of all days.

When things like this happen I get mad. Okay, that doesn’t cover it. I get really, really angry with myself because these are things that are totally avoidable. Locked out of my car, office AND home, I decided to call one of my gal pals for help and she picked me up and we went on an escapist jaunt to the coastline because that is where the overwhelmed go to sort it all out.

Who needs a swimsuit anyway?

I didn’t have a swimsuit. Janine had a spare but I said screw it and stripped down to my undergear right there on the beach. Staring ensued for a million reasons, none of which I cared about. I’m sure there were many guys angry with me over the fact that they now had to control their boners with so very little to shield their lurid thoughts from public view.

No breasts allowed on this beach!

I decided to take it easy and bathe in the sun for a bit. Once I turned over onto my belly, I unhooked my bra from the back and soaked in the rays. It felt so good listening to the waves crashing that I committed the cardinal sin of falling asleep. I’m actually a pretty deep sleeper under the right circumstances and apparently I had rolled onto my back again, sans bra with my ta-tas on full display. My good friend was standing there with my top at her feet. She was half-humored and half-horrified as only she could be.

By the time Janine had come back from her swim to wake me it was too late, but the nice officer who escorted me back to the car was only too happy to tear up the indecent exposure ticket in exchange for a private viewing. I guess he didn’t get enough of those breasts the first time around. He was even nice enough to pop my lock when we got back to my place. I got my keys back in-hand and an upcoming date with the law. I guess my tits do have a silver lining after all.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Nothing Like A Gorgeous Ass

Mistress Ass Worship In my previous post I mentioned the joys of anal play and anal masturbation, so I guess that means I’m stuck on butts! I bet you don’t mind it though because you just love having your lips stuck on my yummy butt, dontcha? You were probably staring at it for a good five minutes or so before you even started reading this post. Can’t blame you though. It is some fine work. Is it just me, or does my skirt keep magically getting shorter?

Peek-a-boo ass pics…

Those who have been with me for several years know that I am the undisputed goddess of the peek-a-boo ass pic. I didn’t invent it, but I sure as hell make it work. Teasing is what I do best, and if I had you sitting in a chair right now, I wouldn’t hesitate to sway that perfect, round femdom rump left and right like a pendulum swinging oh-so slowly. You’re getting that glassy look in your eye. It’s the one that says, “Please, let me worship your ass NOW!” Lucky for you I want you to!

Putting your ass-worship skills to work…

Women were given hips to entice, and men were given lips to plant them on beautiful bottoms everywhere. Oral servitude is truly at the center of life’s meaning, and I will take it upon myself to make sure that you are fully prepared for your duties. You are going to be my new ass slave regardless of your opinion of the matter. Learn to simply be thankful for the privilege without whining, or else you may just find yourself teased and denied for longer than you had ever hoped!



Anal Sex is ON the Table

Mistress Alexis Femdom PhonesexAnal sex is such a sensitive topic for both men and women. In Western culture especially, just the mere mention of back door entry makes for a lot of seat-shifting! I will be the first to say that like many I was a little uncomfortable with it at first, but it all started one night when I was canoodling with an old college boyfriend. We were just making out on his bed. Innocent enough, right? But then, he did something totally out of the blue. After going for the butt squeeze that always got my attention, he just slipped his finger up my ass.

Ass play can happen when you least expect it…

It happened so quickly I didn’t even recognize what the sensation was at first. Once I figured it out, I didn’t recoil in disgust at all. It actually felt kind of nice. The next time I whispered in his ear for him to do it again and needless to say that got him hard as a rock. He probed me so good it made me wonder if those alien abduction stories might require some deeper exploration. I know I certainly got some, knuckle deep in my ass.

I wasn’t about to stop there. I moved on to anal beads and lube, and it was the right decision. If you’re thinking this is all one-sided and I became Mister McNasty’s anal pleasure slave 24/7, you would be quite wrong. I have always been a firm believer in goose/gander politics. And believe me when I say the boyfriend got his taste of rear-entry fun.

Prostate stimulation means earth-shaking orgasms…

He was my first practice dummy for prostate massages, and I’ll never forget how compliant he was. I made sure to be nice and gentle as that slender finger slid inside. My touch was one of innocence and purpose, and I loved hearing him moan. He hardly ever did that when he was inside of me. I didn’t mind it though. I just enjoyed the way he exploded after a half hour of stroking that p-spot over and over. Little did I know that I was being setup for a lifetime of tormenting submissive men with that indispensable skill. I give anal masturbation one thump up…WAY up!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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