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Phonesex Fantasies: Cockpit Control

The act of phonesex gives rise to fantasies great and small. What better time to explore alternate realities and wildest dreams? One of my personal favorite fantasies involves a dashing airline pilot and me as the flight attendant. I’m sure your mind is already working up some interesting scenarios just based on that one little sentence.

Where to begin on your phonesex journey

When planning out phonesex fantasies, you can always start at the bottom of things. Simple is often best. A hot romp on the console could be just what the captain ordered. What do you expect with those feminine frames draped in such itsy-bitsy skirts working their way up and down the aisle? Under those circumstances it’s only a matter of time before the service request light goes on in the cockpit.

Any fantasy can be made better

Or maybe you like to walk on the more submissive side of life. The feisty flight attendant rejects the pilot’s lurid advances and decides to bend him over and make him say, “please.” Who will come out on top in such a battle of wills? Maybe you have an idea or two of your own.

Give me a call and let’s really whip up an erotic fantasy of our very own.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Male Chastity: Bound to Mistress

Male Chastity Mistress
Look at your cock. It’s magnificent isn’t it? I don’t say so because of its size or shape. I don’t say it because it’s cut or uncut in any number of possibilities or configurations. No. I am fascinated with it because it’s mine. I fully intend to make you my male chastity slave. That’s right. My property. You’ve had it in your possession long enough, and look what you’ve done with it.

A male chastity slave in the making…

You’ve stroked it so much, you’ve actually forgotten what it means to have a real orgasm. You no longer remember the joy of reaching those highest of highs. Oh, but you will when I am through with you. That is because we are going to put your pecker away for life in a cock cage.

Mistress WILL control your¬†cock…

Under my control, it will be put to better use. We can start slowly and lock up your cock in male chastity for a day or two. Then little by little we will extend your sentence. Don’t worry. Every now and then we will take it out for some guided masturbation, but the key phrase you must remember is orgasm control.

Under my control

You’ll thank me when you begin to have some of the most powerful orgasms you never thought you were capable of. Just call it goddess intuition.

Sissy Cum Lips Surprise

Mistress Alexis Sissy Training MistressIt isn’t easy being a sissy. You’ve gotta obey your Mistress, spend hours planning out your weekly wardrobe, practice your talk AND your walk. Sometimes it means working on your cocksucking talent. You think that’s tough? Try being sissy cum lips. If your first thought is, “WHAT is a sissy cum lips?” Let me tell you.

Ok so who is sissy cum lips?

Sissy cum lips is a fuckpet of mine who loves to be ignored, mainly because he’s a worthless piece of whore trash. He is fully aware of this fact and knows that he pleases Mistress most by staying out of her way, especially when she is having fun with her girlfriends or her bullstud.

Now he does have his uses. His crossdresser lingerie¬†consists of a single pair of panties with lipstick kisses all over them to basically signify what a slut he is for Mr. Cock. In the absence of the real thing, this darling dildo makes short work of sissy cum lips’ libidinous lustfulness.

Hey slut! You cum like a girl…

It’s so cute the way he pants and moans when he takes Mr. Cock in his pussy, basically setting himself up for round after round of sissy humiliation. And of course he only does so on command. He would never take it upon himself to have a thought without Mistress. That would be unheard of.

No. He begs and pleads and huffs and puffs until I decide to tickle his special place by alluding to the fact that Mistress just adores special treatment in the form of prezzies, virtual bouquets, or other trinkets. And sissy cum lips will always oblige because he knows there is no better feeling in the world than being my obedient slave and cumming for Mr. Cock.

With any luck, we’ll even get to play again tonight. How lovely!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Breast Worship: The Beauty of It All

Breast Worship MistressWhen it comes to sex, I can fully admit that I am one of those women who likes it rough. But just like with most things, variety truly is the spice of life. So every now and then I can appreciate a bit of appreciation with your mouth. Verbally is good but orally is better. The power of breast worship is really quite strong, and so I grant you full permission to gorge yourself on my gorgeous breasts.

It doesn’t take a breast worship expert…

The beauty of taking time to worship a woman’s breasts is just that: taking time. It doesn’t take a lot of study or research to get it right. All you have to do is concentrate on her enjoyment of the act. Savor each moment. Watch as her nipples respond to the touch of your tongue. Take pleasure in the way her flesh feels against your fingertips.

Breasts were made to be worshiped…

They truly are a work of art. Just think about how much you desired them. Then think about how difficult they were to come by. Then let these thoughts motivate you to be the best you can be at that moment. After all, her breasts are counting on you.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Cuckolding the Panty Slave

Alexis Cuckolding PhonesexA good cuckold is a giving cuckold. At the heart of every cuckold slave is the desire to please his hotwife. And he does this by being obedient and mindful of her wishes and desires. It’s the ones who do not understand this who make cuckolding difficult. Those are the ones who get sent to me for training.

Your slutwife demands more from you…

You think you really know your wife? Think again. She obviously feels that you are lacking in certain areas. And I don’t mean in the usual places. I.e. your small penis, your atrocious bedroom technique with your small penis, etc. No, in this case you are probably still shocked by the idea that you are being cuckolded and have not fully embraced the truth of things.

So as punishment you are going on a panty shopping assignment. You are going to shop for the sleaziest, sexiest pair of panties you can find for your wife to wear for her lover. And don’t be cheap either. This is not the time for that. You’re going to be spending a lot of time watching your wife’s backside, so you’d better choose something super HOT.

Cuckolding is most fun when you’re humiliated…

When you’re done choosing the perfect pair of panties for your hotwife, choose a pair for yourself. This is where the cuckold humiliation really begins. Since you’re not going to be using your sad little wee wee anyway, you might as well dress it appropriately. Pick a nice femmy pair of panties. Maybe something in pink satin. And just imagine yourself in those panties on your knees in front of your new Master. You’re going to be the prettiest panty slave in the room that night. And with any luck, you’ll be the best cuckold fluffer too.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex