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Erotic Audios: New Giantess Audio In Production

Just a heads up! I’ve been in the erotic audios lab cooking up something yummy for all the giantess lovers out there. Without giving too much away, it’s about a hot date that goes topsy-turvy. Next thing you know, your gorgeous date is growing out of control! Whatever is a guy to do in that situation? I think you all have a good idea there. Now this particular giantess is only about 20 feet tall so apologies in advance to my 1 inch high guys, but don’t fret. I’m hoping to create a variety of audios suited to every taste in the giantess realm. Whether it’s growing or shrinking or mean or sweet, you’ll each have something to look forward to.

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Sorry to make this post so short. I just wanted to whet your whistles before I head back into the studio. I’ve got a LOT to work on. Hope you like it!




Panty Boy: Your Secret Is Unsafe

One of my regular habits is sitting in my office and thinking about all the men who wear panties out there. It’s always the ones you least expect. It could be your mailman, your doctor, even your friendly neighborhood garbage man. Just know this, panty boy. If I catch you, your secret is very unsafe with me.

You’ve been wearing panties under your male clothes

How would you like to be exposed? Oh, you know what I mean. How would you feel if I were to tell your friends, family, and co-workers about your dirty little pastime? Are you sure they won’t believe me? Even if I have pictures? Because I do. And they’re the really good pics of you in all those slutty poses. So that’s the real reason you’re on the Victoria’s Secret catalog list. I’m sure you’re girlfriend would love to hear your panty boy confessions.

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Even a panty boy like you has options

It doesn’t have to go down that route though. There are some actions you can take to make me back down. For starters you can be my new panty slave. That means you get to strip down to those panties you love so much and do my bidding. It might mean fetching me drinks, massaging and kissing my feet, or any number of things. As a rewarrd for good behavior, I’ll let you pick-a-pair from my collection. That way you won’t have to contemplate becoming a panty thief anymore. Then you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing I’m always right there with you, no matter how hard you try and hide that dirty little secret!

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Feminization: The Beauty of Being a Sissy

I want you to take a moment and think back to the time when you weren’t so girlish. Can you even remember it? I bet it was some time ago. You don’t even miss those yucky male clothes do you? I should certainly hope not. Being a true sissy is a full-time occupation, and now that you’re getting used to going out en femme, it should stay that way. Feminization Training by Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975For many people it can be hard to understand what feminization is truly about. Sometimes it’s tough to put themselves in another’s shoes, especially if those shoes are high heels or shiny mary janes. No matter what level of understanding people have, you should feel free to be any kind of gurl that you like!

Feminization by a Mistress

Sissification is fun no matter what avenue you take, but I can say from experience that it’s always better with a teacher. Of course if you are the type who can manage being self-taught then more power to you. But some sissies just need a little more hand-holding and a lot more input. Sometimes it’s just about fashion trends, other times it’s about how to be more feminine. And other times there’s just the insider information that only a woman can provide about naughty grown-up activities. If you’re curious about how to be a lady and a slut at the same time, then you’ve met the woman who can certainly guide you.

Embracing your girly lifestyle

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to ask yourself if you make the grade. Have you met your own feminization expectations or do think think you’ve fallen short? It’s really never too late to take a deep look inward and seek the answers you’re just dying to know. Here’s a tip: light some candles, dim the lights, and slip into a nice hot sissy bubble bath. The tub is where I do all my best thinking, and maybe it just might help out too.


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CBT Fetish As In CBT You Later

CBT phonesex with Alexis 800-601-6975You saw the word CBT and sat right up, didn’t you? You filthy thing. You’re not just any guy with a fetish. You’re a special kind of nasty. You’re a pain slut pure and simple. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a chance to really put you in your place. It’s kind of funny. I want to punish you for being such a lowlife, but you want me to punish you for the exact same reason. You want to be confronted by a woman who has the balls to GRAB YOU BY THE BALLS and never let go.

There are lots of reasons why CBT sluts exist. They probably feel like scum for leering at women’s bodies all the time without them knowing it. Or maybe they feel bad for being so hard on all their female employees at work. Ever use that “locker room talk” around your buddies and felt bad about it afterward? Yeah, I’ve got the medicine for what ails you.

So shall I tie you to the wall and kick you in the balls? Or would you rather I totally manhandled you and bent you over that executive desk? Guess what happens then! Yup, you guessed it. It’s gonna be a flogger to that dick of yours. Once you’re sputtering and in tears because your junk has turned black and blue, that’s about the time I’ll decide to go for a ride. Think it’ll be all about your pleasure? Hahaha. You’ll probably never want sex again after that.

So if your behavior has been anything but good lately, just prepare to be dick-stomped because cock abuse is one of my little known specialties.

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Masturbation Fascination: Inside Guided Masturbation

Mistress Alexis Guided Masturbation Phonesex 800-601-6975Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. I’m sure the idea of telling you how to jerk off better doesn’t sound very appealing. You’re a masturbation expert right? I mean you’ve been doing it your whole life, haven’t you? You should know everything there is to know about anything there is to know about the art of workin’ your gherkin. For all I know, that may be true. Maybe you are ever-wise and all-knowing. But what *I* know is this: when it comes to sex, it’s always better with a partner.

Playing with yourself is so passe

Now that is a point we can definitely agree on. If it weren’t true, you wouldn’t spend all your time chasing tail. I’m going to be straight up with you. Just because we’re talking about masturbation, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done with a partner. The easiest way is to have one of us sexy ladies guiding you in how to stroke your cock, when to stroke your cock, and just how long to stroke your cock.

Just that act alone will make you quiver with delight. Then when you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can get a new rise out of beating off by having us watch you on cam. We can still tell you what to do, only this way we’ll have total proof that you’re following through. Remember, dissenters will always be spanked.

Kick up your masturbation fascination into high gear

So now that you’re in the know, you have no excuse to wait around and hope that one of us will come to you. We want to tell you how to stroke that cock just as much as you want to be naughty for us. The worst thing that could happen is you learn a few new tricks along the way. The best thing that could happen is that you find yourself overstimulated and addicted to our charms. In that way you’ll always have a goddess masturbatrix ready to tease you until you’re ready to pop!


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