Tempting Your Tickle Fetish

Femdom Phonesex Mistress*Tickle, Tickle, Tickle*

Did you feel that? Good. Did you like it? Even better. I rather enjoy the idea of you being turned on by a good tickling. Tickles come in many forms. They can be light and fleeting like the ones you might give a good friend in a spur of the moment kind of way. Or they can be more calculated like the ones that lend foreplay its unmistakable charm. No matter which you prefer, they both have their place in the sexual arena.

Tickling can be highly erotic…

What is a pleasant physical sensation but a kind of tickle? My breasts feel ticklish when they are being tantalized by the tongue of a partner. When those nipples begin to stand erect, the feelings are intensified, leading to uncontrollable squirming.

When it comes to tickle torment, however, I love to be in charge. I like the thought of binding a man’s wrists and ankles to the bedposts, leaving him exposed and helpless. Then the onslaught begins and my hands become cruel devices in their own right. The ribs, just below the armpit, the backs of the knees, all prime spots for my wicked little game.

Tickling the cock and balls comes last…

I like to save the cock and balls for last on my tour. The cunning tickle masturbatrix knows what a powder-keg she has created by leaving it leaky, and hungry the entire time. Mostly an extension of tease and denial, the results are almost always the same. You are screaming, cringing, and begging as my fingertips do a little dance on your various body parts. And I am one happy Mistress at play.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Phone Sex for Couples

Ms Alexis Femdom Phone SexIf you and your partner are looking for new avenues or ways to rev up your sex life, then couples phone sex could be one of many possibilities to consider. For many couples, talk of having a threesome does come up at some point. Most of the time it’s quickly shut down by the non-asking partner, hahaha. But if you are lucky enough to have a strong and trusting relationship, then the idea might not be so jarring for you.

Couples phone sex is safer…

Aside from jealousy issues, a big one is safety. Nobody wants to pay for a good time with the risk of their health. Setting up a session with an erotic telephone entertainer is a great way to get your needs met and have some kinky fun while you explore your phone sex fantasies. Once the call is over, it’s right back to the two of you and business as usual. Though I doubt you’ll be able to keep your hands off of one another for very long. All that steam heat tends to linger long after the session is over.

Choosing the right ETE for your kinky couples call…

Nothing like a bit of alliteration to get the juices flowing for sure. There are tons of ladies to choose from as the LDW roster houses the creme de la creme of intelligent phonesex offerings. They’re all great, but how do you know which is a good fit for you and your partner? Start by looking at her picture. The activity of choosing your play partner should be a fun shared activity for the two of you.

Look at the ETE’s picture gallery, then head on over to her blog. By reviewing the articles she has posted, it will give you a sense of her personality and the topics that she has the greatest interest in. Lastly, once you think you’ve found the perfect fit, take a moment to reach out to her via e-mail and ask if she’d be interested in playing with a couple.  I can’t speak for everyone here, but as for me I am definitely down for some sexy 2:1 action.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Threesome with My Boyfriend

Feminization MistressYou didn’t know it at first, but you certainly suspected it. When you saw me from across the room, you took one look at me and just knew that there was no way in hell I could be single. With a body like that, and those legs, and those eyes, it was all too good to be true. But something within you just kept nudging you in my general direction. Something made you ask me if you could buy me that drink. Aren’t you so glad that I said yes?

You didn’t look like you were into guys…

I honestly had no idea whether you were leaning to the left or the right on that issue, but it really was of no consequence to me. You see, a woman like me is used to getting what she wants, so it didn’t matter to me whether you were into sucking cocks or not. I knew with the right tactics, I could easily seduce you into being gay for a night or longer if I wished it.

And I was right.

A bit of gay fun never hurt anyone…

When you decided to take me up on my offer and meet me at the hotel, you were surprised to see me all dolled up in my sexy lingerie, but you were even more surprised to see my boyfriend lying on the bed behind me. That big bulge may have had you a little apprehensive, but once I touched your hand and you took a second look at me, you were putty in my hands. There was no time like the present to be cock curious, and you decided to go for it. I’m SO glad you said yes.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Pass the Penis, Please!

Femdom Mistress Tease and DenialYou just love to stroke your cock, and who could blame you? It’s the world’s greatest built-in escape. You spend most of the day at work zoning out, struggling to get through it. Top it off with the fact that you’re probably under an immense amount of pressure and it’s no wonder you’re reaching under the desk for a little groping session.

Feels so good to be so dirty in the office. You know what would make it even better though? More ladies joining you for a round of the ultimate cock-stroking game.

Teasing your cock is where the party begins…

Just picture several of the hottest women from around the office filing in for a pass the penis party where you are the guest of honor. It’s a good thing you’re in that nice, cushy office chair. That way you can relax as you lose yourself in the siren song of multiple voices feeding you jerkoff instructions. If you’re really lucky, one of those naughty vixens just might spin you around for a view of her sexy cleavage. Unless you think that might be too much for you to handle.

Mistress, may I cum?

You see, the fun is in the not-knowing. How many ladies can you handle being passed to before your cock just pops all on its own? It won’t though because you’re better than that. You are disciplined, and have a desire to impress all of those watchful eyes. There’s always the chance that you may not be allowed to cum.

There’s nothing hotter than when you are right on the edge of an orgasm and then you hear the word, “No.” A sudden surge of adrenaline rushes over you. You’re now feeling of the rush of erotic sexual denial.

Hey, that is all part of the fun of playing pass the penis!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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Submissive Sissy Mysteries

Alexis Phone Sex Mistress

Panty-thief on the loose! #MistressProblems

Where did all the panties go? In the beginning, I thought that hiring a sissy maid was a good idea, but now I am starting to wonder. My days are fast-paced and frenzied, so I needed the extra help, but I’ve noticed that my sweet panty collection has been dwindling more and more of late. I can totally understand the temptation. It’s the reason my collection has grown so vast! I see a pretty pair at the store and I just can’t help myself. I suspect that is what has been happening in my bedroom of late.

Mystery of the panty-thief…

That’s probably a little misleading as there honestly isn’t much of a mystery here. I suppose I could suspect the chef, but he doesn’t wear any clothes! Was it the driver? He has been reading those books on feeling more feminine lately. That’s certainly something I don’t want to discourage. It’s always a wonderful thing when people aim to better themselves. I just want to know where the panties keep going!

More panties missing every day…

I should just come right out and confront that naughty sissy. The real question  is, what’s to be done about it? My sissy will have to be disciplined whether she likes it or not. She’ll never learn where the boundary lies otherwise. I could take away her makeup collection until she learns to behave, but I have a feeling that such an act will only drive her to nab more of my innocent panties.

What IS a Mistress to do?

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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